All The Dogs Of My Life

Author: Elizabeth von Arnim

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0349005176

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

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First published in 1936, this is the story of Elizabeth von Arnim's extraordinary life - and her equally extraordinary dogs. From her Pomeranian idyll (celebrated in her famous first book, ELIZABETH AND HER GERMAN GARDEN), to less happy days in London following the death of her first husband; from the beautiful solitude of her Swiss mountain hideaway, to the First World War and a disastrous second marriage, the author takes us on a disarmingly witty and poignant journey of canine companionship.

The Dogs in My Life

Author: The Supreme Master Ching Hai

Publisher: The Supreme Master Ching Hai Publishing Co Ltd.

ISBN: 9866895076

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 268

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"The Dogs in My Life" captures the love and warmth shared between Supreme Master Ching Hai and her numerous dogs with full-color photos and poetic captions written from the canines' point of view. The Supreme Master Ching Hai had been compiling these touching dog tales since she began adopting them, one after another, from shelters in 2001. It was a miraculous journey for these dogs in their rebirth through her compassion. Readers of this book will see dogs in a new light -- noble beings with a whole lot of love!

A Girl's Best Friend

Author: Jan Fook,Renate Klein

Publisher: Spinifex Press

ISBN: 9781876756109

Category: Nature

Page: 228

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Are diamonds really a girl's best friend? We don't think so, and neither will you after a look at this beautifully illustrated book. With contributions about what their dogs mean to them, over eighty women and girls from diverse backgrounds, ages and countries, share their feelings and experiences of living with dogs today. Not just autobiography, but stories, poetry and photographs. Family dogs, lost dogs, terriers to labradors, each one holding a special place in a woman's heart all over the world. This touching collection is a must for every dog lover.

Femininity and Authorship in the Novels of Elizabeth von Arnim

Author: Juliane Römhild

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 1611477042

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 197

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When Elizabeth von Arnim anonymously published her debut Elizabeth and Her German Garden (1898), she became a literary star overnight. The mystery surrounding the identity of this witty aristocratic diarist in her romantic garden kept readers guessing: Who was Elizabeth? A Prussian Princess? The daughter of Queen Victoria? Throughout her long and successful career as one of England’s best satirical novelists, von Arnim never officially revealed her identity. Instead, to her readers and friends she simply became known as “Elizabeth.” From her first book to her capricious autobiography All the Dogs of My Life (1936), throughout her career von Arnim would explore questions of identity and self-representation. And in spite of von Arnim’s love of masquerades and guises, her books include funny and surprisingly personal meditations on the challenges of being a woman writer wrestling with a masculine literary tradition, of taking pride in one’s commercial success while moving in Modernist circles, and of being both a hard-working professional and an elegant hostess. In tracing the conflict between femininity and authorship in von Arnim’s works, this book engages with key literary issues of the time. Von Arnim’s early books offer a witty critique of New Woman fiction. Von Arnim’s self-positioning on the literary market and her relationships with writers like Katherine Mansfield, Henry James, and Virginia Woolf shed light on the relationship between middlebrow and modernist literature. Von Arnim’s complex autobiography, finally, gives a tentative answer to the all-important question: can a writing woman be a lady?

Elizabeth von Arnim

Author: Isobel Maddison

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317145054

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

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In the first book-length treatment of Elizabeth von Arnim's fiction, Isobel Maddison examines her work in its historical and intellectual contexts, demonstrating that von Arnim's fine comic writing and complex and compelling narrative style reward close analysis. Organised chronologically and thematically, Maddison's book is informed by unpublished material from the British and Huntington Libraries, including correspondence between von Arnim, her publishers and prominent contemporaries such as H.G. Wells, Bertrand Russell and her cousin Katherine Mansfield -- whose early modernist prose is seen as indebted to von Arnim's earlier literary influence. Maddison's exploration of the novelist's critical reception is situated within recent discussions of the ’middlebrow’ and establishes von Arnim as a serious author among her intellectual milieu, countering the misinformed belief that the author of such novels as Elizabeth and Her German Garden, The Caravaners, The Pastor's Wife and Vera wrote light-hearted fiction removed from gritty reality. On the contrary, various strands of socialist thought and von Arnim's wider political beliefs establish her as a significant author of British anti-invasion literature while weighty social issues underpin much of her later writing.

Wandering Heart: a Gay Man’S Journey

Author: John Loomis M.D.

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 153201547X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 206

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As the only child of troubled parents, author John Loomis was isolated from his peers and grew up shy, bookish, and knowing from an early age he was different in a seemingly serious and unacceptable way. Gradually, he made peace with being gay and continued his search for love, leading to many adventures, much happiness, and some heartbreak. He shares his story in the Wandering Heart trilogy. The first volume discussed his early years and young-adult life. In the second volume, Loomis continued his story, describing how his battle with alcoholism and recurring depression made his path more difficult, particularly after he became involved with a handsome and gifted young man who revealed he was married, a male prostitute, the son of a well-known actress, and a heroin addict. After trying to make this relationship work, Loomis admitted defeat, as the addiction was too powerful to allow space for other human beings. In this third volume, he shares how he met another more positive partner and how they have now been happily together for more than thirty-five years. Filled with an array of photographs of people and places, Wandering Heart: A Gay Mans Journey narrates how Loomis has experienced a series of rewarding relationships and additional adventuressome fantastic and others supernatural.

The Dogs of My Life

Author: Karen Cobbs

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524639850

Category: Pets

Page: 110

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The Dogs of My Life is a collection of stories about just that; the dogs of my life. I grew up with dogs and believe I learned, and am still learning, many lessons from them. Over the years I have thought about these lessons and what they teach me about the Kingdom of God. Isn't it just like God to use the simplest analogies, (parables), to show us the greatest truths? Each day I marvel at the things my dogs do that either teach me or remind me of something God would have me remember or know. As you read these stories, I hope you too will begin to look at your pets in a whole new way. Look at them as teachers. You will be surprised at what you learn.

Women on Nature

Author: Katharine Norbury

Publisher: Unbound Publishing

ISBN: 180018042X

Category: Nature

Page: N.A

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What would happen, I wondered, if I simply missed out the fifty per cent of the population whose voices have been credited with shaping this particular ‘cultural form’. If I coppiced the woodland, so to speak, and allowed the light to shine down to the forest floor and illuminate countless saplings now that a gap has opened in the canopy. . . There has, in recent years, been an explosion of writing about place, landscape and the natural world. But within this blossoming of interest, women’s voices have remained very much in the minority. For the very first time, this landmark anthology collects together the work of women, over the centuries and up to the present day, who have written about the natural world in Britain, Ireland and the outlying islands of our archipelago. Alongside the traditional forms of the travelogue, the walking guide, books on birds, plants and wildlife, Women on Nature embraces alternative modes of seeing and recording that turn the genre on its head. Katharine Norbury has sifted through the pages of women’s fiction, poetry, household planners, gardening diaries and recipe books to show the multitude of ways in which they have observed the natural world about them, from the fourteenth-century writing of the anchorite Julian of Norwich to the seventeenth-century travel journal of Celia Fiennes; from the keen observations of Emily Brontë to a host of brilliant contemporary voices. Women on Nature presents a groundbreaking vision of the natural world which, in addition to being a rich and scintillating anthology that shines a light on many unjustly overlooked writers, is of unique importance in terms of women’s history and the history of writing about nature.