A Balcony Over Jerusalem: a Memoir of Occupation

Author: John Lyons

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781460752562


Page: 352

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A gripping memoir of life in Jerusalem from one of Australia's most experienced Middle East correspondents. Israel has controlled the West Bank for more than 40 years. For 20 years, John Lyons has been writing about the occupation and the persistence of the conflict around the 'Settlements' - and their broader implications for world peace amid the growing turbulence in the Arab world and the emergence of the Islamic State. This is a book written from the battle-scarred heart of one of the world's most disputed territories. John Lyons lived in Jerusalem for six years, sending his son to a local school and befriending his Israeli neighbours. He has confronted Hamas officials about rockets fired into Israel and Israeli soldiers about tear gas shot at Palestinian children. He has been kidnapped in the line of work. By telling the story of his travels in the region he paints a vivid picture of daily life against the backdrop of the Arab-Israeli conflict, at times dazzling, at other times tragic.

Balcony Over Jerusalem

Author: John Lyons

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 1460707427

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 384

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A gripping memoir of life in Jerusalem from one of Australia's most experienced Middle East correspondents. Leading Australian journalist John Lyons will take readers on a fascinating personal journey through the wonders and dangers of the Middle East. From the sheer excitement of arriving in Jerusalem with his wife and eight-year-old son, to the fall of dictators and his gripping account of what it feels like to be taken by Egyptian soldiers, blindfolded and interrogated, this is a memoir of the Middle East like no other. Drawing on a 20-year interest in the Middle East, Lyons has had extraordinary access - he's interviewed everyone from Israel's former Prime Ministers Shimon Peres and Ehud Olmert to key figures from Hezbollah and Hamas. He's witnessed the brutal Iranian Revolutionary Guard up close and was one of the last foreign journalists in Iran during the violent crackdown against the 'Green Revolution'. He's confronted Hamas officials about why they fire rockets into Israel and Israeli soldiers about why they fire tear gas at Palestinian school children. By telling the story of his family travelling through the region, this book is extremely readable and entertaining, full of humour, colour. It is sometimes dazzling in its detail, sometimes tragic. Lyons says he has written it in a way that readers can feel they are there with him - so they can smell the wonderful markets of the Middle East and feel the fear of what it is like to be blindfolded and have your hands bound with electrical cord. Lyons also looks at 50 years of Israeli occupation of the West Bank - the mechanics of how this works and the effect it now has on both Israelis and Palestinians. Lyons explains the Middle East through every day life and experiences - his son's school, his wife's friends and his own dealings with a range of people over six years. If you only read one book on the Middle East, this is it.

Political Marketing and Public Diplomacy by Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestinian Advocacy Groups

Author: Andrew Lim

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 3031153324

Category: Political Science

Page: 160

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This book looks at how both advocacy groups in New Zealand and Australia use political marketing to conduct advocacy and support Israeli and Palestinian public diplomacy and nation branding. The focus lies on their marketing orientation, segmentation/ targeting/ positioning (STP), and internal marketing practices. The theoretical framework will draw upon several political marketing frameworks and concepts including the product/sales/market-oriented framework, the STP process, and Petitt's internal stakeholder marketing approaches. The book examines four case studies: (1) the Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa (PSNA), (2) the Israel Institute of New Zealand (IINZ), (3) the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC), and (4) the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN). To ensure balance and comparison, four groups representing both the pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian camps in NZ and Australia were selected. Other criteria included their broad scope of activity, approachability and accessibility, as well as connections to state actors through advocacy, public diplomacy, and nation branding.

Representing Palestine

Author: Peter Manning

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1838609032

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

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After more than half a century, the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to dominate headlines. But how has the coverage of Palestinians by foreign media changed? How did foreign correspondents influence the perception of Palestine amongst their audiences? And why is understanding this so important? Based on extensive original research in the archives of Australia's oldest newspaper, Peter Manning shows how the Sydney Morning Herald portrayed Palestine during three key periods - the end of World War I (1917-8); the Nakba and the creation of Israel (1947-8); and 9/11 and its aftermath (2000-2). In the process, he takes the reader on a unique journey from the moment information was gathered on the ground in Palestine, through to its final processing and publication. Crucially, when correspondents neglected to write about Palestinians, their perspective never made it to readers and a space emerged for stereotyping and misunderstanding. Manning reveals how the newspaper reported on key events such as Australian troops in Palestine and the Holocaust, but also how the newspaper failed to cover massacres and forced migrations. Combining close textual analysis of more than 10,000 articles with cutting-edge quantitative research methods, this book is important reading for anyone with an interest in how the print media has portrayed the conflict in Palestine - both in Australia and beyond.

