Backing into the Spotlight

Author: Michael Whitehall

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472127072

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 240

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'Backing into the Spotlight is a hilarious and an unashamedly non-PC memoir . . . Now in his eighth decade, Whitehall is a fine raconteur, gloriously unreconstructed and still deeply suspicious of modernity' Daily Mail Standing in front of a full-length mirror in my dressing room at ITV studios, waiting to go on to the set of Backchat, I had a brief conversation with my reflection. 'Michael, what the f*** do you think you're doing?' Theatrical agent Michael Whitehall spent a career pushing others into the spotlight. He had been involved behind the scenes with the careers of many prominent actors, including Colin Firth, Richard Griffiths, Daniel Day-Lewis, Tom Courtenay, Ian Ogilvy, Judi Dench, Edward Fox, Michael Fassbender, Angela Thorne and Nigel Havers. But then, much to his surprise, his son Jack becomes a successful comedian and actor and decides that his new comedy partner should be his father. Whitehall Snr. finds himself reluctantly appearing on stage and then television, cast as the archetypal grumpy old man and thrust, in his early seventies, into a whole new career in front of the camera. Minor fame comes at a sedate pace: one of the highlights being a record £300,000 win for charity with Jack on Channel 4's The Million Pound Drop. In this enchanting memoir Whitehall looks back on his life, from growing up in suburban London in the 1940s and '50s with his saintly father and social climbing-mother, who coined the phrase 'à la carte' to describe people who were posher than she was and whose company she craved, to falling into a career as a successful theatrical agent and producer. As he says, 'Actors can be egotistical, greedy and vain, but they're not half as bad as agents and producers.' Charming, gossipy and above all very funny, Backing Into The Spotlight is no ordinary show business memoir.

How to Survive Family Holidays

Author: Jack Whitehall,Michael Whitehall,Hilary Whitehall

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0751583871

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 272

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'Screamingly funny...a splendidly effervescent and enjoyable book' Daily Mail One part Lonely Planet, one part tell-all family memoir, this is the definitive and hilarious guide on how to survive your family holiday, by Jack Whitehall, with a little bit of help from Michael and Hilary Whitehall. No one family has more experience of travelling together than the Whitehalls. Indeed they've been allowing us a window to their escapades for the past five years in the hit Netflix show 'Travels with my Father' and in this hilarious book they have now decided to pool their advice for fellow travellers. To lay out the pitfalls of family holidays. The dos and don'ts, the highs and lows. In doing so they are sharing some of their best anecdotes. Their most extreme experiences and their most valuable advice. It is part memoir of family life, part travel guide, and full on, laugh-out-loud funny. Whatever your version of holiday preparation the truth is always this: if it is with one's own family, no amount of sunshine, wine or holiday spirit will stop your worst character traits coming to the surface. You have just volunteered to spend a week in close proximity with the people who know you best and who will never ever let you forget a f***-up. No one survives unscathed. Things are always going to end in tears, you can only hope they're of laughter.

Maggie By The Book

Author: Kasey Michaels

Publisher: Kathryn Seidick


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

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Book Two in The Maggie Kelly Mystery Series by New York Times Bestselling Author Kasey Michaels. Best selling mystery author Maggie Kelly has a problem, and his name is Alexandre Blake, Viscount St. Just, who until recently resided in her creative mind and those best selling books set during the time of the English Regency. Now he’s residing in her apartment. Alex is not happy living off his creator’s largesse, and sees a chance to improve his fortunes by winning the Cover Model contest that will top off the We Are Romance (WAR) convention to be held in Manhattan. But within moments arriving at the hotel the mischief begins, with the nasty pranks against WAR members giving way to murder, one Alex naturally decides he, the great amateur Regency sleuth, will solve.

The Battle Within

Author: Travis L. Klingaman

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595446620

Category: Fiction

Page: 408

View: 4597

It appeared inevitable-Steven Brouschard was going to accomplish great things. He is intelligent, handsome, and equipped with the college degree he needs to obtain everything he ever wanted. It seemed nothing could hold him back. That is . almost nothing. Having already transcribed his lifelong dreams onto a tangible source to both motivate and remind, a series of eye-opening events transpire that reveal the unfortunate truth-his life had hit a brick wall. Haunted yet by a grave tragedy at the Palace of Westminster, he is torn between a mind-altering world of delusion and deceit where fact and fiction it seems-unbelievably coexist. Now, inhibited by his own perceptions more than anything, he is faced with the daunting tasks of overcoming his worst fears and conquering his greatest enemy of all. If not resolved soon, his incapacitating dissension from truth will entirely eclipse the shocking truth itself.

