An Engineer Imagines

Author: Peter Rice

Publisher: N.A


Category: Architecture, Modern

Page: 191

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Geïllustreerde uitgave over leven en werk van de in Noord-Ierland geboren architect (1935-1992)

Model Perspectives: Structure, Architecture and Culture

Author: Mark R. Cruvellier,Bjorn N. Sandaker,Luben Dimcheff

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351558099

Category: Architecture

Page: 428

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This book contains a unique collection of various perspectives on the relationship between structures and the forms and spaces of architecture. As such it provides students and professionals alike with an essential sourcebook that can be mined for visual inspiration as well as for textually rich and authoritative insight into the links between structure, architecture, and cultural context. The chapters address fundamental structural elements and systems: columns, walls, beams, trusses, frames, tensile structures, arches, domes and shells. Each chapter is subdivided into two parts: • The essays – introduce the chapters with the reprinting of a curated set of essays and excerpts by various authors that uniquely address how particular structural elements or systems relate in essential fashion to architectural design concepts. • The model studies – physical models of the overall structural systems of several notable contemporary buildings from Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia are illustrated with large photographs, detail close-ups, and views of their external forms and internal spaces that establish the exceptional qualities of these projects in connecting structural form to architectural design objectives. Mosaic layouts complete the chapters with a collection of photographs of yet more models whose particular details and unique features serve to extend the visual repertoire of the structural type being considered. The combination, juxtaposition and mutual positive reinforcement of these two collections, one largely textual and the other image based, provides the reader with unique and multifaceted insights into how structural forms and systems can be related to architectural design intentions. Conveyed by a strong and deliberate graphical design format, this assembly of materials gets to the very essence of structures within the context of architecture, and will inspire students and practitioners alike to make strategic design decisions for their own projects.

Analysing Buildings from Context to Detail in Time

Author: Hielkje Zijlstra

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 1607500205

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 216

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Technology provided the author of this book with the inspiration to develop a more comprehensive research method to assess buildings: Analysing Buildings from Context to Detail in time: ABCD Research Method.Technology, at academic level, should be considered in the analysis of a building. In this book the focus is on construction engineering, the study of the requirements associated with constructing buildings. Providing information on practice is a key element in construction engineering, which is a learning process. Changes are made during the life of a building and they might be made differently if the history and technical aspects of the building were studied in greater detail. Both maintenance and changes require us to understand the building concerned.

Lectures on Innovation in Building Technology

Author: M. Eekhout

Publisher: IOS Press

ISBN: 1614995567

Category: Architecture

Page: 304

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This book is a collection of articles written in recent years and used in lectures for students at the Faculty of Architecture at Delft and at Nottingham University. The lectures and articles are based on a mixture of innovations in academia and industry. They elucidate the relationship between architecture and building technology, as well as high technology, transfer of technology, innovative design, development and research in the Chair of Product Development at TU Delft. With his experience in both industry and academia, Eekhout’s goal is to bridge the gap between the two worlds and to stimulate them both, to prepare students to be inventive, innovative and daring enough to materialize their own dreams in practice. The lecture articles are based on the adventures and experiences in Mick Eekhout’s design & build experimental laboratory cum factory, which works on projects all over the world, and for many interesting clients. Eekhout was able to develop an innovative technical vocabulary for lightweight structures and claddings in architecture and encourages students to attempt the same.

Centre Pompidou

Author: Francesco Dal Co

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300221290

Category: Architecture

Page: 156

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The design and history of Paris's iconic Centre Pompidou is explored in this absorbing and beautifully illustrated biography of a building.

Towards A New Engineering

Author: Mentor Llunji

Publisher: MSPROJECT

ISBN: 9940665016

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 250

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The title is a tribute to the Le Corbusier book "Toward an Architecture" in which he explored the need for a new (modern) architecture. This book maintains the similar purpose of exploring the need for a new (structural) engineering, an engineering which delves more into art and architecture, an engineering which is more inclusive, which sets its sights higher and broader. It is a quest for engineers' new identity. Today, engineering is still seen as only a technical, analytical or calculating effort which has nothing to do with invention or creativity. Engineers have lost the glamour of the past - and this statement can be heard by engineers all over the world. They are willingly (or not) accepting the role of technical support to the architect, becoming its technical servant. It is a challenging time for structural engineering. This book is a rare possibility for structural engineers to consider the meaning of their profession, to meditate about it and its relation to, or distinction from, the practice of architecture. This is a collection of thoughts but not conclusions and theories. These are simply the reflections of a practitioner. The book is recommended for all structural and architectural engineers,as well as to students of engineering and architecture, especially those who have chosen structural engineering as their life-long profession. It is an eye-opening book that will provide a clearer, more realistic perspective while also offering an idea of where engineers will be in the future and how they should adapt to the time that comes.

Structures and Architecture

Author: Paulo J. Cruz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1482224615

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 592

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Although the disciplines of architecture and structural engineering have both experienced their own historical development, their interaction has resulted in many fascinating and delightful structures. To take this interaction to a higher level, there is a need to stimulate the inventive and creative design of architectural structures and to persua

Structures and Architecture

Author: Paulo J. da Sousa Cruz

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1317549961

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 432

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Although the disciplines of architecture and structural engineering have both experienced their own historical development, their interaction has resulted in many fascinating and delightful structures. To take this interaction to a higher level, there is a need to stimulate the inventive and creative design of architectural structures and to persuade architects and structural engineers to further collaborate in this process, exploiting together new concepts, applications and challenges. This set of book of abstracts and full paper searchable CD-ROM presents selected papers presented at the 3rd International Conference on Structures and Architecture Conference (ICSA2016), organized by the School of Architecture of the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal (July 2016), to promote the synergy in the collaboration between the disciplines of architecture and structural engineering.

Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering

Author: Clare Olsen,Sinead Mac Namara

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000513718

Category: Architecture

Page: 324

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This new edition of Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering explores how to effectively develop creative collaborations among architects and engineers. The authors, an architect and an engineer, share insights gained from their experiences and research on fostering productive communication, engaging in interdisciplinary discussions, and establishing common design goals. Together, they share the tools, methods, and best practices deployed by prominent innovative architects and engineers to provide readers with the key elements for success in interdisciplinary design collaborations. The book offers engaging stories about prominent architect and engineer collaborations––such as those between SANAA and Sasaki and Partners, Adjaye Associates and Silman, Grafton Architects and AKT II, Studio Gang and Arup, Foster + Partners and Buro Happold, Steven Holl Architects and Guy Nordenson and Associates, and among the engineers and architects at SOM. In the second edition, the newly added case studies showcase extraordinary buildings across the globe at a range of scales and typologies, tracing the facets of high-quality collaborations. Through the examples of these remarkable synergies, readers gain insights into innovative design processes that address complex challenges in the built environment. The second edition of Collaborations in Architecture and Engineering is a terrific sourcebook for students, educators, and professionals interested in integrative design practice among the disciplines.