Battered, Broken, Healed

Author: Maggie Hartley

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409177033

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 304

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A new challenge faces foster carer Maggie Hartley: this time it's not a child that's at risk, it's her mother. Can Maggie help Hailey to escape her abusive husband, and reunite her with her baby daughter? A heartbreaking true story perfect for fans of Cathy Glass, Casey Watson, Angela Hart and Rosie Lewis. ***** A TRUE STORY BY THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR MAGGIE HARTLEY When six-week-old Jasmine is placed in her care, foster mother Maggie Hartley is delighted to have a baby in the house again. Maggie's been given temporary custody of Jasmine after social services were concerned that the baby was failing to thrive and develop. With Maggie's love and care, Jasmine soon flourishes into a healthy, happy baby - but it is clear that all is not quite as it seems with her mum, Hailey. Timid, pale and withdrawn, Hailey looks as though she is carrying the weight of the world onher shoulders. Maggie fears she may be suffering from postnatal depression until late one night she discovers Hailey on her doorstep, her body battered and broken, her spirit crushed. Hailey admits that her husband has been abusing her for years, but this revelation places Maggie in an awful situation: there's no way Hailey can regain custody of Jasmine until her husband is off the scene. But after years of physical and emotional abuse, can Hailey find the strength to leave him? An uplifting and ultimately redemptive story by Sunday Times bestselling foster carer Maggie Hartley. Perfect for fans of Cathy Glass, Casey Watson, Angela Hart and Rosie Lewis.

Battered, Broken, Healed

Author: Miriam Mwaria

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781545296370

Category: Abused women

Page: 56

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Battered, Broken, Healed is a real-life journey of domestic abuse, the effects, the challenges as well as the victories and rewards that can be experienced through overcoming. The book offers candid details depicting the struggles one faces in an abusive situation. It also illustrates that it is possible to break free from the bondage of abuse and, with help, move on to a healthy, productive life.

Be Healed From Within

Author: Trineka Y Anderson

Publisher: Independently Published

ISBN: 9781075267697


Page: 50

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Be Healed From Within, bruised, battered, broken- this devotional will help you to get through tough times. In this book, it address and deal with several topics we deal with daily. This book gives biblical references which help us to cope with these challenges. The scriptural references help you to better understand that you are not and the fight alone, but there are others dealing with the same or similar situations. This book of devotions serves as a roadmap to help one deal with daily problems that otherwise may be confusing to their lives. Each chapter in this book focuses on everyday challenges. The book encourages us to remember that no matter what we face always lean and depend on God.

Coming Apart

Author: Daphne Rose Kingma

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1642502995

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 165

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For those suffering from divorce, a breakup, or heartache, “Kingma deals with love so directly . . . [she] brings immediate comfort to anyone in pain” (LA Weekly). Originally published in 1987 and continuously in print since then, Coming Apart has been an important resource for hundreds of thousands of readers going through the devastation of unraveling relationships. Love is great; a broken heart, not so much. Usually accompanied by insomnia, loss of appetite, and depression, the end of a relationship is a hard time for anyone. Getting over a breakup requires grit and understanding. This breakup first aid kit helps you get through heartbreak without falling apart—and with your self-esteem intact. While only time can heal wounds, understanding what transpired in each of our relationships is what allows us to finally let go and move on. With a refreshing perspective on relationships, Coming Apart helps us understand that all relationships come with lessons to be learned. So, rather than obsess over your ex, explore the critical facets of relationship breakdowns: · Why we choose who we choose · What relationships are really about · The life span of love · How to get through the end · A personal workbook to process and move forward “A profoundly intelligent, compassionate, and kindhearted healing process that is highly transformative and which will literally weave you back to wholeness in all those places where you've felt betrayed, battered, broken, and bruised.” —from the foreword by Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of the New York Times bestseller Conscious Uncoupling

I Did, I Do, Again

Author: W. L. Cati

Publisher: Destiny Image Incorporated

ISBN: 9780768423303

Category: Religion

Page: 166

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I Did, I Do, Again is for women who are going through, have gone through, or are afraid to go through divorce. The author does not preach that those who divorce are going to hell because of it-but at the same time does not encourage it. I Did, I Do, Again guides one on how to choose a mate based on the Holy Spirit's guidance, and explains what covenant is really all about.

Warrior Without Rules

Author: Nancy Gideon

Publisher: Silhouette

ISBN: 9780373274529

Category: Fiction

Page: 249

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Warrior Without Rules by Nancy Gideon released on Jul 26, 2005 is available now for purchase.

Broken in Plain Sight

Author: Bridgette Lachelle Collins

Publisher: Origins Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780979093234

Category: Fiction

Page: 330

View: 8111

Collins taps into the world of broken hearts and battered souls through her new work that highlights the struggle of Uncle Bert, a successful business owner and state representative, who has carried around the guilt and regret of not coming to the aid of his now deceased sister, Saddie.