A World Apart

Author: Leslie Hopkins

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1477267840

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 23

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This book is about two worlds that come together after chance events takes place.

A World Apart

Author: Richard J. Raridan

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434935442

Category: Fiction

Page: 112

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Jonathan Morley meets Natalie Van Meter soon after moving into the house next door. A classical music enthusiast, he is enthralled hearing piano playing from her house. He learns she is studying to become a concert pianist. Due to their mutual interest in classical music, they develop a close relationship during the remainder of the summer and their senior year of high school. During their Senior Prom they profess their deep love for one another and Natalie admits this is the happiest night of her life. Then her expression suddenly turns somber and she tearfully informs Jonathan that she will soon be leaving St. Louis to continue her musical studies abroad in Vienna, Austria. They are both heartbroken, but Jonathan vows he will wait for her, no matter how long she is away. Neither is aware of how long that might be and what other heartaches await them. However all is not lost, for in the end, their love does prevail.

A World Apart

Author: Cristina Rathbone

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 0307430553

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

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“Life in a women’s prison is full of surprises,” writes Cristina Rathbone in her landmark account of life at MCI-Framingham. And so it is. After two intense court battles with prison officials, Rathbone gained unprecedented access to the otherwise invisible women of the oldest running women’s prison in America. The picture that emerges is both astounding and enraging. Women reveal the agonies of separation from family, and the prevalence of depression, and of sexual predation, and institutional malaise behind bars. But they also share their more personal hopes and concerns. There is horror in prison for sure, but Rathbone insists there is also humor and romance and downright bloody-mindedness. Getting beyond the political to the personal, A World Apart is both a triumph of empathy and a searing indictment of a system that has overlooked the plight of women in prison for far too long. At the center of the book is Denise, a mother serving five years for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense. Denise’s son is nine and obsessed with Beanie Babies when she first arrives in prison. He is fourteen and in prison himself by the time she is finally released. As Denise struggles to reconcile life in prison with the realities of her son’s excessive freedom on the outside, we meet women like Julie, who gets through her time by distracting herself with flirtatious, often salacious relationships with male correctional officers; Louise, who keeps herself going by selling makeup and personalized food packages on the prison black market; Chris, whose mental illness leads her to kill herself in prison; and Susan, who, after thirteen years of intermittent incarceration, has come to think of MCI-Framingham as home. Fearlessly truthful and revelatory, A World Apart is a major work of investigative journalism and social justice.

A World Apart

Author: Richard Pearce,Roy McTaggart

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 1452507074

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 104

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This book is for the lighthearted bedtime reader of any age. The poems are some of several hundred written over many years. Some of the short stories are recent, others were written as long ago as the 1980s. Only in recent times did Richard and Roy discover they both liked to put their thoughts onto paper, so it seemed a logical step to combine some of their work and get it into print. This is Richards second publication along similar lines.

A World Apart

Author: Beth W. Gale

Publisher: Bucknell University Press

ISBN: 0838757308

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 231

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This is the first book-length study of female adolescence in the French novel of this period. It analyzes representations of the "world apart" of female adolescence in selected novels from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. In the nineteenth century, several factors contributed to the shaping of a new social category for young women, which then gained increasing attention from writers. Art and life echoed one another, as novels about female adolescents created a social stir, and incited further discussion about the proper role for young women in French society. In this book, the author considers key novels of female adolescence from the period as a means of understanding the concerns and desires they embody. Examining these novels thematically and chronologically, Dr. Gale traces shifting social values and sexual roles and examines the ways in which various artistic, intellectual, or literary influences of each period shape its portraits of female adolescence. Novelists create their young female characters as French society undergoes parallel transformation. In this sense, female adolescents represent, for the novelists, the possible futures of France. Many of the novels analyzed in this study enjoyed mitigated success in France when they were first published, and are all but forgotten today. Societal conditions gave female writers secondary status and repressed the expression of subversive ideas regarding young women. These novels mark the birth of French interest in the documentation and shaping of young female experience through literature. Literary portrayals of the unique space of female adolescence reveal hopes and fears concerning the future, gender relations, social institutions, and a country's place in the world. This work will be particularly useful to scholars and students working on youth, coming-of-age novels, gender studies, cultural history, and/or French studies, but will also interest a general audience. It contributes to recent interest in adolescence by providing a pertinent cultural, historical, and literary perspective. The book covers relatively unexplored territory in French studies, but also creates links to related fields such as cultural studies, the history of women, and gender studies. A World Apart illuminates both the grounding of female adolescence in a specific historic and cultural setting and the timelessness of adolescence as a literary and social theme.

