Be Love Now

Author: Ram Dass

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1446491803

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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As one of the most respected spiritual explorers of recent times, Ram Dass sparked a revolution with the publication of his 2-million-copy classic, Be Here Now. Since then, he has been a beacon for spiritual seekers worldwide, challenging us to find new sources of meaning and purpose in our lives. Be Love Now is a remarkable blend of autobiography and timeless spiritual insights. From his beginnings as a Harvard psychologist and psychedelic adventurer to his profound encounters with his Indian guru, Neem Karoli Baba, and moving beyond the reawakening brought on by his near-fatal illness, Ram Dass strikes a practical, humorous, soul-stirring chord in today's egotistical and lonely world. While offering us his rich life experiences, he also holds out a timeless, wonderfully universal adventure that will open our hearts and minds.

The 10 Principles of Personal Longevity

Author: Martin K. Ettington

Publisher: Martin K. Ettington


Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 173

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The 10 Principles of Longevity are a holistic philosophy of long term health, greater happiness, and extended longevity which will change your life. Written by well known internationally selling Author on Longevity Martin K. Ettington These principles include the following: The Reality of Long Lived People Defining Your Purpose in Life Enabling the Life Urge Your Spiritual Health Having Love in Your Heart Energy Body Health The Science of Longevity Physical Body Health Using your Intuition for Safety Implementation of these principles By following the principles in the book you will change your life forever and have a good chance of living to 150 years or older.

American Gurus

Author: Arthur Versluis

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199368139

Category: Religion

Page: 297

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Versluis shows how the convergence of Asian religions and Western mysticism produce the contemporary phenomenon of "spontaneously enlightened" gurus in America.

Love Now

Author: Heather Kristian Strang

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1982223944

Category: Self-Help

Page: 508

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You are love. You’re literally love incarnated into a physical body. And when you know this and take actions to live as who you truly are, your life will be miraculous. Miracles occur on the daily, on the hour even. Every day, in the pages of Love Now, you’ll find your bite-size dose of love inspiration—whether it’s a piece of guidance or a prayer or a specific love activism action to bring more love to the earth or an uplifting love quote or a healing transmission to soothe your soul. We want you engaged in a grand love affair with yourself and with the world at large, and Love Now gives you the practical, simple love doses you need to do exactly this. Love Now will allow you to effortlessly live more as the love and miracle you truly are. This in turn creates a ripple effect of love on our earth. How brilliant, yes? Now let’s get started . . .