Bach's Works for Solo Violin

Author: Joel Lester

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0195120973

Category: Music

Page: 186

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Individual movements are related to comparable movements by Bach in other media and are differentiated from superficially similar works from later eras."--BOOK JACKET.

J.S. Bach's Major Works for Voices and Instruments

Author: Melvin P. Unger

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810852983

Category: Music

Page: 141

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This book explores the dramatic thrust of each of Bach's four major works for choir and orchestra: Christmas Oratorio, St. John Passion, St. Matthew Passion, and Mass in B Minor. It guides the reader, movement by movement, through each work with an integrated presentation of commentary and text translation that pays particular attention to the interaction of text and music, suggesting reasons for Bach's musical choices.

Lutheranism, Anti-Judaism, and Bach's St. John Passion

Author: Michael Marissen

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195344349

Category: Music

Page: 128

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Bach's St. John Passion is surely one of the monuments of Western music, yet performances of it are inevitably controversial. In large part, this is because of the combination of the powerful and highly emotional music and a text that includes passages from a gospel marked by vehement anti-Judaic sentiments. What did this masterpiece mean in Bach's day and what does it mean today? Although bibliographies on Bach and Judaism have grown enormously since World War II, there has been very little work on the relationship between the two areas. This is hardly surprising; Judaica scholars and culture critics focusing on issues of anti-Semitism commonly lack musical training and are, in any event, quite reasonably interested in even more pressing social and political issues. Bach scholars, on the other hand, have mostly concentrated on narrowly defined musical topics. Strangely, therefore, almost no scholarly attention has been given to relationships between Lutheranism and the religion of Judaism as they affect Bach's most controversial work, the St. John Passion. Through a reappraisal of Bach's work and its contexts, Marissen confronts Bach and Judaism directly, providing interpretive commentary that could serve as a basis for a more informed and sensitive discussion of this troubling work. Consisting of a long interpretive essay, followed by an annotated literal translation of the libretto, a guide to recorded examples, and a detailed bibliography, this concise text provides the reader with the tools to assess the work on its own terms and in the appropriate context.

Bach's Cycle, Mozart's Arrow

Author: Karol Berger

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520933699

Category: Music

Page: 444

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In this erudite and elegantly composed argument, Karol Berger uses the works of Monteverdi, Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven to support two groundbreaking claims: first, that it was only in the later eighteenth century that music began to take the flow of time from the past to the future seriously; second, that this change in the structure of musical time was an aspect of a larger transformation in the way educated Europeans began to imagine and think about time with the onset of modernity, a part of a shift from the premodern Christian outlook to the modern post-Christian worldview. Until this historical moment, as Berger illustrates in his analysis of Bach's St. Matthew Passion, music was simply "in time." Its successive events unfolded one after another, but the distinction between past and future, earlier and later, was not central to the way the music was experienced and understood. But after the shift, as he finds in looking at Mozart's Don Giovanni, the experience of linear time is transformed into music's essential subject matter; the cycle of time unbends and becomes an arrow. Berger complements these musical case studies with a rich survey of the philosophical, theological, and literary trends influencing artists during this period.

The Social and Religious Designs of J. S. Bach's Brandenburg Concertos

Author: Michael Marissen

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400821657

Category: Music

Page: 168

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This new investigation of the Brandenburg Concertos explores musical, social, and religious implications of Bach's treatment of eighteenth-century musical hierarchies. By reference to contemporary music theory, to alternate notions of the meaning of "concerto," and to various eighteenth-century conventions of form and instrumentation, the book argues that the Brandenburg Concertos are better understood not as an arbitrary collection of unrelated examples of "pure" instrumental music, but rather as a carefully compiled and meaningfully organized set. It shows how Bach's concertos challenge (as opposed to reflect) existing musical and social hierarchies. Careful consideration of Lutheran theology and Bach's documented understanding of it reveals, however, that his music should not be understood to call for progressive political action. One important message of Lutheranism, and, in this interpretation, of Bach's concertos, is that in the next world, the heavenly one, the hierarchies of the present world will no longer be necessary. Bach's music more likely instructs its listeners how to think about and spiritually cope with contemporary hierarchies than how to act upon them. In this sense, contrary to currently accepted views, Bach's concertos share with his extensive output of vocal music for the Lutheran liturgy an essentially religious character.

Bach's Feet

Author: David Yearsley

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521199018

Category: Music

Page: 298

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Yearsley explores the cultural significance of making music with hands and feet, a mode of performance unique to the organ.

J. S. Bach's "Leipzig" Chorale Preludes

Author: Anne Leahy

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 0810881810

Category: Music

Page: 297

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Originally composed in Weimar and later revised in Leipzig, J. S. Bach's chorale preludes have been a source of some puzzlement. However, Bach scholar Anne Leahy argues that through the careful examination of the links among the music, hymn texts, and theological sources some answers may be had. In her book, Leahy considers the critical relationship between the texts of the hymns and their relationship to the chorales, outlining a theological pattern vital to fully grasping the guiding philosophy of these compositions. J. S. Bach's "Leipzig"" Chorale Preludes: Music, Text, Theology is ideally suited for Bach scholars and those with a general interest in the intricate relationship between text and music in the composition of religious music.

J. S. Bach's Material and Spiritual Treasures

Author: Noelle M. Heber

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 1783275715

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 286

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An innovative study of the ways in which theological themes related to earthly and heavenly 'treasures' and Bach's own apparent attentiveness to the spiritual values related to money intertwined in his sacred music.

Bach's Major Vocal Works

Author: Markus Rathey

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 030021720X

Category: Music

Page: 234

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"Every year, Johann Sebastian Bach's major vocal works are performed to mark liturgical milestones in the Christian calendar. Written by a renowned Bach scholar, this concise and accessible book provides an introduction to the music and cultural contexts of the composer's most beloved masterpieces, including the Magnificat, Christmas Oratorio, and St. John Passion. In addition to providing historical information, each chapter highlights significant aspects--such as the theology of love--of a particular piece. This penetrating volume is the first to treat the vocal works as a whole, showing how the compositions were embedded in their original performative context within the liturgy as well as discussing Bach's musical style, from the detailed level of individual movements to the overarching aspects of each work. Published in the approach to Easter when many of these vocal works are performed, this outstanding volume will appeal to casual concertgoers and scholars alike." -- Publisher's description

Johann Sebastian Bach's Art of Fugue

Author: Ewald Demeyere

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9058679403

Category: Music

Page: 253

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This book, by a leading Bach performer, is designed to provide a practical guide to the performance of the "Art of Fugue."