Arthur Phillip

Author: Derek Parker


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Over the two centuries since his appointment, commentators have been as surprised at the choice of Arthur Phillip as some were at the time (the First Lord of the Admiralty, to mention only the most distinguished critic). But was it really so surprising? What did the Home Office and the Admiralty expect of a man who was to navigate a fleet to the antipodes, and when he got it there unload its cargo of unregenerate criminals and forge them into some sort of a working colony? Apart from the necessary seamanship, they needed a man with a cool head who understood men and how to control them, a man capable of governing himself, possessed of calm and understanding and a thorough grasp of reality, with complete loyalty to the Crown and Government and a determination to plan and carry through an enterprise unlike any other within living memory. Fortunately, there were one or two men at the Admiralty who understood that Arthur Phillip possessed all these credentials. This new biography covers Phillip's whole life, but has a particular focus on his selection for the role of Governor, the preparation of the first fleet, the journey from England, the establishment of the colony and Phillip's governorship.

Arthur Phillip

Author: Margaret Steven

Publisher: N.A


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Arthur Phillip

Author: Michael Pembroke

Publisher: Hardie Grant Publishing

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Australians know Arthur Phillip as the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales. But few know the real story of this mercurial man. Arthur Phillip was a career soldier, a mercenary and a spy for the British Empire long before he captained the First

Arthur Phillip

Author: Thea Stanley Hughes

Publisher: HP Books


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Arthur Phillip, 1738-1814

Author: Alan Frost

Publisher: Melbourne ; New York : Oxford University Press


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Phillip's voyages to the Arctic, the coasts of Europe, the West Indies, Brazil, The Cape of Good Hope, India and Australia. His founding of the colony of New South Wales.

People in Australia's Past

Author: Susan Boyer

Publisher: Boyer Educational Resources

ISBN: 1877074349

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This book contains language activities to accompany each story of courage, achievement and fame about people in Autralia's past.

Australia in a Nutshell

Author: Frank G. Clarke

Publisher: Roseberg Pub

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This book covers the history of the Australian continent from the arrival of the first humans about 1,000,000 years or so BC, up to the present. It also analyses the ecological and environmental impact of human beings on the continent. Frank Clarke is Professor in History at Macquarie University.

No Job for a Woman

Author: Sallyanne Atkinson

Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press

ISBN: 0702257397

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‘A true trailblazer for her generation ...’ Sallyanne Atkinson was the first female Lord Mayor of Brisbane, the first female senior trade commissioner to Paris and has been a leader in business and corporate life for over four decades. No Job for a Woman takes us from her wartime childhood in Sri Lanka through her early career as a journalist and TV personality into her life in politics. For the first time Sallyanne Atkinson offers a behind-the-scenes look at her dynamic and colourful life, including her involvement in three Olympics bids. A trailblazer for working mothers, Sallyanne shares the challenges and the triumphs of raising five children while forging a high-profile career. With her characteristic warmth and humour, she shows how she defied the expectations of a generation.