Anzac and Aviator

Author: Michael Molkentin

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1742696457

Category: History

Page: 424

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'He was courageous. He was ambitious. He was skilled. He was visionary. He could be ruthless. He was someone born of a new nation. But he was of a time now long past. And yet in the language of a later generation it could be said he had the "right stuff" . . . Michael Molkentin captures [Ross Smith] brilliantly.' - Andy Thomas, NASA Astronaut (Retired) In the smouldering aftermath of the First World War a young Australian pilot and his crew prepare to attempt the inconceivable: a flight, halfway around the globe, from England to Australia. The 18,000 kilometre odyssey will take 28 days and test these men and their twin-engine biplane to the limit. It is a trans-continental feat that will change the world and bring the air age to Australia. It will also prove to be the culminating act in the extraordinary and tragically brief life of its commander, Captain Sir Ross Smith. Raised on a remote sheep station in the dying days of Australia's colonial frontier, there was little in Ross Smith's childhood that suggested a future as one of the world's great pioneering aviators. He went to war in 1914, serving with the light horse at Gallipoli and in the Sinai before volunteering for the fledgling Australian Flying Corps. In a new dimension of warfare, Ross Smith survived two gruelling years of aerial combat over Palestine to emerge as one of the most skilled and highly decorated Australian pilots of the war. In 1919 he was a pilot on the first ever mission to survey an air route from Cairo to the East Indies, before gaining international fame as the winner of the government's £10,000 prize for leading the first aircrew to fly from England to Australia. His attempt to exceed this by circumnavigating the world by air in 1922 would end in disaster. Drawing on the rich and extensive collection of Ross Smith's private papers, Anzac & Aviator tells, for the first time, the gripping story of a remarkable aviator, the extraordinary times in which he lived and the air race that changed the world. 'Standing with Lindbergh, Earhart and Kingsford Smith as one of the greatest pioneers of the air, Sir Ross Smith's life is brilliantly captured in this compelling biography.' - Richard Champion de Crespigny AM, bestselling author and captain of QF32

The Illustrated Sir Hubert Wilkins

Author: Jeff Maynard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780646852737


Page: N.A

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A pictorial history on the life of Australian explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins. Featuring over 200 photographs. Sir Hubert Wilkins was one of the most remarkable Australians who ever lived. Now for the first time, Jeff Maynard presents a revealing picture of his enigmatic life through a series of beautiful photographs, and extracts from Wilkins' writings. A limited edition collectible book.

Anzac's Dirty Dozen

Author: Craig Stockings

Publisher: UNSW Press

ISBN: 1742245781

Category: History

Page: 348

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The flying career of John Robertson Duigan spanned just a decade from 1908 to 1918. 100 years ago he built and successfully flew the first aeroplane made in Australia using only photographs, journal articles and an unreliable textbook as his guides. He was the first Australian to fly a powered Australian-made aeroplane in Australia. The full story of John Duigan and his flying career has now been published for the first time.

A Dictionary of Military and Technological Abbreviations and Acronyms

Author: Bernhard Pretz

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000370607

Category: History

Page: 502

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This book, first published in 1983, is a compilation of some 50,000 acronyms and abbreviations used by the British, American, German and Soviet military. It enables the researcher to understand the language of the Armed Forces, their armaments and the related technology, and to reach a greater understanding of the capabilities and duties of the Armed Forces at the end of the Cold War. The Dictionary covers all the services and their technology, and is an indispensable reference work.

Colonel Mcneil's Daughter

Author: Ron Karren,Ronni Katz

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1436342341

Category: Fiction

Page: 218

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Perry McNeil, the Navy's fi rst female Air Wing Commander, returns to a peacetime America and fi nds her homecoming is anything but peaceful. She gets caught in a triple-decker sandwich of people vying for her attention: her father battling to recover from a debilitating stroke, her teenage daughter who is contemplating leaving college to marry the Navy pilot who got her pregnant, and the Secretary of the Navy who wants to engineer the greatest coup of BOTH of their careers - putting the fi rst woman in charge of an aircraft carrier battle group. Perry thought she had dealt with the worst life could throw at her during the war but she soon discovered that her real battles were only just beginning! Can she be the person everyone needs her to be and still retain her sanity?

World War I Almanac

Author: David R. Woodward

Publisher: Infobase Publishing

ISBN: 1438118961

Category: Almanacs, American

Page: 561

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Presents a day-by-day chronology of the events of World War I and a biographical dictionary of people involved in the conflict.

Languages and the First World War: Representation and Memory

Author: Christophe Declercq,Julian Walker

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137550368

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

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With several terms from the First World War still present in modern speech, Languages and the First World War presents over 30 essays by international academics investigating the linguistic aspects of the 1914-18 conflict. The first of the two volumes covers language change and documentation during the period of the war, while the second examines the representation and the memory of the war. Communicating in a Transnational War examines languages at the front, including the subject of interpretation, translation and parallels between languages; communication with the home front; propaganda and language manipulation; and recording language during the war. Representation and Memory examines historiographical issues; the nature of representing the war in letters and diaries; the documentation of language change; the language of representing the war in reportage and literature; and the language of remembering the war. Covered in the process are slang, censorship, soldiers' phrasebooks, code-switching, borrowing terms, the problems facing multilingual armies, and gendered language.

Absent Aviators

Author: Albert Mills,Jane Neal-Smith,Donna Bridges

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 131718601X

Category: Transportation

Page: 388

View: 1988

The objective of this book is to present a number of related chapters on the subject of gender issues in the workplace of the aviation industry. More specifically, the chapters address the continuing shortfall in the number of women pilots in both civilian and military aviation. Considerable research has been carried out on gender issues in the workplace and, for example, women represent about 10% of employees in engineering. This example is often used to show that the consequences of gender discrimination are embedded and difficult to overcome in masculine-dominated occupations. However, women represent only 5-6% of the profession of pilot. Clearly there are many factors which mitigate women seeking to become pilots. The chapters within this volume raise both theoretical and practical issues, endeavouring to address the imbalance of women pilots in this occupation. Absent Aviators consolidates a diverse range of issues from a number of authors from Australia, Austria, the United States, Canada, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Each of the chapters is research-based and aims to present a broad picture of gender issues in aviation, gendered workplaces and sociology, underpinned by sound theoretical perspectives and methodologies. One chapter additionally raises issues on the historical exclusion of race from an airline. The book will prove to be a valuable contribution to the debates on women in masculine-oriented occupations and a practical guide for the aviation industry to help overcome the looming shortfall of pilots. It is also hoped it will directly encourage young women to identify and overcome the barriers to becoming a civilian or military pilot.

Desert Anzacs

Author: Neil Dearberg

Publisher: Interactive Publications Pty Ltd

ISBN: 1925231631

Category: History

Page: 320

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For 100 years, the astounding story of Anzac horsemen, cameleers, aviators, rough riders, medics, vets, light and armoured cars hasn’t been told. Until now. Championed by Australia’s Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel they overcame early feeble British political and military incompetence. Fast, open conflict, rather than septic trenches, suited their outback upbringing. Part of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, they recovered the Holy Land after 730 years of Muslim control, even saving Lawrence of Arabia and his cause. Their stunning victory at the Battle of Beersheba was the last mass mounted charge of modern times. The ‘great ride’ offensive of the Desert Mounted Corps, with 30,000 horsemen, destroyed the Ottoman Empire and wreaked vengeance for Gallipoli. This is the first detailed account of the extraordinary military campaign that set the stage for today’s Middle East. Dearberg’s Anzac trilogy on World War I is now complete – Gallipoli, France, Palestine.