Living in the Mountains

Author: Phaidon Editors

Publisher: Phaidon Press

ISBN: 9781838660840

Category: Architecture

Page: 256

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A breathtaking survey of contemporary homes, each with a deep connection to the landscapes and vistas of the mountains Whether snow-capped, rocky, or covered with verdant forest, the sublime wilderness of mountains has inspired humans for millennia. Offering respite from urban living and a profound connection to nature, mountain landscapes also present unique challenges that have resulted in innovative, resourceful, and beautiful residential architecture. Living in the Mountains is the definitive global tour, showcasing the finest examples of architect-designed homes, whether furnished with impressive views, offering protection from harsh environments, or simply reveling in their extraordinary altitude.

A House in Fez

Author: Suzanna Clarke

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1407024159

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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When Suzanna Clarke and her husband bought a dilapidated house in the Moroccan town of Fez, their friends thought they were mad. Located in a maze of donkey-trod alleyways, the house - a traditional riad - was beautiful but in desperate need of repair. Walls were in danger of collapse, the plumbing non-existent. While neither Suzanna nor her husband spoke Arabic, and had only a smattering of French, they were determined to restore the building to its original splendour, using only traditional craftsmen and handmade materials. But they soon found that trying to do business in Fez was like being transported back several centuries in time and so began the remarkable experience that veered between frustration, hilarity and moments of pure exhilaration. But restoring the riad was only part of their immersion in the rich and colourful life of this ancient city. A House in Fez is a journey into Moroccan culture, revealing its day-to-day rhythms, its customs and festivals; its history, Islam, and Sufi rituals; the lore of djinns and spirits; the vibrant life-filled market places and the irresistible Moroccan cuisine. And above all, into the lives of the people - warm, friendly, and hospitable. Beautifully descriptive and infused with an extraordinary sense of place, this is a compelling account of one couple's adventures in ancient Morocco.

Expedition Diaries - In The Throne Room of the Mountain God

Author: Mr M S Lewis

Publisher: Adventure Press Ltd

ISBN: 1492791660

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 222

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Expedition Diaries is the journals and memoirs of a mountaineer. A mountaineer who had a dream, and then made that dream a reality. Through avalanche, storm, death, trials and tears he fought on to live his dream. After twenty years in the mountains, from the Welsh peaks of Snowdonia to the greater ranges of the Himalaya, Karakorum and the wilderness of Antarctica, this is a collection of his expedition diaries - as they were written. They include a first ascent of Workman Peak in Pakistan, The first Welsh ascent of Mount Vinson in Antarctica, the guiding of premiership football team manager Tony Pulis and the legend that is ex-England goalkeeper David Seaman during their attempt on Kilimanjaro in the worst conditions on the mountain for five years. The aim of this book is to inspire you to go for your dreams and to make them happen. Only you stand in your way of making them a reality.

Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families

Author: Gary W Peterson,Suzanne Steinmetz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136411836

Category: Social Science

Page: 926

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Meet the men and women whose groundbreaking work elevated the field of family studies! In Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families: The Lives and Careers of Family Scholars, you'll find 40 autobiographies written by leading scholars in sociology, family studies, psychology, and child development. Their fascinating stories demonstrate how their family experiences, educational opportunities, and occupational endeavors not only shaped the disciplines they chose but also shaped the theoretical perspectives they utilized and the topics they researched. From the editors: “These autobiographies document the experiences of scholars from the early twentieth century to the present. The descriptions of early influences on their education, of their graduate school experiences, and of their academic career paths, provides a wealth of valuable material. Since four of these scholars have died and a number are in their eighties or older, these histories provide rich case studies on factors that influence the decision to go to college, get married, pursue an advanced degree, make specific occupational choices, and investigate certain topics. These autobiographies also detail the barriers that early women scholars in the social sciences faced.” The scholars whose lives you will learn about in Pioneering Paths in the Study of Families include: Joan Aldous Katherine R. Allen Pauline Boss Carlfred B. Broderick Wesley R. Burr Catherine Street Chilman Harold T. Christensen Marilyn Coleman Rand D. Conger Randal D. Day William J. Doherty Evelyn Millis Duvall Glen H. Elder, Jr. Bernard Farber Margaret Feldman Mark A. Fine Greer Litton Fox Frank F. Furstenberg Viktor Gecas Harold D. Grotevant Gerald Handel Michael E. Lamb Ralph LaRossa Gary R. Lee Helena Znaniecka Lopata Harriette P. McAdoo Hamilton McCubbin Brent C. Miller Phyllis Moen Gerhard Neubeck Gary W. Peterson Ira L. Reiss John Scanzoni Walter R. Schumm Barbara H. Settles Laurence Steinberg Suzanne K. Steinmetz Sheldon Stryker Marvin B. Sussman Irv Tallman

The Hemingway Collection

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476791988

Category: Fiction

Page: 8524

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Simon & Schuster presents a beautifully packaged bind-up of the Hemingway collection, available for the first time in ebook. Featuring the novels, short stories, and articles that brought Hemingway to fame, all together in one place with a fantastic new jacket to brighten up your ebookshelf. Inside you will discover The Sun Also Rises with a fresh new introduction from Philipp Meyer (author of American Rust and The Son), For Whom the Bell Tolls introduced by renowned war journalist Jeremy Bowen, and A Moveable Feast introduced by acclaimed Irish author, Colm Toíbín.

