Almost Human

Author: Shirley C. Strum

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 9780226777566

Category: Nature

Page: 308

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"In the same way that Jane Goodall's pioneering study of chimpanzees revealed their likeness to humans, Strum's work shows how, contrary to the popular image and the scientific evidence of the time, the more distantly related baboons are just as socially savvy.

Almost Human

Author: N.A


ISBN: 1257000039


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Almost Human: Making Robots Think

Author: Lee Gutkind

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393074307

Category: Computers

Page: 304

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A remarkable, intense portrait of the robotic subculture and the challenging quest for robot autonomy. The high bay at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is alive and hyper night and day with the likes of Hyperion, which traversed the Antarctic, and Zoe, the world’s first robot scientist, now back home. Robot Segways learn to play soccer, while other robots go on treasure hunts or are destined for hospitals and museums. Dozens of cavorting mechanical creatures, along with tangles of wire, tools, and computer innards are scattered haphazardly. All of these zipping and zooming gizmos are controlled by disheveled young men sitting on the floor, folding chairs, or tool cases, or huddled over laptops squinting into displays with manic intensity. Award-winning author Lee Gutkind immersed himself in this frenzied subculture, following these young roboticists and their bold conceptual machines from Pittsburgh to NASA and to the most barren and arid desert on earth. He makes intelligible their discoveries and stumbling points in this lively behind-the-scenes work.

Almost Human

Author: Lee Berger,John Hawks

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426218125

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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This first-person narrative about an archaeological discovery is rewriting the story of human evolution. A story of defiance and determination by a controversial scientist, this is Lee Berger's own take on finding Homo naledi, an all-new species on the human family tree and one of the greatest discoveries of the 21st century. In 2013, Berger, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, caught wind of a cache of bones in a hard-to-reach underground cave in South Africa. He put out a call around the world for petite collaborators—men and women small and adventurous enough to be able to squeeze through 8-inch tunnels to reach a sunless cave 40 feet underground. With this team of "underground astronauts," Berger made the discovery of a lifetime: hundreds of prehistoric bones, including entire skeletons of at least 15 individuals, all perhaps two million years old. Their features combined those of known prehominids like Lucy, the famousAustralopithecus, with those more human than anything ever before seen in prehistoric remains. Berger's team had discovered an all new species, and they called it Homo naledi. The cave quickly proved to be the richest prehominid site ever discovered, full of implications that shake the very foundation of how we define what makes us human. Did this species come before, during, or after the emergence of Homo sapiens on our evolutionary tree? How did the cave come to contain nothing but the remains of these individuals? Did they bury their dead? If so, they must have had a level of self-knowledge, including an awareness of death. And yet those are the very characteristics used to define what makes us human. Did an equally advanced species inhabit Earth with us, or before us? Berger does not hesitate to address all these questions. Berger is a charming and controversial figure, and some colleagues question his interpretation of this and other finds. But in these pages, this charismatic and visionary paleontologist counters their arguments and tells his personal story: a rich and readable narrative about science, exploration, and what it means to be human.

Almost Human

Author: D. A. Goodrich


ISBN: 0359458475


Page: 246

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This is D. A. Goodrich's third chapbook, a little darker and more provocative than the first two. This one deals with terror, cruelty, disease, inhumanity and torture. Enjoy!

Almost Human Vampire Romance Collection 1

Author: Gemma Cates

Publisher: Gemma Cates


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Two romantic comedies with bite! Almost Human Vampire Romance Collection 1 includes: I Wanna Suck Your... Blood. I'm a vampire. Come on. Then I met Simon and couldn't help thinking: maybe I'm after more than a little nutrition. He's a runner on a strict diet. I eat chips and queso as a main course. He's punctual. I think five minutes late is on time. He's an engineer. I tell stories for a living. He's human. I'm not. One misanthropic vamp (me) meets one commitment-shy human (him) and sparks fly. But humans and vamps don't do relationships...right? Warning from the author: I Wanna Suck Your...contains steamy vampire-human shenanigans, enough naughty words to make someone (not me) blush, and a vampire who secretly (deep, deep, deep down) longs to be loved. I Wanna Bite Your... Anything. Everything. Because you drive me crazy and make me wild. I shouldn't be attracted to you, but I am. You're a man-child. A boy who never became an adult. A bartending musician who wouldn't know what good healthcare and a retirement plan were if they bit you on your delectable butt. And you're keeping secrets. About who you are, maybe what you are. You're everything I avoid in men. You meet none of my dating list requirements. But sex isn't dating...right? One list-obsessed vamp with a love of rules (me) meets one not-quite-human hottie with too many secrets (him) and mostly naked yoga happens. Also sex. Sex definitely happens. But that's all we've got. We're not compatible in all the adult ways that a real relationship requires. Are we? Warning from the author: This book contains steamy vampire/not-quite-human shenanigans, enough naughty words to make someone (not me) blush, and a vampire who longs for her happily ever after but doesn't necessarily recognize it when it stares her in the face.

Kiss My Black Ass!

Author: Anthony X

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524649422

Category: Humor

Page: 344

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This book is his journeya Black Kiss-story thats full of funny, entertaining, and in some cases, heartbreaking stories of his years as a die-hard Kiss fan committed to the hottest band in the land. Its the voice for everyone who was there and remembers what it was like being a hardcore Kiss fan back in the day, with all the mystery, excitement, anticipation, and mania, but also the rejection, taunting, and funny looks. So get ready to go back to a time before you had a full-time job, responsibilities, commitments, the stress of daily life, and when Kiss was the most important thing in your life. Get ready to relive your magical Kiss years all over again.

Secret UFO Files

Author: Rafal Col

Publisher: Rafal Col


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 64

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Look up at the sky, the universe is so big, it is really hard not to think that there is no other intellegent life out there. Are we alone? An old question that I think we all know the answer to already. But what do we know? What does the government know, and how much do they know? Classified information revealed, statements made by people who are risking their own safety for people to know. How do they look? Are they already here? The statements in this book are all real and are facts. Do you know everything?

The Art of Academic Writing

Author: Mike Peterson, Ph.D.


ISBN: 0359165702


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Gender and Genes

Author: Klasien Horstman,Marli Huijer

Publisher: Uitgeverij Verloren

ISBN: 9087043945

Category: Genetics

Page: 168

View: 893

This Yearbook of Women's History (Jaarboek voor Vrouwengeschiedenis) is dedicated to Gender and Genes. Intruding upon our everyday lives, the world of DNA, genes and genomics has become a challenging field of research, both clinical and biomedical as well as socio-cultural. It is also a challenging topic for a Yearbook which traditionally focuses on women and gender from a historical point of view. Gender issues are part and parcel of genes and genomics in scientific research and socio-cultural discourses and representations. Current literature on genes and genomics does not abound in analyses of biomedical and socio-cultural realms where gender aspects are played out and exchanged. This Yearbookmay thus contribute to a field of analysis which contextualizes history from the viewpoint of current biotechnological developments. This volume contains articles on medical cases (reproductive testing and the case of the sex chromosomes, and framing cancer risk in women and men), cultural representations, a portrait of female scientist Rosalin Franklin and interviews with feminist science philosophers Katarina Karkazis and Donna Dickenson.