A Promise to Nadia

Author: Zana Muhsen,Andrew Crofts

Publisher: Little Brown Uk

ISBN: 9780751543698

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 245

View: 4575

Originally published: London: Little, Brown, 2000.

A Promise to Live

Author: Ncheta Ihechineme

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1619040670

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 9200

Separated by time and distance but bond by the love shared, Wilson goes back to seek his cherished love.... accused of rape, separated by war, can Wilson prove his love for Valerie and would he seek God after all pains and suffering life has burdened him with............... Torn by the decision to choose between two Men, Valerie is driven by love to choose Wilson but when distance and war separates them once more, would she still be bound by the love they shared and would she choose Wilson once more ... Ncheta Vivien Ihechineme is a banker Married to Maxwell Obinna Ihechineme. Writing has been her passion though this is her first published work. She is quite active in her local Church 'The Fathers Church' serving in various capacities but mostly as a Sunday School Teacher. She resides in Abuja, Nigeria with her husband. Send an e-mail: [email protected]

Footprints in the Snow and Sand

Author: Danuta Gray

Publisher: Arena books

ISBN: 1909421553

Category: Fiction

Page: 322

View: 7157

The story of a Polish family after the occupation of their country by the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II, and their arrest, transportation, and incarceration in a gulag until their release and traumatic journey Westwards to eventual freedom.


Author: Andrew Crofts

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408103419

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 160

View: 1407

Ghostwriting is a thriving, secretive industry. As a ghostwriter you can create best-selling books for film stars, footballers, pop singers, presidents, business tycoons, gangsters, gurus, spies, mercenaries, courtesans, four-star generals, royals and anyone else with an interesting story to tell. This book reveals all the essential secrets of how to turn ghostwriting into a successful and lucrative career. Andrew Crofts has ghosted more than forty books, many of them international bestsellers, including Sold by Zana Muhsen (nearly 4 million copies sold), The Kid by Kevin Lewis, Heroine of the Desert by Donya Al-Nahi, Kathy and Me by Gillian Taylforth and Crocodile Shoes by Jimmy Nail.


Author: Nancy Madore

Publisher: Nancy Madore


Category: Fiction

Page: 434

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THE STAKES GET HIGHER AS A TRAP IS SET. Nadia is severely shaken by the recent tragedy but, as the Legacy of the Watchers continues, she will turn to BEACON for comfort, immersing herself in plans for an extravagant masquerade ball to raise funds for the disaster victims. But she cannot escape the hidden ones—or the high stakes battle they’re waging behind the scenes. This time Poseidon will be their guide, taking them from the Titan War to the destruction of Atlantis, and leaving Nadia with the hardest decision of her life. Finding courage she didn’t know she possessed, Nadia strikes up a treacherous bargain that will put her at odds with everyone—especially Will. It’s a deadly game, laced with deception, and Nadia will find that she’s not the only player in this masquerade when part three of the series reaches its shocking conclusion.

The Range of Reasons

Author: Daniel Whiting

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0192893955

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 9653

By developing a new theory of reasons for action, Daniel Whiting addresses key debates in metaethics (concerning normative reasons) and epistemology (concerning the norms for belief). He offers a comprehensive account of the various norms governing belief, the relations among them, and the unifying principle that underlies them all.

Becoming NADIA

Author: Cyrus Keith

Publisher: MuseItUp Publishing

ISBN: 1926931548

Category: Fiction

Page: 299

View: 8232

“What’s one more little white lie?” There's only one thing that pretty, popular TV reporter Nadia Velasquez is missing: her memory from before the explosion that killed everyone else in the room, including the President of Nigeria. But from the moment she meets FBI agent Jon Daniels, all hell breaks loose. Friends turn into deadly enemies overnight, and no one can be truly trusted. When Jon and Nadia investigate further, they discover the living terror that is the truth behind Nadia's existence, a truth that could mean the death of millions.

Contemporary Issues in Politics & International Relations

Author: Nesrin Kenar


ISBN: 1913809145

Category: Political Science

Page: 453

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“Conflict” is a phenomenon as old as human history. Although the actors and reasons have changed, conflicts have occurred in every period of history. In the pre-Cold War era, conflicts in the international system were experienced between states. The conflicts during the Cold War mainly were interstate conflicts arising from the rivalry between the two blocs. In this period, it was expected that the threat to the security of a state would come from outside the borders of the state and from other states.For this reason, all the regulations made by the League of Nations, which was established at the end of the First World War, and the United Nations, which was established after the Second World War, to protect international peace and security included the measures to be taken against the attack or threat of attack by one state against another state. However, the developments that took place right after the end of the Cold War confirmed that the risk of interstate conflict decreased, and new security threats emerged in this period. The conflicts that emerged in the post-Cold War period were separatist conflicts due to ethnic and religious reasons, such as the former Yugoslavia and Georgia, or intra-border conflicts that occurred for other reasons, such as in Syria. Upon the inadequacy of international organizations and international law to intervene in intra-border conflicts, the concept of "security" was redefined, and a transformation from the security of the state to the security of the individual took place. New security threats such as environmental security, human security, food security, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction and pandemics have been identified. One of the reasons for the decrease in conflicts between states in the post-Cold War period is that states mostly use "soft power" instead of military force in achieving their foreign policy goals. The structure of the international system is also a dynamic that affects conflicts. After the end of the bipolar system, the transformation of the international system is not yet complete. One of the most critical problems in today's world is the competition and struggle between states to become the future superpower. While the US wants the current status quo to continue, China is trying to change the status quo in its favour. The European Union is to become the dominant power in the international system after its transformation in the post-Cold War period.