Dateline Jerusalem

Author: John Lyons

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781922464842


Page: 96

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Rarely is the public taken deep into the inner sanctum of major news organisations. In this extraordinary book, award-winning journalist John Lyons goes to the heart of how the media reports--or does not report--one of the biggest stories of our time: the conflict in the Middle East. He looks at the power of lobby groups and shows how they determine much of what is written about Israel, and he turns the spotlight on his own profession and its failings. For Lyons, the six years he spent in Jerusalem as Middle East correspondent for The Australian were the toughest of his forty-year career. He explains how lobby groups attempt to prevent the real story being told and describes how journalists who accurately report what they see can be hounded and vilified, part of a practice of intimidation, harassment and influence peddling that is designed to stop the truth from being told--a practice that must stop. This is an insider's account of why the real story of the Israel-Palestine conflict goes largely unreported. It is also the story of why, in the wake of the international backlash against media coverage of the May 2021 Israel-Hamas violence, this could be about to change.

Emerging from the Rubble

Author: David W.T. Bell,Dave Griffiths

Publisher: Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN: 1839756004

Category: Fiction

Page: 114

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Emerging from the Rubble’ charts the story of four resurrected people from different centuries being sent as a team to encourage hope and love in a post-apocalyptic community. All infrastructure is gone and the surviving humans are starting again, almost from scratch. Navigating relationships with tyrannical patriarchs, abused women, downtrodden men and perceived enemies, these four have much to teach and yet so much to learn. This book aims to excite questions and conversation about a possible future for humankind based on a particular view of Christian eschatology and the biblical concept that God loves everyone.


Author: Yoram Peri

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 0804750025

Category: Political Science

Page: 384

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This is the first account of Benjamin Netanyahu’s political communication strategy during his term as prime minister. It presents the dramatic cultural and political changes that occurred in Israel in the 1990s with the creation of media-centered democracy. The author shows how Netanyahu used these to construct his political project—Telepopulism.

Unnatural Selection

Author: Tim Lebbon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1416507833

Category: Fiction

Page: 321

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As terrifying mythological creatures begin to appear around the world, from a dragon in Rio to a griffin in Madrid, the death toll begins to mount, and Hellboy and his associates at the PBRD are sent in to save the world from disaster, only to discover that the monsters herald an unparalled apocalyptic catastrophe. Original.

The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 5

Author: Merrill C. Tenney

Publisher: Zondervan

ISBN: 0310877008

Category: Religion

Page: 1264

View: 711

Revised edition. Volume 5 of 5. The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible has been a classic Bible study resource for more than thirty years. Now thoroughly revised, this new five-volume edition provides up-to-date entries based on the latest scholarship. Beautiful full-color pictures supplement the text, which includes new articles in addition to thorough updates and improvements of existing topics. Different viewpoints of scholarship permit a wellrounded perspective on significant issues relating to doctrines, themes, and biblical interpretation. The goal remains the same: to provide pastors, teachers, students, and devoted Bible readers a comprehensive and reliable library of information. • More than 5,000 pages of vital information on Bible lands and people • More than 7,500 articles alphabetically arranged for easy reference • Hundreds of full-color and black-and-white illustrations, charts, and graphs • 32 pages of full-color maps and hundreds of black-and-white outline maps for ready reference • Scholarly articles ranging across the entire spectrum of theological and biblical topics, backed by the most current body of archaeological research • 238 contributors from around the world

Soldiering for Peace

Author: Carl C:son von Horn,Carl von Horn

Publisher: N.A



Page: 440

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Experiences and critical commentary of the author as a commander of United Nations peace-keeping forces in trouble spots of the world including Israel, the Congo and Yemen.