At All Costs

Author: David Weber

Publisher: Baen Books

ISBN: 1416509119

Category: Fiction

Page: 631

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Honor Harrington has been called to command Eighth Fleet against the Republic of Haven, but when she discovers the Star Kingdom is badly outnumbered by the Republic's fleet, the cost of victory will be agonizingly high. 110,000 first printing.

At All Costs

Author: Sam Moses

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1588365611

Category: History

Page: 352

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In this gripping, page-turning account, Sam Moses has told a story in the tradition of Sebastian Junger’s A Perfect Storm, Robert Kurson’s Shadow Divers, and Hampton Sides’s Ghost Soldiers. It’s a story about the heroism of two men in battle at sea during World War II, and one woman fleeing Nazi Norway with her child. It’s about how courage can change the course of history. AT ALL COSTS: How a Crippled Ship and Two American Merchant Marines Turned the Tide of World War II is the astonishing untold account, with original historical reporting, of how two men faced unfathomable danger to help save the island of Malta, Churchill’s crux of the war. In 1942, the tiny island of Malta was the most heavily bombed place on earth. Hitler needed Malta as a stepping-stone to get to the oil in Iraq and Iran (Persia at the time). Blockaded by sea, Malta was running on empty, in food, fuel and ammunition. Axis U-boats and dive-bombers made supply convoys to Malta more like suicide missions. In this last-hope convoy, 50 warships escorted 13 freighters carrying aviation fuel, and a single critical tanker, the SS Ohio, with 107,000 barrels of oil from Texas. Winston Churchill had traveled to Washington and asked FDR for the tanker–his prime ministership was at stake over this mission to Malta. Relentlessly dive-bombed and repeatedly torpedoed, the Ohio suffered huge hits and was abandoned. Two young American merchant mariners– pulled from the sea after their own ship went down in flames–boarded the ravaged tanker, repaired her guns and fought off German and Italian dive-bombers, as the sinking Ohio was towed at 4 knots toward Malta with a tiny crew of volunteers. Sam Moses’ AT ALL COSTS is a triumphant story of human bravery: fearless, selfless acts by men determined to save a ship and win a war; profound communal courage from an island under brutal siege; and leaders who understood the cause of freedom.

At All Costs

Author: Bryan Perrett

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474619185

Category: History

Page: 240

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From the jaws of defeat, incredible victories. AT ALL COSTS! transports you to the battlefront for over two centuries of astonishing military confrontations. From the Battle of Minden in 1795 to dramatic second world war stories and the Battle for Goose Green in the Falklands, Bryan Perrett gives astoundingly vivid accounts of international forces in daring actions, achieving victory against the odds. These real-life military adventures are meticulously, accurately described, giving a true flavour of some of the most important moments in world history.

At All Costs

Author: Micheala Lynn

Publisher: Bella Books

ISBN: 1594936625

Category: Fiction

Page: 200

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Dr. Alexandra Hartway is burned-out and disillusioned with her job. Seeing the same patients use the ER day after day in an effort to seek drugs has left her bitter, skeptical and unsympathetic. Jess Bolderson refuses to be held back. Although she has been confined to a wheelchair for the past ten years, she is as capable as anyone and doesn’t like to be told otherwise. So when she hears this ignorant doctor bashing people with disabilities as lazy at a professional meeting, she rips into Alex, leaving everyone around the table stunned and speechless. After a rough beginning, Jess and Alex quickly develop a deep respect for each other. Soon they become close friends, and then more—more than either could have ever imagined. But then a freak accident leaves Jess once again fighting for her life while Alex faces the ultimate challenge. Can she save the life of the woman she’s fallen in love with?

At All Costs

Author: Simone Anderson

Publisher: Totally Entwined Group (USA+CAD)

ISBN: 1839430834

Category: Fiction

Page: 423

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FROM EXCITING AUTHOR OF LGBT+ ROMANCE, SIMONE ANDERSON Sometimes the price is too steep. Riley James Hamilton, RJ to his friends, is in New Orleans for a last vacation with his best friends before they each head off to pursue their own careers. Riley is destined to work in his family's company. A position he doesn't want and can't refuse. During a night of drinking, an Army Veteran he'd fought with earlier in the day saves him from would be kidnappers and in the process, Riley finds his world turned upside down. Riley has always considered himself straight, knowing his family wouldn't allow anything else. When he finds himself having to pretend to be gay in order to stay alive, he also has to confront the reality of his life. Kaden Tennison is an intelligence officer tasked with protecting the only son of a wealthy business man, at all costs. What should be a simple bodyguard assignment turns out to be anything but. Unsure who he can trust, the pair embark on a cross country road trip to find out who is after Riley, and more importantly, why. Kaden denies their burgeoning relationship, knowing that at all costs sometimes means sometimes the price is simply too steep.

