Along the Enchanted Way

Author: William Blacker

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848544480

Category: Travel

Page: 300

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When William Blacker first crossed the snow-bound passes of northern Romania, he stumbled upon an almost medieval world. There, for many years he lived side by side with the country people, a life ruled by the slow cycle of the seasons, far away from the frantic rush of the modern world. In spring as the pear trees blossomed he ploughed with horses, in summer he scythed the hay meadows and in the freezing winters gathered wood by sleigh from the forest. From sheepfolds harried by wolves, to courting expeditions in the snow, he experienced the traditional way of life to the full, and became accepted into a community who treated him as one of their own. But Blacker was also intrigued by the Gypsies, those dark, foot-loose strangers of spell-binding allure who he saw passing through the village. Locals warned him to stay clear but he fell in love and there followed a bitter struggle. Change is now coming to rural Romania, and William Blacker's adventures will soon be part of its history. From his early carefree days tramping the hills of Transylvania, to the book's poignant ending, Along the Enchanted Way transports us back to a magical country world most of us thought had vanished long ago.

Patrick Kavanagh

Author: Antoinette Quinn

Publisher: Gill


Category: Dublin (Ireland)

Page: 524

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Table of contents

Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century

Author: David Pierce

Publisher: Cork University Press

ISBN: 9781859182581

Category: History

Page: 1351

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Extending to over 1300 pages Irish Writing in the Twentieth Century: A Reader offers a comprehensive and pleasurable introduction to modern Irish literature in a single volume. The Reader contains over 400 pieces including letters, diaries, newspaper and journal articles, songs, poems, critical essays, literary profiles, entire plays and short stories as well as extracts from novels and other longer works. Texts which until now have been out of print or difficult to locate are made easily accessible once more."


Author: William M. Connolly

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479748293

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 282

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Mac the Dog is a historical and futuristic novel. It follows Andy Callahan from his birth in 1944 to his death in 2024. It follows Madeline Jones from her childhood in 1990 to her mid-thirties. It’s a simple story of a once great, proud and heroic nation that was turned upside down by domestic enemies. It tracks that nation’s descent into greed, corruption, violence, drugs, profligate profiteering and imperialism. It documents the bravery of the few, the herd mentality of too many, and the nation’s fall from grace.

A Single Swallow

Author: Horatio Clare

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1409076245

Category: Nature

Page: 336

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From the slums of Cape Town to the palaces of Algiers, through Pygmy villages where pineapples grow wild, to the Gulf of Guinea where the sea blazes with oil flares, across two continents and fourteen countries - this epic journey is nothing to swallows, they do it twice a year. But for Horatio Clare, writer and birdwatcher, it is the expedition of a lifetime. Along the way he discovers old empires and modern tribes, a witch-doctor's recipe for stewed swallow, explains how to travel without money or a passport, and describes a terrifying incident involving three Spanish soldiers and a tiny orange dog. By trains, motorbikes, canoes, one camel and three ships, Clare follows the swallows from reed beds in South Africa, where millions roost in February, to a barn in Wales, where a pair nest in May.

Location and Dislocation in Contemporary Irish Society

Author: Jim Mac Laughlin

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781859180556

Category: History

Page: 354

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The contributors to this volume suggest that emigration is not simply a cultural tradition or behavioural trait of the Irish, but a social class and gendered response to structures operating in Irish society and the global economy.

I Thought You'd Never Ask

Author: Steve Spracklen,"Ragtime Bob" Darch


ISBN: 1716154839

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 290

View: 9621

These are the recollections of "Ragtime Bob" Darch (1920-2002) told in his own words and transcribed by his longtime friend Steve Spracklen. Bob begins by recalling his life from childhood in Detroit through his college years and then service in World War II as an army paratrooper and in the Korean conflict as an Alaskan post engineer. Then he recounts his nearly six decades as an itinerant ragtime piano player sharing stories as only Bob could tell them of the many celebrities with whom he worked and the countless tales of his experiences "on the Ragtime Trail." Bob entertained his audiences with music and stories of ragtime, past and present. He was not encumbered by facts...he had a story to tell. Bob died in 2002 at the age of 82 and he is buried in Sedalia, Missouri where he often said his style of classic ragtime music began. March 31, 2020 marked the centennial of his birth and like he said of ragtime, Bob's legacy isn't dead, it isn't even sick.


Author: James Keery

Publisher: Carcanet Press Ltd

ISBN: 1784108197

Category: Poetry

Page: 432

View: 1573

This first anthology of Apocalyptic or neoromantic poetry since the 1940s includes over 200 poets, many well known (Dylan Thomas, W.S. Graham, Ted Hughes), and others quite forgotten (Ernest Frost, Paul Potts). Over forty of the poets are women, of whom Edith Sitwell and Lynette Roberts are among the most exuberant. Much of the contents has never previously been anthologised; many poems are reprinted for the first time since the 1940s. The poetry of the Second World War appears in a new context, as do early poems by Philip Larkin, Denise Levertov and Geoffrey Hill. Here, readers can enjoy an overview of the visionary modernist British and Irish poetry of the mid-century, its antecedents and its aftermath. As a period style and as a body of work, Apocalyptic poetry will come as a revelation to most readers.

Touched by Thunder

Author: Waylon Gary White Deer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1315416638

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

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Touched by Thunder is an extraordinary journey of remembering that deeply explores Indigenous experience through autobiography, story, song, poetry, and art. An honored artist and scholar, White Deer weaves an multilayered world of childhood and family, tribal communities, Indian boarding schools, celebrities and presidents, tribal elders and priests, robbers and rioters, Irish and Muslim immigrants and even the prophet Bubba. The swirling text is illuminated with 16 of his original paintings printed in full color, as well as black and white sketches. White Deer’s ingenious and visionary book traverses the fields of history, Indigenous and First Nations studies, memoir, and the arts, and is an engrossing read for a broad audience.