Author: Katherine E. Krohn

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1420508822

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 104

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Adele's talents as a singer and songwriter have earned her six Grammys, but it's her down-to-earth personality, honest sense of humor, and raw vocals that have helped her to win the hearts of fans all over the world. This compelling biography by author Katherine E. Krohn traces the life and career of music sensation Adele. Readers will learn about the singer's early life in London, how Adele's talents were first discovered, the role heartbreak played in many of her hit singles, and what caused her to experience a career crisis. This engaging edition supports biography and social studies assignments and provides readers with an extensive bibliography, a detailed timeline of events, and informative sidebars.


Author: Belmont and Belcourt Biographies

Publisher: Price World Publishing

ISBN: 1619840650

Category: Music

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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is at the top of her game in both the US and the UK, breaking records for sales and number one status on all the major charts. Her performances are refreshingly authentic and she is known for having no qualms about wearing her heart on her sleeve for her audiences. But just who is Adele and where did she come from? Fans have said that she has a knack for capturing how they feel, portraying their emotions and experiences exactly. Yet, the singer-songwriter is known for having written so many of her songs with minimal influence - sometimes penning the lyrics within a matter of minutes. How does she do it? This book takes you through Adele's life, starting with her childhood in Tottenham, North London to her 2012 Grammy and BRIT Awards. Having made her name in the music industry at an international level, this book also explores what's next for this next-generation superstar.


Author: Chas Newkey-Burden

Publisher: Abrams

ISBN: 1468313398

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 256

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After years of rumors, Adele’s long-awaited third album 25 was finally announced in late 2015, and with it came claims that she was to single-handedly “save the music industry.†? Such is the influence of Adele—a young mother from north London with the most powerful voice in the world. Adele’s breathtaking songs have seen her top the charts in over 30 countries, collect millions of admirers, and win dozens of top awards. But who is she? Her commendable desire to protect her family and friends from the harsh glare of the media’s spotlight has meant that she has become one of the most private superstars on the planet. Adele: The Biography traces her story from a humble childhood in London through to the phenomenal success of her first two albums, 19 and 21, and the making of her most recent work, 25. Along the way, this unique book uncovers how her troubled private life influenced her heartbreaking tracks and how she overcame a string of obstacles that threatened to derail her career. You will discover the fascinating truth behind all the highs and the lows experienced by this fun, formidable woman, whose songs have become national anthems for the heartbroken. In this fully updated edition of his internationally-bestselling biography, Chas Newkey-Burden reveals the woman behind the music.


Author: Danny White

Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books

ISBN: 1789294444

Category: Music

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120 million records sold. The world's biggest selling album of the twenty-first century. Countless awards and accolades. Adele has captured the hearts of millions and this intimate biography tells the astonishing journey of the Queen of Pop. The trademark authenticity of Adele's songs has been hard earned: she was raised by a single mother and has been tested by bereavements and a string of break-ups. Just when she seemed to have left the pain behind, a harrowing divorce and a career-threatening throat injury brought new darkness and doubt to her doorstep. This book takes you behind the scenes of her highs, her lows and everything in between. Separating the myths from the truth, it examines the real Adele: a shrewd and ambitious star who approaches her career with an iconic blend of tradition and innovation. The superstar is back in the spotlight with a new album and a fresh look. But will Adele ever find happiness, or will she always be followed by what she calls her 'very dark side'?


Author: Marc Shapiro

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 125002515X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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Over the past year, Adele has taken the country by storm, sweeping the 2012 Grammy Awards and taking home six titles, including one for Album of the Year. The British singer-songwriter has been smashing records ever since her 2008 appearance on Saturday Night Live and her 2009 Grammy for Best New Artist. The success of her second album, 21, made her the first living artist since the Beatles to have two top-five hits in both the UK singles and albums charts. The album hit the #1 spot in 18 different countries. In the U.S., 21 is the longest running number one album by a female in Billboard history, surpassing Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard. To put it simply, her worldwide success is unmatched. This one-of-a-kind book will provide answers to fans' burning questions, including: —What was Adele's childhood like as the daughter of a single, teenage mother? —Growing up, who were her biggest inspirations and influences in the music industry? —As someone whose career depends on her voice, what was it like being diagnosed with a vocal cord hemorrhage? —How did canceling her Adele Live tour affect her career? —How did she make the decision to perform at the Grammys, while still recovering from vocal surgery? —And much more! A must-read for every Adele fan.


