A Tale of Love and Darkness

Author: Amos Oz

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448163099

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 528

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Discover Amos Oz’s most iconic work in this extraordinary memoir that is at once a great family saga and a magical self-portrait of a writer who witnessed the birth of a nation *OVER 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDE* ‘A hero of mine, a moral as well as literary giant’ Simon Schama Amos Oz's remarkable, moving story takes us on a seductive journey through his childhood and adolescence, along Jerusalem's war-torn streets in the 1940s and '50s and into a small apartment crowded with books in twelve languages and relatives speaking nearly as many. Caught between them is one small boy with the weight of generations on his shoulders. Oz dives into 120 years of family history and paradox, the saga of a Jewish love-hate affair with Europe that sweeps from Vilna and Odessa, via Poland and Prague, to Israel. Farce and heartbreak, history and humanity make up this story of clashing cultures and lives, of suffering and perseverance, of love and darkness. ‘Oz’s greatest work...not only his autobiography, but in a way the biography of Israel before it was created’ David Grossman, Observer

A Tale of Two Narratives

Author: Grace Wermenbol

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108840280

Category: History

Page: 411

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Explores the transmission - and perpetuation - of conflict narratives in Israeli-Jewish and Palestinian society since the signing of the Oslo Accords.

Index to Jewish Periodicals

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Category: Jewish literature

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An author and subject index to selected and American Anglo-Jewish journals of general and scholarly interests.

A Tale Of Love And Darkness (Mandarin Edition)

Author: Amos Oz

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 7894000566

Category: Fiction

Page: 544

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《爱与黑暗的故事》 It is the story of a boy growing up in the war-torn Jerusalem of the forties and fifties, in a small apartment crowded with books in twelve languages and relatives speaking nearly as many. 《爱与黑暗的故事》是当今以色列最富影响力的作家阿摩司·奥兹的自传体长篇小说,一向被学界视为奥兹最优秀的作品。短短五年,便翻译成二十多种文字,曾夺得2005年“歌德文化奖”,2007年入围“国际布克奖”。小说以耶路撒冷做为主要背景,以娓娓动人的笔法向读者展示出百余年一个犹太家族的故事与民族历史,既带你走进一个犹太家庭,了解其喜怒哀乐;又使你走近一个民族,窥见其得失荣辱。

Judaism: All That Matters

Author: Keith Kahn-Harris

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1444156748

Category: Religion

Page: 160

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For a group of people so limited in number, the Jewish community has had a huge impact on both global events and local politics. In this vibrant new look at Judaism, sociologist and cultural critic Keith Kahn-Harris provides a remarkably sharp insight into this history, and particularly the diverse Jewish communities (and diverse ideas of Jewishness) that exist today.

Multiculturalism in Israel

Author: Adia Mendelson-Maoz

Publisher: Purdue University Press

ISBN: 1612493645

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 368

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By analyzing its position within the struggles for recognition and reception of different national and ethnic cultural groups, this book offers a bold new picture of Israeli literature. Through comparative discussion of the literatures of Palestinian citizens of Israel, of Mizrahim, of migrants from the former Soviet Union, and of Ethiopian-Israelis, the author demonstrates an unexpected richness and diversity in the Israeli literary scene, a reality very different from the monocultural image that Zionism aspired to create. Drawing on a wide body of social and literary theory, Mendelson-Maoz compares and contrasts the literatures of the four communities she profiles. In her discussion of the literature of the Palestinian citizens of Israel, she presents the question of language and translation, and she provides three case studies of particular authors and their reception. Her study of Mizrahi literature adopts a chronological approach, starting in the 1950s and proceeding toward contemporary Mizrahi writing, while discussing questions of authenticity and self-determination. The discussion of Israeli literature written by immigrants from the former Soviet Union focuses both on authors who write Israeli literature in Russian and of Russian immigrants writing in Hebrew. The final section of the book provides a valuable new discussion of the work of Ethiopian-Israeli writers, a group whose contributions have seldom been previously acknowledged. The picture that emerges from this groundbreaking book replaces the traditional, homogeneous historical narrative of Israeli literature with a diversity of voices, a multiplicity of origins, and a wide range of different perspectives. In doing so, it will provoke researchers in a wide range of cultural fields to look at the rich traditions that underlie it in new and fresh ways.


Author: Alasdair Pinkerton

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1789140994

Category: History

Page: 240

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Radio is a medium of seemingly endless contradictions. Now in its third century of existence, the technology still seems startlingly modern; despite frequent predictions of its demise, radio continues to evolve and flourish in the age of the internet and social media. This book explores the history of the radio, describing its technological, political, and social evolution, and how it emerged from Victorian experimental laboratories to become a near-ubiquitous presence in our lives. Alasdair Pinkerton’s story is shaped by radio’s multiple characters and characteristics—radio waves occur in nature, for instance, but have also been harnessed and molded by human beings to bridge oceans and reconfigure our experience of space and time. Published in association with the Science Museum, London, Radio is an informative and thought-provoking book for all enthusiasts of an old technology that still has the capacity to enthuse, entertain, entice, and enrage today.

Jewish Affairs

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Jewish Book World

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Author: Amos Oz

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0547636954

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 98

View: 8465

A tale of “dazzling brilliance . . . a simple story which conveys boundless meanings both modest and diverse, set in Jerusalem directly after WWII” (Historical Novel Society). When Soumchi, an eleven-year-old boy growing up in British-occupied Jerusalem just after World War II, receives a bicycle as a gift from his Uncle Zemach, he is overjoyed—even if it is a girl’s bicycle. Ignoring the taunts of other boys in his neighborhood, he dreams of riding far away from them, out of the city and across the desert, toward the heart of Africa. But first he wants to show his new prize to his friend Aldo. In the tradition of such memorable characters as Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caulfield, Amos Oz’s Soumchi is fresh, funny, and always engaging. “What a difference spirit and talent make! . . . told . . . with zest and buoyant humor, from the dual viewpoint of the alternately crushed and elated Soumchi and the amused author who delights in his boyhood excesses.” —Kirkus Reviews “Oz shows a remarkable ability to stay true to his character and expand him fully into a multi-faceted jewel. Soumchi is a concise read which enhances each person’s view on life, possessions, and how tender life and far-reaching imagination can be at such a sensitive age.” —Historical Novel Society