Never Ask Permission

Author: Mary Buford Hitz

Publisher: University of Virginia Press

ISBN: 0813933471

Category: History

Page: 256

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Some cities, through hardship or glory or a combination of both, produce extraordinary women. Richmond in the early twentieth century, dominated by its prominent families and still haunted by the ghosts of its Confederate past, produced a galaxy of such characters, including Ellen Glasgow, Mary Cooke Branch Munford, and Lila Meade Valentine. Elisabeth Scott Bocock, Victorian in values but modern in outlook, carried on this tradition with her unique combination of family wealth and connections, boundless energy, eccentricity, and visionary zeal. Her daughter Mary Buford Hitz's candid memoir reveals the pleasures and frustrations of growing up with a woman who expected so much from her children and from the city whose self-appointed guardian she became. Elisabeth Bocock's vision was of a city that would take historic preservation seriously, of a society that would accept the importance of conservation. Impatient with process and society's conventions, she used her enormous personal magnetism to circumvent them when founding many of the institutions Richmond takes for granted today. In the creation of the Historic Richmond Foundation, the Carriage Museum at Maymont, the Hand Workshop, and the Virginia Chapter of the Nature Conservancy she played the dual roles of visionary and bulldozer. While part of a tradition of strong southern women, Elisabeth Bocock's tactics were unique, as she sought to convince others of both the practical and aesthetic links between preservation and the environment. One of the "five little Scotts," children of the founder of the investment firm Scott & Stringfellow, she grew up with great privilege, and she schooled her children in how to take advantage of such privilege and how to ignore it. Whether in their winter residence at 909 West Franklin Street in Richmond or at their summer home, Royal Orchard, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in her household she insisted both on achievement and on avoiding boredom at all costs. As Mary Buford Hitz recounts with intelligence and feeling, her mother often seemed like a natural force, leveling anything that stood in its way but leaving in its wake a brighter, changed world. Never Ask Permission is not only a daughter's honest portrait of a charismatic and difficult woman who broke the threads of convention; in Elisabeth Scott Bocock we recognize the flawed but feisty, enduring character of Richmond.

The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton (Complete)

Author: Lady Isabel Burton,William Henry Wilkins

Publisher: Library of Alexandria

ISBN: 1465603204


Page: 788

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LADY BURTON began her autobiography a few months before she died, but in consequence of rapidly failing health she made little progress with it. After her death, which occurred in the spring of last year, it seemed good to her sister and executrix, Mrs. Fitzgerald, to entrust the unfinished manuscript to me, together with sundry papers and letters, with a view to my compiling the biography. Mrs. Fitzgerald wished me to undertake this work, as I had the good fortune to be a friend of the late Lady Burton, and one with whom she frequently discussed literary matters; we were, in fact, thinking of writing a romance together, but her illness prevented us. The task of compiling this book has not been an easy one, mainly for two reasons. In the first place, though Lady Burton published comparatively little, she was a voluminous writer, and she left behind her such a mass of letters and manuscripts that the sorting of them alone was a formidable task. The difficulty has been to keep the book with limits. In the second place, Lady Burton has written the Life of her husband; and though in that book she studiously avoided putting herself forward, and gave to him all the honour and the glory, her life was so absolutely bound up with his, that of necessity she covered some of the ground which I have had to go over again, though not from the same point of view. So much has been written concerning Sir Richard Burton that it is not necessary for me to tell again the story of his life here, and I have therefore been able to write wholly of his wife, an equally congenial task. Lady Burton was as remarkable as a woman as her husband was as a man. Her personality was as picturesque, her individuality is unique, and, allowing for her sex, her life was as full and varied as his. It has been my aim, wherever possible, throughout this book to let Lady Burton tell the story of her life in her own words, and keep my narrative in the background. To this end I have revised and incorporated the fragment of autobiography which was cut short by her death, and I have also pieced together all her letters, manuscripts, and journals which have a bearing on her travels and adventures. I have striven to give a faithful portrait of her as revealed by herself. In what I have succeeded, the credit is hers alone: in what I have failed, the fault is mine, for no biographer could have wished for a more eloquent subject than this interesting and fascinating woman. Thus, however imperfectly I may have done my share of the work, it remains the record of a good and noble lifeÐa life lifted up, a life unique in its self-sacrifice and devotion.

Life Journeys

Author: Petra Eisel

Publisher: Australian eBook Publisher

ISBN: 1925177270

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 166

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Dear Reader, this book is about YOU YOU as a Human Being YOU as a Soul and YOU as a Spirit It is about Life, Death and the Universe/s. It is about a journey - your life’s journey. This book has been written by various beings from the nonphysical universe/s that wish to give you information that has never been given to humankind before.