A Call Back Into The Secret Place

Author: Suzeeyanne Tinashe

Publisher: Suzeeyanne Tinashe


Category: Bibles

Page: N.A

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In a world that is tied up with pursuit of ministry, health and money, we find that God is still calling us to Himself. To Martha, Jesus said she worried about the wrong thing, what is the right thing? Discover how to get back into the arms of your Father in the secret place while you eliminate all elements of distractions and misunderstanding. Learn how to hear God's Voice for yourself again Learn how to sit in the secret place and discover God's Need for Intimacy with you.

Prince: Life and Times

Author: Jason Draper

Publisher: Chartwell Books

ISBN: 0760353638

Category: Music

Page: 216

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"Prince was a gift and a genius. He showed us that we have no limits." Alicia Keys "He was the most incredibly talented artist. A man in complete control of his work from writer and musician to producer and director." Kate Bush "The most amazing performer I have ever witnessed." Joni Mitchell "He Changed The World!!" Madonna In a career that spanned five decades, Prince really did change the world. After making some of most inventive albums of the 80s - including 1999, Purple Rain, and Sign "O" The Times - he turned his attention to redefining his role in the music industry, changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol, declaring war on Warner Bros, and leading the internet revolution. When he died, on April 21 2016, the world lost one of the few artists who could truly claim to be called a genius. His legacy lives on, and will remain an inspiration for all time. Prince: Life & Times is a large format, lavishly illustrated, authoritative chronicle of his career, covering every album, every movie, and every tour. It includes profiles of key collaborators, assesses his various business dealings, and details his many side-projects - on stage, on record, on screen, and beyond. This updated second edition includes detailed information on Prince's activity from 2008 to 2016.

Reforming the Playboy

Author: Karin Baine

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1488020612

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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From playboy…to father and husband? Hunter Torrance, former Demons hockey star, is back—now as the team physiotherapist. And while team doctor Charlotte Michaels doesn't believe he's changed his playboy ways, the attraction between them is undeniable! Hunter has worked hard at becoming a father to little Alfie, his newly found son. With Charlotte's help, he knows he can be—though she guards her heart as fiercely as he does his. He's sure they could be a family—if only they can take the risk!

Wolverine: Weapon X

Author: Marc Cerasini

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 141652164X

Category: Fiction

Page: 382

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A violent drifter with a mysterious past and petty criminal fleeing a murder rap, Logan is kidnapped and taken to a secret research complex in the Canadian Rockies, where he becomes a guinea pig in a top-secret biotechnology experiment designed to harness his mutant powers and transform him into a powerful killing machine. Original.

Television Goes to the Movies

Author: Jonathan Gray,Derek Johnson

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351105957

Category: Social Science

Page: 150

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Television and film have always been connected, but recent years have seen them overlapping, collaborating, and moving towards each other in ever more ways. Set amidst this moment of unprecedented synergy, this book examines how television and film culture interact in the 21st century. Both media appear side by side in many platforms or venues, stories and storytellers cross between them, they regularly have common owners, and they discuss each other constantly. Jonathan Gray and Derek Johnson examine what happens at these points of interaction, studying the imaginary borderlands between each medium, the boundary maintenance that quickly envelops much discussion of interaction, and ultimately what we allow or require television and film to be. Offering separate chapters on television exhibition at movie theaters, cinematic representations of television, television-to-film and film-to-television adaptations, and television producers crossing over to film, the book explores how each zone of interaction invokes fervid debate of the roles that producers, audiences, and critics want and need each medium to play. From Game of Thrones to The TV Set, Bewitched to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, hundreds of TV shows and films are discussed. Television Goes to the Movies will be of interest to students and scholars of television studies, film studies, media studies, popular culture, adaptation studies, production studies, and media industries.

The Armchair Diplomat on Europe

Author: Melissa Rossi

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141954221

Category: Political Science

Page: 768

View: 9253

It happens all the time: you're watching the Champion's League, pondering Robert Kilroy Silk's unnatural glow, reading the latest newspaper debate about EU bendy banana laws, and thinking: what's really going on in Europe? Does anyone actually know what they're talking about? And where are Riga and Vilnius anyway? You needn't worry any more. With this armchair guide you'll discover the strange and fascinating world that calls itself Europe - without ever having to leave your own home. There are insights into culture (how to join the Finns beating themselves with birch twigs in the sauna); the lowdown on the people that matter (porn stars turned politicians in Italy); fascinating facts and explanations of historical rifts (and you thought the relationship between Britain and France was bad). You'll find out how to talk like Berlusconi, unravel the workings of the EU and guide yourself from the Baltics to Belgium, Portugal to Poland. The Armchair Diplomat: Europe offers the basics of euro-education for very little pain. Perfect for slackers with a passion for travel.