Bad with Money

Author: Gaby Dunn

Publisher: Atria Books

ISBN: 9781501176333

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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“Humorous and forthright...[Gaby] Dunn makes facing money issues seem not only palatable but possibly even fun....Dunn’s book delivers.” —Publishers Weekly The beloved writer-comedian expands on her popular podcast with an engaging and empowering financial literacy book for Millennials and Gen Z. In the first episode of her “Bad With Money” podcast, Gaby Dunn asked patrons at a coffee shop two questions: First, what’s your favorite sex position? Everyone was game to answer, even the barista. Then, she asked how much money was in their bank accounts. People were aghast. “That’s a very personal question,” they insisted. And therein lies the problem. Dunn argues that our inability to speak honestly about money is our #1 barrier to understanding it, leading us to feel alone, ashamed and anxious, which in turns makes us feel even more overwhelmed by it. In Bad With Money, she reveals the legitimate, systemic reasons behind our feeling of helplessness when it comes to personal finance, demystifying the many signposts on the road to getting our financial sh*t together, like how to choose an insurance plan or buy a car, sign up for a credit card or take out student loans. She speaks directly to her audience, offering advice on how to make that #freelancelyfe work for you, navigate money while you date, and budget without becoming a Nobel-winning economist overnight. Even a topic as notoriously dry as money becomes hilarious and engaging in the hands of Dunn, who weaves her own stories with the perspectives of various comedians, artists, students, and more, arguing that—even without selling our bodies to science or suffering the indignity of snobby thrift shop buyers—we can all start taking control of our financial futures.

How a Mother Should Talk About Money with Her Daughter

Author: Aja McClanahan

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1621537439

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

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A Guide to Talking Finances with Our Daughters! As many as 56% of women feel that they’d rather not talk about money with their loved ones. Some women say they were raised not to discuss money and others feel like the information is just too personal. Yet with many women controlling household budgets and raising the next generation of female earners, this could be a recipe for disaster in some homes and for society at large. How a Mother Should Talk About Money with Her Daughter helps readers broach money topics with their daughters in a meaningful, compassionate, and even fun way. It speaks to parents who may feel inadequate about their own money skills but still want to discuss money with their daughters while helping them build good financial habits. The goal is to start conversations that leave parents and girls empowered to love themselves (through good money management) and make the world a better place with their financial resources. Topics include how to save as a young person, the pros and cons of investing, how to determine which college is right (in terms of finances and future job prospects), how to determine a future partner is right (in terms of similar financial goals), and more.

Women with Money

Author: Jean Chatzky

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1538745372

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

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Get paid what you're worth, build secure relationships, and make your money last with this valuable guide from a Today show financial editor and bestselling author. Ask successful women what they want from their money and they'll tell you: independence, security, choices, a better world, and--oh yes--way less stress, not just for themselves but for their kids, partners, parents, and friends. Through a series of HerMoney Happy Hour discussions (when money is the topic, wine helps) and one-on-one conversations, Jean Chatzky gets women to open up about the one topic we still never talk about. Then she flips the script and charts a pathway to this joyful, purpose-filled life that today's women not only want but also, finally, have the resources to afford. Through Chatzky's candid three-part plan--formed through detailed reporting with the world's top economists, psychiatrists, behaviorists, financial planners, and attorneys, as well as her own two decades of experience in the field--readers will learn to: 1. Explore their relationships with money,2. Take control of their money, and 3. Use their money to create the life they want. Women With Money shows readers how to wrap their hands around tactical solutions to get paid what they deserve, become inspired to start businesses, invest for tomorrow, make their money last, and then use that money to foster secure relationships, raise independent and confident children, send those kids to college, care for their aging parents, leave a legacy, and--best of all--bring them joy!

Moonlighting on the Internet

Author: Shelby Larson

Publisher: Entrepreneur Press

ISBN: 1613083211

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 308

View: 7797

MAKE AN EXTRA $1000 PER MONTH IN JUST 5-10 HOURS PER WEEK Moonlighting on the Internet presents the most reliable and proven ways to create extra income for the short term and establish a continual revenue stream for the long term -- giving consideration to your time and lifestyle needs. Internet entrepreneur Shelby Larson does not encourage you to “make money from home in your underwear,” or present “the magic-bullet plan to making millions.” Instead, Larson shows you how to: • Assess your skills, resources, and goals • Evaluate the right profit path for you • Find clients, create proposals, manage projects, and set rates • Market your website using smart, high-quality content that ranks well • Generate traffic using display ads, retargeting, and other traffic drivers • Distribute content using social media, Q&A sites, and forums • Create sales funnels using proven traffic strategies and tactics

Make Peace with Money

Author: Lorna McLeod

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781732906204


Page: 208

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Put the Stress to Bed and Awaken Your Peace: There's a Better Way to Approach Your Finance Do you wish money was a source of gratitude, fun, and serene accomplishment rather than arguments and anxiety? Would you prefer to spend more of your precious time and energy fulfilling your dreams and less of it worrying about making ends meet? What would it feel like to have a more harmonious relationship with money? Make Peace With Money: Redefine Your Relationship with Money, Master Your Personal Finances, and Discover True Wealth, written by certified financial coach Lorna McLeod, will help you do just that. In her younger years, Lorna experienced a number of financial difficulties herself. She assumed, like many of us do, that she was doomed because she was bad with money. But the truth was actually simpler: She'd never learned money management skills. If you're in the same boat, don't fear: It is possible to take control of your finances, cultivate a happy and whole relationship with your bank account, and discover the true wealth for which you've been searching. Inside this book, you'll learn: Common financial misconceptions that lead even the wealthy astray Whether or not you're currently at war with money How self-limiting beliefs sabotage your efforts and keep you in a state of anxiety How to move from a state of insufficiency to one of sufficiency The benefits of discovering your purpose and how it relates to your money How to choose ease over struggle ... even when it doesn't seem possible How to carry your new-found peace with money out into the world and make a real difference Lorna has helped innumerable people become more effective and happier with their money through private coaching. She is the founder of the Make Peace with Money program, and uses her background to guide the reader with wit, humor, raw personal stories and 27 years' experience in her field. Her wisdom and compassion make an otherwise dry and stressful subject both soothing and approachable. It's a book of action as well. Inside these pages, you'll discover how you can address tax time with confidence, deal with cash flow challenges, plan for retirement, achieve your monetary worth and much more with ease. If you're ready to see major changes in personal peace with your finances, don't wait any longer. Let Lorna teach you the skills needed to succeed in your finances with peace of mind. Don't wait. Buy this book NOW to build the happier, healthier, stronger financial foundation your life deserves!Pick up your copy today by clicking the BUY NOW button at the top of this page!

