Beyond Secularism and Jihad?

Author: Peter D. Beaulieu

Publisher: University Press of America

ISBN: 0761858377

Category: Religion

Page: 453

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Peter D. Beaulieu examines the challenges to secular modernity and Islam as they encounter one another. By restoring a place at the table for Trinitarian Christianity alongside the monotheism of Islam and the skeptical indifference of Western rationalism, Beaulieu broadens the pallet of inter-religious and intercultural contact points.

Essential Readings in Medicine and Religion

Author: Gary B. Ferngren,Ekaterina N. Lomperis

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421422905

Category: History

Page: 278

View: 4492

Ancient Near East -- Greece -- Rome -- Early Christianity -- The Middle Ages -- Islam / by M.A. Mujeeb Khan -- The early modern period -- The nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries

Comparative Mysticism

Author: Steven T. Katz

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0195143795

Category: Religion

Page: 618

View: 6408

This collection of primary texts introduces readers to the mystical literature of the world's great religious traditions. Beginning with an introduction by Steven T. Katz, a leading scholar of mysticism, the anthology comprises poetry, prayer, narrative, and other writings from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucianist, and Native American traditions. This collection provides readers not only with the primary mystical texts from each religious tradition, but with an explanation of the context of the source and tradition. Comparative Mysticism shows how the great mystical traditions of the world are deeply rooted in the religious traditions from which they originated. The contextual methodological approach taken throughout the anthology also addresses the critical question of what these mystical traditions, at their highest level, have in common. Despite the prevailing view that mystical traditions throughout the world are essentially similar, the presentation of the sources in this volume suggests that, in fact, the various traditions have distinct teachings and different metaphysical goals. The writings collected in Comparative Mysticism address the most fundamental and important methodological, epistemological, and hermeneutical questions regarding the study and interpretation of mysticism and mystical sources across cultures. This anthology will be an invaluable resource to students and scholars of mystic tradition for years to come.

Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change (2 vols)

Author: Sebastian Günther

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004413219

Category: Religion

Page: 1184

View: 363

Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change offers fascinating new insights into key issues of learning and human development in classical Islam, including their shared characteristics, influence, and interdependence with historical, non-Muslim educational cultures.

A Brief Guide to Islam

Author: Paul Grieve

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472107551

Category: Social Science

Page: 448

View: 9861

Exploring the beliefs, history and politics of the ordinary people of Muslim countries, Grieve cuts through the complexities as he examines all aspects of Islam. He also addresses the big issues: can Islam support true democracy? Is true democracy what the West really wants for Muslim countries or are we merely seeking a cover of legitimacy for a policy of 'might is right'? Paul Grieve is an unbeliever - he is not a born-again Muslim, a proselytizer or a frustrated desert romantic. His aim is to inform. The result is an accessible but never simplistic guide that challenges stereotypical views, from women and banking to war and Malcolm X. Complete with advice for visitors to Muslim countries, and with carefully chosen primary sources, maps and illustrations, this is the ideal summary for the reader looking for an unbiased overview of the religious and political world issues that have become part of our everyday lives.

The World's Great Wisdom

Author: Roger Walsh

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438449585

Category: Philosophy

Page: 266

View: 6240

Surveying spiritual and philosophical traditions, this volume revives the search for wisdom for modern times. What is wisdom and how is it cultivated? These are among the most important questions we can ask, but questions that have been routinely ignored in modern times. In the twentieth century, the search for wisdom was replaced by a search for knowledge as science and technology promised answers to life’s ills. However, along with scientific achievements came disasters, particularly the devastation of the planet through the accelerating use of modern technology. In an era drenched in data, a desire for wisdom has been reborn. Where can we go to learn about wisdom? The answer is clear: to the world’s great religions and their accompanying philosophies and psychologies. The World’s Great Wisdom makes these treasuries available. Practitioners from each of the great religions—as well as from Western philosophy and contemporary research—provide summaries of their traditions’ understandings of wisdom, the means for cultivating it, and its implications for the modern world. This book offers distillations of the world’s accumulated wisdom—ancient and modern, religious and scientific, philosophical and psychological. It is a unique resource that for the first time in history brings together our collective understanding of wisdom and the ways to develop it.

Varieties of American Sufism

Author: Elliott Bazzano,Marcia Hermansen

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438477929

Category: Religion

Page: 302

View: 9396

Participant-observation-based studies that explore a range of Sufi movements operating across the contemporary American religious landscape. From Rumi poetry and Sufi dancing or whirling, to expressions of Africanicity and the forging of transnational bonds to remote locations in Senegal, Sri Lanka, and Turkey, Varieties of American Sufism immerses the reader in diverse expressions of contemporary Sufi religiosity in the United States. It spans more than a century of political, cultural, and embodied relationships with Islam and Muslims. American encounters with mystical Islam were initiated by a romantic quest for Oriental wisdom, flourished in the embrace of Eastern teachings during the countercultural era of New Age religion, were concretized due to late twentieth-century possibilities of travel and immigration to and from Muslim societies, and are now diffused through an explosion of cyber religion in an age of globalization. This collection of in-depth, participant-observation-based studies challenges expectations of uniformity and continuity while provoking stimulating reflection on a range of issues relevant to contemporary Islamic Studies, American religions, multireligious belonging, and new religious movements. Elliott Bazzano is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Le Moyne College. Marcia Hermansen, Professor of Theology and Director of Islamic World Studies at Loyola University Chicago, has written extensively on both South Asian and American Sufism, as well as trends in global Islam, including migration and gender studies.

Islam in Historical Perspective

Author: Alexander Knysh

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317273389

Category: Religion

Page: 534

View: 6053

Islam in Historical Perspective provides readers with an introduction to Islam, Islamic history and societies with carefully selected historical and scriptural evidence that enables them to form a comprehensive and balanced vision of Islam’s rise and evolution across the centuries and up to the present day. Combining historical and chronological approaches, the book examines intellectual dialogues and socio-political struggles within the extraordinary rich Islamic tradition. Treating Islam as a social and political force, the book also addresses Muslim devotional practices, artistic creativity and the structures of everyday existence. Islam in Historical Perspective is designed to help readers to develop personal empathy for the subject by relating it to their own experiences and burning issues of today. It contains a wealth of historical anecdotes and quotations from original sources that are intended to emphasize its principal points in a memorable way. This new edition features a thoroughly revised and updated text, new illustrations, expanded study questions and chapter summaries.

S for Sufi

Author: Hasnain Waris

Publisher: Hay House, Inc

ISBN: 9391067336

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 168

View: 7713

"S for Sufi explores the beautiful way of achieving our truenature and guides true seekers towards transformation." – Azim Jamal, co-author of The Power of Giving For many, Sufism remains an exotic and little-understood subject.S for Sufi has been specifically written to lift the veil off from Sufism by providing an introductory yet comprehensive overture on the subject. Replete with popular Sufi stories, proverbs, and anecdotes, the book decodes the wisdom hidden in the literature, philosophies, doctrines, and practices of Sufism. By drawing upon the works of some of the most prominent Sufi masters, including Rumi, Ghazali, and Hallaj, the author offers compelling and fresh insights into key themes of Sufism. He breaks down all the proponents of this mystical tradition in a way that is at once inspiring, stimulating, and digestible. This book is ideal for all those who are seeking to understand the universal truths about life and higher consciousness. It also offers profound learnings on how to unlock one’s spiritual potential and break from the narrow confines of the material world. On the whole, S for Sufi is an accessible and authoritative compendium that invites you into the Sufi way of life.