Author: Matt Doeden

Publisher: Twenty-First Century Books

ISBN: 146771058X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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USA TODAY, The Nation's No. 1 Newspaper, perfectly captures the way fans feel about Adele and her music: "Adele doesn't just sing; she changes your life, makes you feel like you're not alone, almost like she wrote and sang each song for you and you only."When she was only 19 years old, Adele released her first single, "Hometown Glory." Two years, two albums, and a lot of heartbreak later, she swept the 54th Grammy Awards, winning all six categories for which she was nominated. In her short career, Adele has overcome a terrifying obstacle: a throat condition that many fans worried meant she would never sing again. This insightful biography follows the rise of Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, a girl from north London, into the megastar Adele, a skilled singer-songwriter who proves that "sublime talent and compelling songs can still draw the masses."


Author: Julia Kavanagh

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The Adele Quiz Book

Author: Chris Cowlin

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1908752084

Category: Games

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Are you a fan of Adele? Have you followed her meteoric rise to fame from the release of her first album ‘19’ through to global superstardom? Do you, like millions of others, know all the words to her soulful, heartfelt lyrics and can’t help singing along. If so, you are guaranteed to enjoy this fun and informative new quiz book. Which two awards did Adele win at the 51st Grammy Awards in 2009? Who wrote Adele’s 2008 song ‘Make You Feel My Love’? How many weeks did Adele’s single ‘Someone Like You’ spend in the number 1 position in the UK charts? All the answers can be found in The Adele Quiz Book. Packed full of facts about Adele’s amazing career to date, this tribute contains 100 questions about the multi-award winning superstar and covers all aspects of Adele’s professional life, together with one or two surprising personal details. You are certain to learn something new about the popular singer-songwriter. This is a must have book for anyone who would like to know more about the huge success story that is Adele.


Author: Lisa Owings

Publisher: ABDO Publishing Company

ISBN: 1614808597

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

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This title examines the fascinating life of Adele. Readers will learn about AdeleÍs childhood, family, education, and rise to fame. Colorful graphics, oversize photos, and informative sidebars accompany easy-to-read, compelling text that explores AdeleÍs early interest in music and talent in singing and songwriting that led to the release of her albums 19 and 21. AdeleÍs multiple Grammy Awards and charitable work are also described. Features include a table of contents, glossary, selected bibliography, Web links, source notes, and an index, plus a timeline and fun facts. Contemporary Lives is a series in Essential Library, an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

Nadine and Adele

Author: John Baiori

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1716630045

Category: Young Adult Fiction

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Nadine Martin is one of the most popular girls at school. Adele Wilson is the most misunderstood girl at school. But, when Mr. Trudeaux recruits Adele into his Sociology class for a project and pairs Nadine with her; they quickly bond and become best friends. Shortly after that, Nadine discovers that her leukemia has returned; and, she isn’t going to survive. Nadine decides to accomplish two things before she dies. First, to help boost Adele’s self-esteem. Second, to get people to accept Adele for the truly wonderful person that she really is. At first, Nadine doesn’t tell Adele about her leukemia so she doesn’t worry or get upset. But eventually, Adele discovers that Nadine is going to die. As this ordeal goes on, their friendship grows stronger, and Nadine finds out that even though she didn’t see it before, Adele was always her friend. Also, after spending more time around Adele and seeing what a good friend she is to Nadine; other students start to realize how special Adele is, and end up becoming friends with her too. As for Adele; she becomes more confident and outgoing.