At All Costs

Author: Davy Fitzgerald,Vincent Hogan

Publisher: Gill & Macmillan Ltd

ISBN: 0717179583

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Davy Fitzgerald is one of hurling’s defining personalities. A two-time All-Ireland winner as a player and once as a manager, he has spent the past decade consolidating a reputation as one of the most innovative and dynamic coaches in the game, first with Waterford, then with his native Clare and, most recently, with Wexford. For Davy, however, exacting in his standards and possessed of an unshakeable will to succeed, victory has always come at a cost. His playing and managerial honours, though formidable, are matched by a roll call of public controversies and private challenges every bit as lengthy and varied. In this, a raw and forthright account of his time in management, Fitzgerald returns to the moments that have defined his career to date – the tactics and gambles, the breakthroughs and regrets, the friendships and fallings out – all the while measuring his judgement and the toll his single-minded pursuit of excellence has taken on his health and those closest to him. Packed with insights and anecdotes from his time on the sidelines, At All Costs is a riveting account of a career spent walking the fine line that separates commitment from obsession, and a must read for anyone who has ever wondered what it takes to compete – and succeed – at the highest level.

At All Costs

Author: Geoffrey Robinson

Publisher: Geoffrey Robinson

ISBN: 0578268825

Category: Fiction

Page: 315

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Why would someone, who didn’t know you, risk their very life to rescue you, at all costs? Pulling someone from in front of a speeding train or saving them from a burning building, were one-time occurrences; leaving the rescuer wondering why, for the rest of their life. As a free-lance reporter, Kelly Hannity had taken on challenging projects, establishing her reputation as a reporter who could be counted on to provide the damning, verifiable evidence required to expose her selected target. Investigating the counterfeiting cartels in Ecuador, made her the selected target. A man, she didn’t know, found her beaten and starving, hanging from a pole in a jungle counterfeit camp, and made the decision to rescue her. Home and safe she couldn’t escape the recurring question; Why? Using her investigative skills, she was determined to find out what drove a person to rescue someone, they didn’t know, At All Costs.

Hold at All Costs!

Author: Ian Uys

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1912174456

Category: History

Page: 216

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Delville Wood in the Somme was the most famous battle ever fought by South Africans. Through this action other nations learnt to respect the fighting qualities of the men from the fledgling Union of South Africa. Erstwhile foes, Boer and Briton, fought shoulder to shoulder against the pride of the German Army. They withstood waves of attacking infantrymen; were subjected to savage artillery fire which reached a crescendo of seven shells a second, pulverizing the wood and obliterating the defenses; then fought hand to hand until overrun; threw back the enemy; and fought on with unbelievable tenacity. The bone-weary survivors defended the wood through five days and six nights of hell, eventually being forced into a corner of the wood. The orders were to hold on at all costs – and this they did despite appalling casualties. The saga of Delville Wood will never be forgotten by South Africa, yet the story of the battle, told through the eyes of the participants was never fully documented – accounts read like fiction, yet are wholly true. We learn about youngsters from the plains of Southern Africa who earned the admiration of their enemy. After being shelled for eight hours they stood up from the mud to repel fresh assaults. We read of the Victoria Cross won through rescuing a wounded officer under fire; a man blown up and buried who continued on to deliver his message and earn the DCM; the officer who was captured then knocked out his guard to return to the fighting; the colonel who fought like a private with rifle and mills bombs; and many more. The Germans’ experiences are also chronicled. Extracts from their regimental histories paint a picture of their dogged determination to retake the wood. Their order was that the enemy was not to advance except over corpses! The author interviewed many of the South African survivors, now long gone, and has visited the wood on many occasions during the past thirty-three years. The trilogy of books he wrote on the battle has been combined into a riveting account of ‘the bloodiest battle hell of 1916’. In 1917 The Times of London recounted, ‘No battlefield on all the Western Front was more bitterly contested than was “Devil’s Wood”... [where] South African forces won their imperishable fame – grimly hanging on against overwhelming odds and repulsing counter attacks by troops five and six times their number.”

At All Costs

Author: C. A. Touré

Publisher: Ikiké Press


Category: Self-Help

Page: 109

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Most people don’t do what it takes to succeed. To succeed in a world of ambitious men and women, all competing for the very things you want, you need to adopt the mentality of the wolf, to be merciless when it is called for and to be gentle at the right times. Those who’ve internalised the mentality and advice taught in this book have risen to the top of almost every field, from politics to the arts. It’s a cold reality but attempting to rise on talent alone is a losing strategy. You need to learn how to: 1. Manoeuvre your way in a world in which power is evermore concentrated in the hands of a few. 2. To be ruthless with your goals and place them above everything else. 3. Become uncompromising with your dreams and learn to sacrifice personal traits and other elements that stand in your way. 4. Develop a hunger for accomplishment to feel a deep yearning for it. 5. To become an alpha in a world of wolves and dominate your environment strategically. 6. Unleash your hidden beast and act without fear or concern for small-minded people. 7. Scale the rungs of success’s ladder all while avoiding enemies who could ruin you. 8. Become your own best ally and learn to keep your own counsel. All these and more are taught in this book, which was written for those who are truly ready to become their fullest self, embracing both the light and darkness within themselves. © Ikiké Press, 2020

Peace at All Costs

Author: Annika Frieberg

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 1789200253

Category: History

Page: 278

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Although it was characterized by simmering international tensions, the early Cold War also witnessed dramatic instances of reconciliation between states, as former antagonists rebuilt political, economic, and cultural ties in the wake of the Second World War. And such efforts were not confined to official diplomacy, as this study of postwar rapprochement between Poland and West Germany demonstrates. Drawing on a wide range of historical sources, Peace at All Costs follows Polish and German non-state activists who attempted to establish dialogue in the 1950s and 1960s, showing how they achieved modest successes even as they inadvertently elided historical complexity and reinforced simplistic national identities.