A World Apart

Author: Marie Joseph

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448183030

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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If you like Katie Flynn, Rosie Clarke and Catherine Cookson, you will love this captivating and heart -warming saga by bestselling and prizewinning author Marie Joseph. We meet Daisy Bell again (A Better World Than This) - in the aftermath of war, can she build a new life? 'Marie Joseph is an amazing success story' -- Woman's Weekly 'Marie Joseph has the same rare, magical gift as Catherine Cookson for turning everyday people with everyday lives into the stuff of fascination.' -- Kent Evening Post 'She is a winner every time she writes' -- Manchester Evening News 'Marie Joseph's descriptions and turn of phrase are a joy to read...' -- ***** Reader review 'Loved this story, pure escapism' -- ***** Reader review 'Compelling and very readable - recommended for an afternoon relaxing read.' -- ***** Reader ********************************************************* IN THE FACE OF ADVERSITY, CAN SHE BUILD A NEW LIFE? 1947: The war is over, finally. Life at Daisy Penny's Blackpool boarding house, Shangri-La, is good - as good as it can be when you've got to feed your family and guests on rations and your husband is sickly. But still she carries on... However, when tragedy strikes, the indomitable Daisy makes the difficult decision to cut her ties, sell her boarding-house in Blackpool and start a new life in the country. Has she the strength to start afresh? Daisy's story started in A Better World Than This, which won the Romantic Novelists' Award.

A World Apart

Author: Gretta Curran Browne

Publisher: Eighty-Eight Publications

ISBN: 095582088X

Category: Fiction

Page: 165

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A WORLD APART: An Epic Novel From Ireland's Past - The Michael Dwyer Story continues... - (Book 3 of THE LIBERTY TRILOGY) **** They thought they had killed him – on the same winter night his friend Sam McAllister had been shot dead on the hillside of Derrynamuck – they had chased Michael and seen a trail of his blood in the snow. Oh yes, the young rebel captain was dead and gone, and would cause no further trouble to them – the hated militia who raped and burned houses at will and treated the people of Wicklow like some dirt that kept getting under their boots. Desperate for his protection from the militia’s brutality, only the people refused to believe that Michael Dwyer was dead. To them he was like a prince – `aye, a prince, same as a king’s son’ – and if Michael had been killed, all his friends would have been in mourning, but they were not. Too many times they had seen the small, secret smiles of Michael’s friends when the militia gloated over his death. And then there was Mary – his beautiful Mary who had adored him – why was she not looking in any way heart-broken? Why was she just carrying on with her life as normal? No, the people concluded, Michael was not dead – injured maybe, a whole lot of bullets had flown towards him that night at Derrynamuck – but he had been dodging bullets for years and not one had ever reached him. No, only the stupid militia would believe that Michael had been defeated – the whole dumb pack of them. **** In her historical `faction’ novels, Gretta Curran Browne tells the story of actual people and actual events and, apart from using a few minor fictional characters, she does not change history or distort the true stories of the worthy people she has “reclaimed” from history to bring to a present-day audience. When first published in hardback, Tread Softly On My Dreams and Fire On The Hill were bought by the University of Notre Dame in the USA, The National Library of Ireland, and The Princess Grace Irish Library in the Palace of Monaco.

A World Apart

Author: Gustaw Herling

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101161744

Category: History

Page: 284

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In 1940, Gustav Herling was arrested after he joined an underground Polish army that fell into Russian hands. He was sent to a northern Russian labour camp, where he spent the two most horrible years of his life. In this book, he tells of the people he was imprisoned with, the hardships they endured, and the indomitable spirit and will that allowed them to survive. Above all, he creates a portrait of how people - deprived of food, clothing, proper medical care, and forced to work at hard labour - can come together to form a community that offers hope in the face of hopelessness, that offers life when even the living have no life left.

From a World Apart

Author: Francine Christophe

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 9780803264021

Category: History

Page: 212

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After her father was taken prisoner by German officials, the author and her mother were arrested as they escaped to Paris, and endured cruel treatment in Germany's Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Two Rivers, a World Apart

Author: Mel Simon M.D.

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 1641142138

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 418

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Two Rivers, a World Apart is an autobiography of a young boy who spent most of his life by the banks of two rivers, namely the Pigalo River in his native country, the Philippines, and Ohio River in continental USA, where he took permanent residence and eventual retirement. Both served as the backdrop of the story of a young boy searching for the American dream. Against all odds like his sufferings and difficulties both financially and otherwise, he managed to overcome them through sheer determination and hard work. Above all, he believes that his deep belief and trust in the Almighty has propelled him to higher accomplishments. His boyhood pledge to give back to his community as well as to the poor people in his native country was fulfilled by using as a platform his membership with the oldest and greatest service organization in the world, the Rotary International and Rotary Foundation. Through his affiliations, Operation We Care was born, and he was able to carry out over thirty years of medical/surgical/dental missions in the different islands of the Philippines with his team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, and health-care givers. These are in addition to his unceasing efforts to donate surgical equipment and hospital supplies and construct several deep water wells in villages to curtail gastrointestinal diseases. He also helps in literacy and feeding programs for undernourished schoolchildren. For his work, he was recognized not only by the Rotary International and Rotary Foundation but also by five previous presidents of the Philippines. A few establishments were named after him, such as the Dr. Mel P. Simon and Lydia Chemistry Lab at the University of Rio Grande, the surgical ward of the Region One Medical Center in Dagupan, Philippines. He was also nominated for the Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame on May 24, 2010, by the Ohio State governor for establishing the French 500 Free Clinic (a project with five volunteer physicians, nurses, health-care givers to extend help to poor, uninsured, or underinsured patients).