Author: Sri B. G. Ramesh

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India's lost emperor Ashoka Maurya has a special place in history. In his quest to govern India by moral force alone Ashoka turned Buddhism from a minor sect into a world religion and set up a new yardstick for government which had huge implications for Asia. But his brave experiment ended in tragedy and his name was cleansed from the record so effectively that he was forgotten for almost two thousand years. But a few mysterious stone monuments and inscriptions survived, and the story of how these keystones to the past were discovered by British Orientalists and their mysterious lettering deciphered is every bit as remarkable as their author himself. Bit by bit, fragments of the Ashokan story were found and in the process India's ancient history was itself recovered.In a wide-ranging, multi-layered journey of discovery that is as much about Britain's entanglement with India as it as about India's distant past, Charles Allen tells the story of the man who was arguably the greatest ruler India has ever known.


Author: Charles Allen

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1408703882

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India's lost emperor Ashoka Maurya has a special place in history. In his quest to govern India by moral force alone he turned Buddhism from a minor sect into a world religion, and set up a new yardstick for government. But Ashoka's bold experiment ended in tragedy and he was forgotten for almost two thousand years. In this beautifully written, multi-layered journey Charles Allen describes how fragments of the Ashokan story were gradually discovered, pieced together by a variety of British Orientalists: antiquarians, archaeologists and epigraphists. In doing so, they did much to recover India's ancient history itself. The Lost Emperor tells the story of the man who was arguably the greatest ruler India has ever known.



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Spiritual and Inspirational Biography.


Author: Subhadra Sen Gupta

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Ashoka the Great, the ruler of ancient India's largest kingdom, took the path of peace, tolerance, non-violence and compassion after a fierce battle in Kalinga. He now addressed his subjects as a father would his children, and erected pillars that spread his thoughts throughout the land in the people's own language. He put their welfare above all else and worked towards that for the rest of his life. One of the most well-known symbols from India's history, the Ashoka chakra, now adorns India's national flag, and the lion capital from his pillars is our national emblem. In this lively, engrossing account of Ashoka's life and the times, Subhadra Sen Gupta deftly brings him alive again from behind the swirling mists of time.

Ashoka the Great

Author: Wytze Keuning

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1728399203

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The historical novel ‘Ashoka the Great’ is the life story of one of India’s greatest monarchs, living in the 3d century B.C. The Ashoka-chakra, the wheel of Dharma, adorns since India’s independence the Indian flag. His nearly 40 years’ government is viewed today by scholars as the first welfare state the world has known. In part 1 of the trilogy, The Wild Prince, we see how his passionate but honest character leads him often into difficulties. He is praised for his pride and courage yet feared for his direct tough actions, looking through the trickery of enemies. As the successor of his father he becomes The Wise Ruler, part 2, a governor ruling with wisdom, strict laws and justice. After a terrible war in which numerous people lost their life, he embraced Buddhism, forswearing all wars of attack. After years of ruling, applying the wisdom of Gautama the Buddha, he becomes Dharmashoka, the great admonisher, part 3.

Ashoka in Ancient India

Author: Nayanjot Lahiri

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674057775

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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In the third century BCE Ashoka ruled in South Asia and Afghanistan, and came to be seen as the ideal Buddhist king. Disentangling the threads of Ashoka’s life from the knot of legend that surrounds it, Nayanjot Lahiri presents a vivid biography of an emperor whose legacy extends far beyond the bounds of his lifetime and dominion.

Ashoka and the Maurya Dynasty

Author: Colleen Taylor Sen

Publisher: Reaktion Books

ISBN: 1789145953

Category: History

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An illuminating history of the ancient Maurya Empire and its great leader Ashoka, offering insight into the lasting political and cultural legacies of both. At its peak in 250 BCE, the Maurya Empire was the wealthiest and largest empire in the world, extending across much of modern India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. In this book, Colleen Taylor Sen explores the life, achievements, and legacy of the Maurya emperor Ashoka, one of the greatest leaders in Indian history. Sen relates how, after a bloody war in 261 BCE, Ashoka renounced violence and spent the rest of his life promoting religious tolerance, animal rights, environmental protection, peace, and multiculturalism—a policy he called Dhamma. This well-illustrated book explores the legacy and influence of the Mauryas in politics throughout Southeast Asia, China, and India, as well as contemporary popular culture.

Searching for Ashoka

Author: Nayanjot Lahiri

Publisher: State University of New York Press

ISBN: 1438492863

Category: Religion

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Blending travelogue, history, and archaeology, Searching for Ashoka unravels the various avatars of India's most famous emperor, revealing how he came to be remembered—and forgotten—in distinctive ways at particular points in time and in specific locations. Through personal journeys that take her across India and to various sites and cities in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Thailand, archaeologist Nayanjot Lahiri explores how Ashoka's visibility from antiquity to the modern era has been accompanied by a reinvention of his persona. Although the historical Ashoka spoke expansively of his ideas of governance and a new kind of morality, his afterlife is a jumble of stories and representations within various Buddhist imaginings. By remembering Ashoka selectively, Lahiri argues, ancient kings and chroniclers created an artifice, constantly appropriating and then remolding history to suit their own social visions, political agendas, and moral purposes.

History & Civics 6 (Col. Ed.)

Author: Consulting Editors - Behula Khan,SJ Mitchell,Subhadra Sen Gupta & Monisha Mukundan

Publisher: Ratna Sagar

ISBN: 9788183320603


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History & Civics for ICSE schools is a series based on the latest syllabus of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education. More to Know gives unusual facts, New Words explains the important terms, At a Glance helps students to recapitulate what they have learnt, A Story from History is a piece of historical fiction and Things to Do and Map Work have activities which encourage the students to do and learn.

Ancient India

Author: Balkrishna Govind Gokhale

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