Autobiography of a Geisha

Author: Sayo Masuda,G. G. Rowley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780231129510

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 185

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A geisha describes her sale to a geisha house at the age of six, her traditional training, her debut in 1940 at the age of sixteen, and her work at a hot-springs resort, where the realities of everyday life were far removed from the more recognized glamorous geisha quarter of Japan.

Autobiography of a Geisha

Author: Sayo Masuda

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780099490777

Category: Geishas

Page: 199

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The glamorous world of Kyoto's geisha is familiar to many readers but Sayo Masuda's tale tells a different story, one that bears little resemblance to the elegant geisha quarters frequented by illustrious patrons. Masuda was a geisha at a rural hot-springs resort where the realities of sex for sale were unadorned by the trappings of wealth and power. Sent to work as a nursemaid at the age of six she was then sold to a geisha house at the age of twelve to learn the geisha arts. When she made her debut as a geisha in 1940 she was sixteen. Although she had barely learnt to write Masuda was determined to set down her story, motivated by the desire to tell the truth about life as a geisha and explode the myths surrounding their secret world. Remarkably frank and incredibly moving, this is the record of one woman's survival on the margins of Japanese society

Memoirs of a Geisha

Author: Arthur Golden

Publisher: Vintage Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 516

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The "memoirs" of one of Japan's most celebrated geishas describes how, in 1929, as a little girl, she is sold into slavery, her efforts to learn the arts of the geisha, the impact of World War II, and her struggle to reinvent herself to win the man she loves. Reissue. (A Columbia Pictures film, directed by Rob Marshall, releasing Winter 2005, starring Ziyi Zhang, Ken Watanabe, Michelle Yeoh, Koji Yakusho, & Gong Li) (Historical Fiction)

Four Eternal Women

Author: Mary Dian Molton,Lucy Anne Sikes

Publisher: Fisher King Press

ISBN: 1926715314

Category: Psychology

Page: 328

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Toni Wolff was at first the patient, and later the friend, mistress for a time, long-term colleague and personal analyst of Swiss Psychiatrist Carl Jung. In addition to her work as the founder, leader and teacher for the Psychological Society in Z rich which led to the establishment of the world-renowned C.G. Jung Institute in Z rich/K snacht, she published a seminal but little known work called "Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche" ("Der Psychologie," Berne, 1951). This treatise, certainly one of the first studies in Analytical Psychology, has been the subject of the authors' investigation, attention, research and study for the past twelve years. Toni Wolff's original outline of her four archetypes barely filled fifteen pages of the journal, and was written in the academic style of professional publications of that period, sans illustration or commentary. While Wolff's work has been mentioned in short form in the work of several writers, Four Eternal Women is the first full and serious archetypal delineation of her original thesis, and examines each of her four feminine archetypes from several perspectives: Wolff's Own Words; An Overview of History and Myth; Familiar Characteristics; Lesser-Known (Shadow) Possibilities; Career Inclinations; Relationships to Men; Relationships to Children; Relationships to Each of the Other Types; The tension of the opposites set up by Wolff's own diagrammatic representation of these archetypes provided an additional dynamic to this study. Those who have followed Jung's individuation path will recognize aspects of Jung's 'Transcendent Function.' All readers may well become personally sensitized to discover their own type preferences, and how some aspects of shadow may be present in their 'opposite' partner.

Asian American Fiction, History and Life Writing

Author: Helena Grice

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136604855

Category: History

Page: 166

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The last ten years have witnessed an enormous growth in American interest in Asia and Asian/American history. In particular, a set of key Asian historical moments have recently become the subject of intense American cultural scrutiny, namely China’s Cultural Revolution and its aftermath; the Korean American war and its legacy; the era of Japanese geisha culture and its subsequent decline; and China’s one-child policy and the rise of transracial, international adoption in its wake. Grice examines and accounts for this cultural and literary preoccupation, exploring the corresponding historical-political situations that have both circumscribed and enabled greater cultural and political contact between Asia and America.

Geisha, Harlot, Strangler, Star

Author: William Johnston

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 023113052X

Category: Social Science

Page: 257

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In 1936, Abe Sada committed the most notorious crime in twentieth-century Japan -- the murder and emasculation of her lover. This detailed account of Sada's personal history, the events leading up to the crime, and its aftermath steps beyond the simplistic view of Abe Sada as a sexual deviate or hysterical woman to reveal a survivor.

Michelin Green Guide Japan

Author: Michelin

Publisher: Michelin Travel & Lifestyle

ISBN: 2067182269

Category: Travel

Page: 499

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This eBook version of the Green Guide Japan by Michelin captures the spirit of the country, from the Okinawa archipelago’s sandy beaches to Honshu’s forested slopes. This fully revised and expanded Green Guide Japan presents a country famous for its rich heritage, plentiful hot springs, state-of-art railway network and complex, delicious cuisine. Delight in Kyoto’s shrines and temples, explore Nara’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, and shop in Tokyo’s eclectic boutiques. Discover historic pagodas, futuristic skyscrapers, peaceful villages and a varied flora and fauna. Wherever you go, Michelin's celebrated star-rating system makes sure you see the best Japan has to offer.

Voices of Early Modern Japan

Author: Constantine Nomikos Vaporis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000280950

Category: History

Page: 375

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In this newly revised and updated 2nd edition of Voices of Early Modern Japan, Constantine Nomikos Vaporis offers an accessible collection of annotated historical documents of an extraordinary period in Japanese history, ranging from the unification of warring states under Tokugawa Ieyasu in the early seventeenth century to the overthrow of the shogunate just after the opening of Japan by the West in the mid- nineteenth century. Through close examination of primary sources from "The Great Peace," this fascinating textbook offers fresh insights into the Tokugawa era: its political institutions, rigid class hierarchy, artistic and material culture, religious life, and more, demonstrating what historians can uncover from the words of ordinary people. New features include: • An expanded section on religion, morality and ethics; • A new selection of maps and visual documents; • Sources from government documents and household records to diaries and personal correspondence, translated and examined in light of the latest scholarship; • Updated references for student projects and research assignments. The first edition of Voices of Early Modern Japan was the winner of the 2013 Franklin R. Buchanan Prize for Curricular Materials. This fully revised textbook will prove a comprehensive resource for teachers and students of East Asian Studies, history, culture, and anthropology.

The Japanese Comfort Women and Sexual Slavery during the China and Pacific Wars

Author: Caroline Norma

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472511255

Category: History

Page: 256

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The Japanese military was responsible for the sexual enslavement of thousands of women and girls in Asia and the Pacific during the China and Pacific wars under the guise of providing 'comfort' for battle-weary troops. Campaigns for justice and reparations for 'comfort women' since the early 1990s have highlighted the magnitude of the human rights crimes committed against Korean, Chinese and other Asian women by Japanese soldiers after they invaded the Chinese mainland in 1937. These campaigns, however, say little about the origins of the system or its initial victims. The Japanese Comfort Women and Sexual Slavery during the China and Pacific Wars explores the origins of the Japanese military's system of sexual slavery and illustrates how Japanese women were its initial victims.