A Place in the Country

Author: Elizabeth Adler

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250014425

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

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Fifteen-year-old Issy and her newly single mother, Caroline Evans, are struggling to find their way alone, as well as together. At thirty-eight, with little money and all the responsibility for the two of them, Caroline is coming to terms with her new situation. When she decides to leave Singapore, home of her former well-off life (and her cheating husband), she ends up living in an English village pub, cooking dinners there to earn enough to get by, meeting unexpectedly quirky people, and making friends. But Issy still adores her father and secretly blames her mother for their change in life. Just as Caroline's dream of converting an old barn into a restaurant finally begins to take shape, her chance at happiness is threatened and hangs in the balance as whispers of murder and vengeance find their way to her. When Issy, who is hovering in that limbo between girl and young woman, begins to make some risky choices, the stakes are raised even higher. A Place in the Country is filled with emotions every woman will recognize as Caroline and Issy make their way in the world and do battle with those who would wish to see them lose their chances to gain their hearts' desires. Love and hate, blame and responsibility, deception and trust all collide in this novel that is Elizabeth Adler at her page-turning best. From The New York Times bestselling author comes an emotionally powerful novel about mothers and daughters, the secrets they share, and those they keep to themselves.

A Place in the Country

Author: Sarah Gainham

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 034900403X

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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In the aftermath of the Second World War, Vienna is a crucible of fear and superstition, tense with the beginnings of the Cold War and rife with double agents. Robert Inglis, a young British army officer, has been posted to the ruined city to assist in restoring order and control. In the bitter cold of that post-war winter, a mystery railway wagon arrives from the east carrying a cargo of starving, half-dead men, among them the talented journalist Georg Kerenyi. Inglis forms an uneasy friendship with Kerenyi, and it is through him that he meets and is captivated by Julia Homburg, once the star of Vienna's theatre and now hidden away in the Austrian countryside, engaged in her private struggle to overcome the sorrow and devastation of the war.

A Place in the Country

Author: W. G. Sebald

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241965713

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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From the author of the critically-acclaimed Austerlitz and Across the Land and Water comes A Place in the Country, the much anticipated translation of one of W.G. Sebald's most brilliant works. When W. G. Sebald, the prize-winning author of Austerlitz, travelled to Manchester in 1966, he packed in his bags certain literary favourites which would remain central to him throughout the rest of his life and during the years when he was settled in England. In A Place in the Country, he reflects on six of the figures who shaped him as a person and as a writer, from Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Jan Peter Tripp. Fusing biography and essay, and finding, as ever, inspiration in place - as when he journeys to the Ile St. Pierre, the tiny, lonely Swiss island where Jean-Jacques Rousseau found solace and inspiration - Sebald lovingly brings his subjects to life in his distinctive, inimitable voice. A Place in the Country is a window into the mind of this much loved and much missed writer. Praise for W.G. Sebald: 'A new kind of writing, combining fiction, memoir, travelogue, philosophy and much else besides . . . greatness in literature is still possible' John Banville, Irish Times 'When you read Sebald you are transported to another realm. Reading him is a truly sublime experience' Literary Review 'Is literary greatness still possible? One of the few answers available to English-Language readers is the work of W.G. Sebald' Susan Sontag W.G. Sebald was born in Wertach im Allgau, Germany in 1944. He studied German language and literature in Freiburg, Switzerland and Manchester. In 1966 he took up a position as an assistant lecturer at the University of Manchester, and settled permanently in England in 1970. He was Professor of European Literature at the University of East Anglia, and the author of Austerlitz; The Emmigrants, which won a series of major awards, including the Berlin Literature Prize, the Heinrich Boll Prize, the Heinrich Heine Prize and the Joseph Breitbach Prize.

Place in the Country

Author: Rob Stuart

Publisher: eBook Partnership

ISBN: 1912643669

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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When yuppies Mitchell and Jocasta Dever move into Yew Tree cottage in the Hampshire village of Itchen Prior they fondly imagine they'll be starting a new life of bucolic bliss in a rural idyll. In fact, things don't exactly turn out like that. What they iAAnd is a seething pit of incest, sexual jealousy, paganism, exploitation, sharp business practices, feudalism and murder. A Place in the Country - whose galaxy of characters includes Sherborne St John, the lord of the manor and his scheming wife, Gwendolyn, who keeps her stable hand, Crux Easton, as a sex slave; Jed Smith, exploitative garden centre owner who uses the Bosnian student Jagoda Doboj and her friends as cheap illegal labour, and the deeply dubious Warren family - is a novel that takes a hilarious, jaunty, and also often moving and disturbing look at a rural idyll that is anything but.

A Place in Politics

Author: James Woodard

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822389452

Category: History

Page: 422

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A Place in Politics is a thorough reinterpretation of the politics and political culture of the Brazilian state of São Paulo between the 1890s and the 1930s. The world’s foremost coffee-producing region from the outset of this period and home to more than six million people by 1930, São Paulo was an economic and demographic giant. In an era marked by political conflict and dramatic social and cultural change in Brazil, nowhere were the conflicts as intense or changes more dramatic than in São Paulo. The southeastern state was the site of the country’s most important political developments, from the contested presidential campaign of 1909–10 to the massive military revolt of 1924. Drawing on a wide array of source materials, James P. Woodard analyzes these events and the republican political culture that informed them. Woodard’s fine-grained political history proceeds chronologically from the final years of the nineteenth century, when São Paulo’s leaders enjoyed political preeminence within the federal system codified by the Constitution of 1891, through the mass mobilization of 1931–32, in which São Paulo’s people marched, rioted, and eventually took up arms against the national government in what was to be Brazil’s last great regionalist revolt. In taking to the streets in the name of their state, constitutionalism, and the “civilization” that they identified with both, the people of São Paulo were at once expressing their allegiance to elements of a regionally distinct political culture and converging on a broader, more participatory public sphere that had arisen amid the political conflicts of the preceding decades.

The Geography of Tourism and Recreation

Author: C. Michael Hall,Stephen J. Page

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135041571

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 458

View: 6546

This fourth edition of The Geography of Tourism and Recreation provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the interrelationship between tourism, leisure and recreation from geographical and social science perspectives. It still remains the only book to systematically compare and contrast in a spatial context, tourism and recreation in relation to leisure time, offering insight into the demand, supply, planning, destination management and impacts of tourism and recreation. Whilst retaining its accessible style and approach this edition has been significantly updated to reflect recent developments and new concepts from geography which are beginning to permeate the tourism and recreational field. New features include: Content on the most recent developments, climate change, sustainability, mobilities and crisis management in time and space as well as trends such as low cost airlines and the control of land transport by transnational operators in the EU such as Arriva. More attention to management issues such as innovation and the spatial consequences for tourism and leisure development. New case studies and examples to showcase real life issues, from both developed and developing countries, especially the US, China and South Africa. Completely revised and redeveloped to accommodate new, user- friendly features: case studies, insights, summary points and learning objectives. Written by leading academics, this is essential reading for all tourism, geography, leisure and recreation students.

Do You Really Think I Want to Annoy You?

Author: Patricia Ritz

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 149083138X

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

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This book is about Pat’s journey and her search through most of her life for a church where she could fit in, be able to be herself spiritually, and not annoy people. In the autobiographical chapters about her life and her searching, Pat hopes will give you some insight into her personality that has driven her to write Do You Really Think I Want to Annoy You? When you are bursting at the seams to share the light that now shines in your heart with those you love—immediate family, extended family, church family, and friends—it is impossible, she has found, not to annoy people. She hopes this book will help those in her life and those she has never met to see that the light of God’s Spirit is meant to be for everyone.