After Satan

Author: Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère,Kirsten Stirling

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443823597

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 210

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This volume is the result of a collective desire to pay homage to Neil Forsyth, whose work has significantly contributed to scholarship on Satan. This volume is “after” Satan in more ways than one, tracing the afterlife of both the satanic figure in literature and of Neil Forsyth’s contribution to the field, particularly in his major books The Old Enemy: Satan and the Combat Myth (Princeton University Press, 1987, revised 1990) and The Satanic Epic (Princeton University Press, 2003). The essays in this volume draw on Forsyth’s work as a focus for their analyses of literary encounters with evil or with the Devil himself, reflecting the richness and variety of contemporary approaches to the age-old question of how to represent evil. All the contributors acknowledge Neil Forsyth’s influence in the study of both the Satan-figure and Milton’s Paradise Lost. But beyond simply paying homage to Neil Forsyth, the articles collected here trace the lineage of the Satan figure through literary history, showing how evil can function as a necessary other against which a community may define itself. They chart the demonised other through biblical history and medieval chronicle, Shakespeare and Milton, to nineteenth-century fiction and the contemporary novel. Many of the contributors find that literary evil is mediated through the lens of the Satan of Paradise Lost, and their articles address the notion, raised by Neil Forsyth in The Satanic Epic, that the literary Devil-figures under consideration are particularly interested in linguistic ambivalence and the twisted texture of literary works themselves. The multiple responses to evil and the continuous reinvention of the devil figure through the centuries all reaffirm the textual presence of the Devil, his changing forms necessarily inscribed in the shifting history of western literary culture. These essays are a tribute to the work of Neil Forsyth, whose scholarship has illuminated and guided the study of the Devil in English and other literatures.

Satan's Strategies to Steal Your Identity: To Defeat God's Purposes in Your Life

Author: Savannah Micheals


ISBN: 148348890X


Page: 186

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Savannah Micheals is a dedicated believer and disciple of Jesus Christ who has a strong desire to encourage others in their faith about salvation and the gospel message. She has served in the Social Services, Mental Health and Addictions profession for the past 30 years and utilizes her knowledge and experience when exploring the sufferings and struggles of humanity. Savannah has written this book for the purpose of inspiring and encouraging others to confront and overcome the destructive and self- defeating strategies of the "enemy of their souls." This is a spiritual "self-help" book that will assist Christians and non-Christians alike with the exploration of their faith and belief in God. This book will expose the tactics of the devil in his attempts to destroy a Christian's spiritual walk with Jesus Christ and provide "spiritual weapons of warfare" that will defeat the devil and enable a Christian to walk victoriously "in Christ."

The Real Devil

Author: Duncan Heaster

Publisher: duncan heaster

ISBN: 1906951012

Category: Bible

Page: 451

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Are Christians Bound for Heaven After Death?

Author: Wynoma Hollis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1664176969

Category: Religion

Page: 350

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What is the soul of a person? There are different scenarios. Some believe the soul lives within you. That’s like a person in a person, isn’t it? Think about it! What happens to the soul after death? Some believe it goes to either heaven or a burning hell. You will be surprised at what the Bible really shows what a soul is. It doesn’t go to heaven or a burning hell at death.

Doubt After Doubt: Doubting the Christian Faith (Paperback)

Author: Rob Jacik


ISBN: 1435719638

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Visit http: // for more information! FOR CHRISTIANS: "Doubt after Doubt" is required reading for anyone who puts their faith into the Bible and Jesus Christ. The journey is from the perspective of a former Christian. It will take you deep into the Bible for answers to Christianity's biggest challenges, while considering views from popular Christian authors and modern scholars. FOR PAGANS: As a Pagan you will find "Doubt after Doubt" a fantastic resource for helping parents, loved ones, friends or others understand why you rejected Christian doctrine and why Paganism aligns most closely to your values and beliefs.

Satan Vs. God

Author: Herman Saini

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1606474480

Category: Religion

Page: 420

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Did Noah's Flood really occur, or is it a MYTH? Yes! God did really drown that world, except for Noah and a PART of his family. But why did God submerge that entire world? How really WICKED had that society become? Who were the main characters that led it to its doom? What kind of EVILS were they practicing? Gleaning information from ancient sources, Herman Saini provides detailed answers to these questions. He explains why pre-Flood history seemed lost, and restores much of that history. He tells the gripping, yet sobering history of the universe and man from the creation of Adam and Eve, and how their son Cain sold himself to work EVIL. His descendents followed in his footsteps and led the world to its doom. He draws vital lessons from that experience to enable men to avoid the same fate in a fast approaching great tribulation. HERMAN SAINI has been an accountant and business consultant for over 16 years. He has developed a model of economic development and international trade that nations can use as a guide to develop plans for economic growth. He holds a chemical engineering degree, a MBA, and has been a Ph.D. candidate in marketing, having completed three years of work towards the degree. He is also licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. He maintains two blogs, the purpose of which is to "preach the gospel of the soon coming kingdom of God," in fulfillment of the prophecy in Matthew 24: 14. You can read his articles at, and his weekly messages at He currently lives in Holiday, Florida.

Satan in the Bible, God's Minister of Justice

Author: Henry Ansgar Kelly

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532613318

Category: Religion

Page: 204

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Throughout the ages, Satan has been seen as God’s implacable enemy, fiercely determined to keep as many human beings as he can from entering the heavenly kingdom. But according to Henry Ansgar Kelly, this understanding dates only from post-biblical times, when Satan was reconceived as Lucifer, a rebel angel, and as the serpent in the garden of Eden. In the Bible itself, beginning in the book of Job and continuing through the New Testament, Satan is considered to be a member of the heavenly government, charged with monitoring the human race. In effect, he is God’s Minister of Justice, bent on exposing sin and vice, especially in virtuous-seeming persons like Job and Jesus. He fills the roles of investigator, tempter (that is, tester), accuser, prosecutor, and punisher, but also obstructer, preventer of vice, and rehabilitator. He is much feared and despised, accused of underhanded and immoral tactics. His removal from office is promised and his eventual punishment hoped for. The later misreading of Satan as radically depraved transformed Christianity into a highly dualistic religion, with an ongoing contest between good and evil. Seeing Satan in his true nature, as a cynical and sinister celestial bureaucrat, will help to remedy this distorted view.


Author: Henry Ansgar Kelly

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521843391

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 360

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This study shows how the Satan of the New Testament became the modern day personification of evil.

Satan's Dare

Author: Jim DeMint

Publisher: Fidelis Publishing. LLC

ISBN: 1735856312

Category: Fiction

Page: 368

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The Bible is often presented as an antiquated document filled with mysterious prophesies, unbelievable fables, and arbitrary decisions by a God whose actions range from anger and vengeance to love and forgiveness. The Bible's creation story appears to be at complete odds with more credible scientific explanations of the origins and evolution of life. And believers in Biblical truth are further challenged by haunting questions about why a good God would create a world so full of evil, pain, suffering and death. Satan's Dare takes these issues and questions head on.