A Step Away from Paradise

Author: Thomas Shor

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THE TRUE STORY OF A JOURNEY TO A FANTASTIC LAND WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED...If Lewis Carroll had proclaimed the reality of Alice's Wonderland? What if he had gathered a following and launched an expedition? IT WAS THE EARLY 1960s. The place, a far-off corner of the Himalayas long fabled in Tibetan tradition to be hiding a valley of immortality among its peaks and glaciers--a real-life Shangri-La. They waited generations for the prophesied lama to come, the one with the secret knowledge of how to 'open' the Hidden Land. Then, one day, he came. His name was Tulshuk Lingpa. THIS BOOK TELLS THE TRUE STORY of this charismatic visionary lama and his remarkable expedition. Against the wishes of the kings of both Sikkim and Nepal, he and over three hundred followers ventured up the snowy slopes of the third highest mountain of the planet. Their aim: to open a crack in the very fabric of reality and go to a land we would all wish to inhabit if it were only there--a land of peace and concord. FORTY YEARS LATER, the author spends over five years tracking down the surviving members of this extraordinary expedition. He deftly weaves their stories together with humor, wisdom, and scholarly research into Tibetan traditions of Hidden Lands, all the while reflecting on what this means for the rest of us. "LIKE NO OTHER BOOK I have ever read...a riveting tale of adventure...honest to the real spirit of Tibet...both unique and intriguing...an engrossing read. Highly recommended." JETSUNMA TENZIN PALMO, from the Foreword From Tulshuk Lingpa's Guidebook to the Hidden Land: "DON'T LISTEN TO ANYBODY. Decide by yourself and practise madness. Develop courage for the benefit of all sentient beings. Then you will automatically be free from the knot of attachment. Then you will continually have the confidence of fearlessness and you can then try to open the Great Door of the Hidden Place." FIRST PUBLISHED BY PENGUIN 2011. CITY LION PRESS EDITION 2017. THIS EDITION IS NOT FOR SALE IN SOUTH ASIA, MALAYSIA, OR SINGAPORE

A Step Away from Paradise

Author: Thomas K. Shor

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 0143415468

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Summary of Thomas Shor's A Step Away from Paradise

Author: Everest Media,

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 My friend Tinley was a master painter of thangkas, the Tibetan religious scroll paintings depicting the tantric deities and various Buddhas in their myriad forms. He was crushing a blue semi-precious stone acquired from Tibet to match a patch of sky he was fixing on an antique thangka belonging to Sikkim’s royal family. #2 The author met with Tinley, who was forty when I met him, and lived with his wife and son on the top floor of a building called the Light of Sikkim in Gangtok. He painted, had painting apprentices, and ran a small cyber café. #3 Dorje Wangmo was 36 when she met the lama who had all the signs. His name was Tulshuk Lingpa. She and her husband gave away their house and fields, sold enough to cover the cost of the journey, and gave away the rest. They didn’t need the money. #4 When they got to Tashiding, the lama had already left with his hundreds of followers to open the way. They set off immediately, north to Mount Kanchenjunga. They stopped at Yoksum, the last village on the way, and bought enough food for the long journey.

The Chintamani Crystal Matrix

Author: Johndennis Govert,Hapi Hara

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1644113155

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• Examines myths of the Chintamani from East and West, including from China, India, and South America; in legends of the Holy Grail and Atlantis; and in Nicholas Roerich’s real-life quest for Shambhala • Explains the Chintamani Matrix--the multidimensional field of light, energy, and consciousness that forms networks of gems on the etheric and physical levels • Provides simple and advanced practices with crystal grids and meditation to help you access the Chintamani matrix and realize your innermost heart’s desires Space, time, intention, matter, and consciousness all entangle in crystals. Nowhere is this more evident than in the ancient gem archetype of the Chintamani, the wish-fulfilling jewel known in legends around the world as the stone that grants your heart’s desires. As authors Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara reveal, the Chintamani’s “tachyolithic” technology of wish-granting and spiritual enlightenment creates a vehicle for positive transformation. They show how the Chintamani energy matrix can be accessed using tangible crystals and gemstones, meditation, yoga, and the powerful science of intention. Exploring the many Chintamani myths and legends from East and West, the authors explain how there are three types of Chintamani: the mythical gemstone, the power crystals of history, such as the Koh-i-Noor diamond, and the multidimensional field of light, energy, and consciousness that forms a network of all gems in what is known as “the jewel net of Indra” in Hinduism and Buddhism. Activating this crystal energy matrix provides a way to manifest your intentions and help you create the subtle diamond body. The authors detail specific gems and crystal spiritual technology that can affect material reality and trigger profound spiritual growth. They provide a number of simple practices with crystal grids and meditation to help you access the Chintamani matrix and become aware of the interconnected jewel net of consciousness. They examine the science of intention, which provides a basis for connecting to gemstones and crystals, and share advanced meditations to realize and activate your innermost heart’s desires.

The Seal of My Soul

Author: General Smiley

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1669801217

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Right after I graduated high school I volunteered to do the national youth service as a teacher, teaching in a service called ” into the light “ or “ Jamal “ this was an adult learning program then so I was teaching adults some of the subjects I learned in high school. I was doing this for a while before I realized the restrictions of the curriculum, I found out that there were not much I could expand on because of the time given to do so and I felt frustrated and clustered inside because there were so much more I wanted to say and that was when I started jotting down the way I felt and some things I wanted to say. When I go home in the evenings I would think a lot about what I wanted to say to the people but can’t. I kept this inside for two years, the time required to fulfill that voluntary services but just before my time was up the ministry of education sent me an invitation to attend teacher’s college tuition free but I turned it down and went on to study book keeping and accounting instead at the Jamaica Commercial Institute, so while going to school I formed a club so we could promote social events inside the school among the classes and that was when I started reciting some of the poems I was writing as lyrics to songs. Ultimately after years of writing and performing some of these writings and the encouragement of some of my producers and life on a whole keep changing I decided to publish these poetry to share with the world my more that I’ve always wanted and still do want to say.

The Men and the Sane

Author: Embaye Melekin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1514461714

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This book is highly enlightening and will be criticized by many. I write from the inspiration of God, and many of my stories are just my own perceptions as envisioned to me by the Lord. Many will ponder critically after reading this book and will learn something they have not anticipated. The history of the Jews is something all Christians should know about. The true Israelites are the white and black races and not necessarily the Jews of today. The end-time prophecies have been fulfilled now and all the authentic Israelites, whites and blacks, will be gathered from the four corners of the earth and know their true identities. The history of Adolph Hitler is told in full length. Other contents of the book also delve into scientific perceptions and some experiences of humanity in different parts of the world with some biblical and historical narrations of different topics. Overall, the reader will learn a few subjects that have never been delved into before that would trigger the minds of every soul of whatever persuasion and race.

The Wandering Jew

Author: Moncure Daniel Conway

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3 (Revised Edition)

Author: A Submitter

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One Love, One Heart, One Soul.

Aldous Huxley Annual

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Light from the Old Arch

Author: Abercio Valdez Rotor

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