Modernity And Consumption: Theory, Politics, And The Public In Singapore And Malaysia

Author: Rappa Antonio Leopold

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9813102454

Category: Political Science

Page: 288

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The Enlightenment theorists involved in the public/private debate exposed the logical fallacies of theology and the philosophical weaknesses of metaphysics but left little room for understanding contemporary modes of consumption. What does it mean to be a consumer in the early 21st century? Do modern markets provide real choices for consumers in neoliberal capitalist democracies? Or are consumers ironically slaves to their own patterns of consumption? Rejecting Habermas' conceptualizations in The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere (1991), Rappa offers an examination of modernity and consumption with a non-Marxist, modernity-Resistance-theoretical frame (mRf). He argues that late modernity — the ethos, experience, and consciousness of global and technological transformation today — is not about the fusion of “public and private” spaces. Rather, modernity and consumption involves the deep penetration of private space by public space to the extent that private space becomes dependent, conditional, and decrepit. The “Private” has become contingent on the “Public”. Decisions about what to consume no longer reflect the mindful choices of private, interest-seeking, and wealth-maximizing individuals but reveal a new kind of public control through foundational images of success, failure, horror, violence, and hope.

The Klang Strikes of 1941

Author: Harold E. Wilson

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian

ISBN: 9971902249

Category: East Indians

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Estimation of Interstate Migration in Peninsular Malaysia, 1947-1970

Author: Saw Swee-Hock

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN: 9971902214

Category: Social Science

Page: 34

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This paper begins by discussing the principal concepts and definitions used in the study of internal migration. The direct method of estimating internal migration based on the record of the change of residence is reviewed, while the three indirect methods known as the vital statistics method, the survival rate method, and the place of birth method are evaluated in somewhat more detail. The place of birth method was selected to compute the lifetime migration of the eleven states in Peninsular Malaysia in the three post-war census years - 1947, 1957, 1970 - and the interstate migration during the two intercensal periods - 1947-57 and 1957-70. The results of the estimation reveal that, apart from the pronounced differences in the level of interstate migration among the eleven states, there have been significant shifts in the pattern of interstate migration during the post-war years.

Culture and Fertility

Author: Parsudi Suparlan,Hananto Sigit

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN: 9789971902131

Category: Birth control

Page: 51

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Annual Report

Author: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publisher: N.A



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Exchange Rate Regimes of ASEAN Countries

Author: Aleth Yenko

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 94

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A theoretical framework, based on existing literature, which could serve as a guide for developing countries in choosing an appropriate exchange rate regime in the present system of generalized floating. The exchange rate regimes of the ASEAN countries are then evaluated in terms of the framework.