Alfred the Great

Author: Eleanor Shipley Duckett

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022622919X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 242

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From the author of The Gateway to the Middle Ages, “a fascinating portrait of an enlightened monarch against a background of darkness and ignorance” (Kirkus Reviews). Filled with drama and action, here is the story of the ninth-century life and times of Alfred—warrior, conqueror, lawmaker, scholar, and the only king whom England has ever called “The Great.” Based on up-to-date information on ninth-century history, geography, philosophy, literature, and social life, it vividly presents exciting views of Alfred in every stage of his long career and leaves the reader with a sharply etched picture of the world of the Middle Ages

Alfred the Great

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Alfred the Great; Young Edward

Author: Bruce Corbett

Publisher: Bruce Corbett


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An unholy alliance of Viking raiders and kings sends the largest Viking armies seen in Alfred the Great's time into the last remaining Saxon kingdom. Can Christian Wessex survive the barbarian onslaught? With Alfred away in the west fighting two invading forces, His son, young Edward, must face a huge Viking army rampaging through the heart of Wessex, without his father's help. Can the young and inexperienced Prince Edward lead a Saxon army to victory? How are they going to handle the traitors within? Ambrose, Edward's uncle, and Polonius, a Byzantine scholar, will once again be called upon to help in the bitter struggle. Viking, historical, war, Wessex, England, Saxon, Alfred, alfred the great, Danes, edward, polonius, ambrose, history of wessex

Alfred the Great; Edward the King

Author: Bruce Corbett

Publisher: Bruce Corbett


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King Alfred the Great is dead, and young Prince Edward must persuade the Witan that he should be the next king. His own royal cousin, Ethelwold, rebels, and is soon leading an unholy alliance of influential noblemen and Vikings. Wearing the Viking crown of Northumbria, he invades Wessex. Can Edward keep his throne? Will Wessex finally fall to the Viking onslaught? Prince Ambrose, Edward’s uncle, Polonius the Byzantine, a brilliant scholar, and Phillip, master warrior, will once again be called upon to help save Wessex. Closely based on the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, this story chronicles a little-known time, and has been extensively researched. This is the tenth novel in the Ambrose series. king alfred, wessex, historical, england, anglo-saxon chronicles, king edward, vikings,ethelwold, ambrose, polonius, alfred the great

A Companion to Alfred the Great

Author: N.A

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9004283765

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Eleven major scholars of the Anglo-Saxon period consider Alfred the Great, his cultural milieu, and his achievements. With revised or revived views of the Alfredian revival, the contributors help set the agenda for future work on a most challenging period.

Alfred the Great

Author: Peter J. Helm

Publisher: London : R. Hale [1963]


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Alfred the Great: pocket GIANTS

Author: Barbara Yorke

Publisher: The History Press

ISBN: 0750963697

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‘Alfred is one of the most remarkable rulers of any time or place. This clear, readable and insightful book shows why.’ Michael Wood Why is Alfred the Great? A simple answer is that he has been seen as a man who saved England, invented English identity and pioneered English as a written language. He is the first Englishman for whom a biography survives so that we know more about Alfred and his ideals than we do for most people who lived over a thousand years ago. A slightly longer answer would say that things are a bit more complicated, and that one reason Alfred seems to be so ‘great’ was that he made sure we were told that he was. To get the measure of Alfred we need to look at what he actually managed to achieve. Can we resurrect the ‘real’ King Alfred? There may be limits, but even if we have to part company with some of the Victorian adulation, we are still left with a pretty impressive and surprising person. BARBARA YORKE has recently retired from the University of Winchester where she worked in the History Department for many years, ultimately as Professor of Early Medieval History. She is now a Professor Emerita there, and also an Honorary Professor at the Institute of Archaeology, University of London where she has advised on a number of projects. She has written extensively on the early middle ages in books and academic papers, as well as more popular works such as History Today and BBC History magazine (including on King Alfred). She has appeared on various radio and television programmes on Anglo-Saxon topics. In 2008 she curated an exhibition on King Alfred in the Discovery Centre, Winchester.

The Medieval Life of King Alfred the Great

Author: A. Smyth

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230287220

Category: History

Page: 280

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Very few King's earn the appellation 'Great'. Alfred is the only English King honoured with this name and is credited with various successes (the foundation of a navy, English education system and religious revival). His memory looms large in the English Imagination. The medieval 'Life' of King Alfred of Wessex purports to be written by Asser, a monk in the King's service. This account of one of England's best loved and most famous kings has been accepted as offering evidence on most aspects of life in early medieval England and beyond. It was used in Victorian times to create a 'Cult' of Alfred. Alfred Smyth offers a carefully annotated translation of the 'Life' together with a long commentary. He argues that the 'Life' is a forgery which has profound implications not only for our understanding of the early English and medieval past but also for the nature of biography and history. This close scholarly rendering of the text allows the reader access to the intricacies of medieval history.

In Search of Alfred the Great

Author: Edoardo Albert,Katie Tucker

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445639068

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The fascinating story of one of England’s most famous monarchs, Alfred the Great, from his birth to the discovery of a piece of his pelvis in a cardboard box in a museum in Winchester