Real Life Money

Author: Clare Seal

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1472272307

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 7914

'Want to finally get a grip on your cash? This is the book for you' Cosmopolitan 'The book everyone should read' Stylist 'Packed with encouragement, support and wisdom' Anna Mathur, author of Mind Over Mother Real Life Money is a holistic approach to personal finance that addresses the deeper causes of debt and financial difficulties. Part memoir, part guide, Real Life Money takes the reader on a journey that can be adapted to their own pace and circumstances. It will cover everything from how to negotiate repayment terms with creditors and setting realistic budgets without punishing yourself, to dealing with money anxiety. The goal is not to get rich overnight, or to pay off debt at the expense of all of life's pleasures, but rather to gain an understanding of why we feel the way we do about money, and how we can use that to change our mindset and our finances for good.

How To Save It

Author: Bola Sol

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1529119189

Category: Self-Help

Page: 144

View: 7587

Introducing the new 'How To...' series from #Merky Books: unlock your potential with our short, practical pocket-sized guides. _______________________________________________________ How To Save It: Fix Your Finances Fixing your finances starts with facing your finances. This indispensable guide will help you confront the awkwardness of having conversations about your money and what to do with it. In seven accessible chapters' financial wellness guru Bola Sol, will guide you through all your money essentials - from saving, to budgeting, dealing with your debt, building your credit, and taking your first steps to investing Packed with practical tips and straightforward advice, this is the book that will change your relationship with money for the better. Written by Bola Sol Foreword Moneybox _______________________________________________________ Designed to inspire and encourage readers to unlock their potential and provoke change, the How To series offers a new model in publishing, helping to break down knowledge barriers and uplift the next generation. Creatively presented and packed with clear, step-by-step, practical advice, this series is essential reading for anyone seeking guidance to thrive in the modern world. Curate your bookshelf with these collectible titles.

It's Not About the Money

Author: Bob Proctor

Publisher: Gildan Media LLC aka G&D Media

ISBN: 1722520728

Category: Self-Help

Page: 256

View: 9088

The valuable lesson contained in this book is that the best way to attract prosperity is to abandon the pursuit of wealth and allow it to flow toward oneself. The ancient laws of attraction are explained in plain language and applied in an economic framework—a new perspective not found in other popular explications of these principles. A path to prosperity is offered in tandem with guidance for achieving harmony in both professional and personal spheres while strategies to overcome destructive thinking patterns and to sustain the flow of wealth while channeling it constructively are delineated. Profiles of individuals who pursued their passion rather than profit, and subsequently reaped immense rewards, will inspire those seeking to transform their lives.

We Should All Be Millionaires

Author: Rachel Rodgers

Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership

ISBN: 1400221633

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 9180

While ninety percent of the world’s millionaires are men, only ten percent are women, making it difficult for women to wield the economic power that will create lasting equality. Rachel Rodgers, founder of Hello Seven, a company that coaches women in scaling their businesses and their lives to seven figures, says it’s time for a change. Women deserve the economic power and equality that comes with wealth, and we all have it in us to be millionaires. We Should All Be Millionaires details a realistic, achievable, step-by-step path to become a millionaire within the next three years. Whatever is currently stopping you from having seven figures in the bank—whether it is doubt, feeling overwhelmed, imposter syndrome, trying too many things, or simply not knowing where to begin—this book shows you how to clear every obstacle in your way. We Should All Be Millionaires will forever change the way you think about money and your ability to earn it. In this book, Rachel Rodgers—mother of four, attorney, business owner, and self-made Black millionaire— shares the lessons she’s learned both in her own journey to wealth and in coaching hundreds of women through their own journeys to seven figures. Inside, you’ll learn: Why earning more money is not “selfish” or “greedy” but in fact, a revolutionary act that brings the economy into balance and creates a better world for all. Why most of the financial advice you’ve heard in the past (like “skip your daily latte to save money”) is absolute nonsense. An eye-opening history lesson on how women and people of color have been shut out of the ability to build wealth for centuries—and how we can fix this. How to stop making broke-ass decisions that leave you feeling emotionally and financially depleted, and start making million dollar decisions instead. Why aiming to earn $100K per year is not enough, and why you need to be setting your goals much higher. The crucial ingredients you need if you are serious about becoming a millionaire: including your million-dollar vision, million-dollar squad, and more. Strategies to bring more money in the door and fatten your bank account immediately. (Including Rodgers’ $10K in 10 Days Challenge which hundreds of women have completed—with incredible results.) It’s time to construct an entirely new attitude about money, claim your power, and build the financial security that you need and deserve.

English 365. Bd. 1. Student's Book

Author: Bob Dignen,Steve Flinders,Simon Sweeney

Publisher: Ernst Klett Sprachen

ISBN: 9783125334618


Page: 143

View: 572