Beasts in My Belfry

Author: Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Non Pareil Books

ISBN: 9781567925845

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 216

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For fans of the PBS Masterpiece Theater series, The Durrells in Corfu--here's what happened next! When Gerald Durrell was eight, his family, lead by his intrepid, imperturbable mother, went abroad and settled in Corfu. The story of the family life's there is told in Fauna and Family. Then the Durrells returned to England in 1939 and the family's story continues in Fillets of Plaice. Finally, in 1945, the young zoologist finally came to work at his first actual zoo in Beasts in My Belfry). It was Whipsnade Zoo--then a new concept in open-range animal exhibits--where Durrell joined in as a student keeper with Albert the lion, Babs the polar bear, and a baby Père David's deer among his first charges. In this entertaining history, he recaptures all the passion that permeated those early years, while conveying his insight into and affection for both four- and two-footed creatures. The book is full of larger-than-life animal characters: the bear who sang operatic arias with one paw clasped to his breast, his bosom friend Billy the goat, playful zebras, and a host of equally endearing and memorable critters. This is Durrell at his best.

Beasts in My Belfry

Author: Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447214099

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 135

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Written with Gerald Durrell's usual sharp eye for observing humour in any situation, Beasts in my Belfry will delight fans both old and new. At the age of two I made up my mind quite firmly and unequivocally that the only thing I wanted to do was study animals. Nothing else interested me. Beasts in My Belfry is a charming account of Gerald Durrell's first job in 1945 as a student keeper at Whipsnade Zoo. Over a year, we encounter a typically absurd cast – including Albert the lion, who's a dab hand at ventriloquism, and Teddy the brown bear, with whom the young Durrell sings duets. With notebook and pen in hand, the eager young Durrell observes his co-workers and animal charges alike. Whether getting dirty mucking out the buffalo enclosure or attempting to cajole a jitter-bugging gnu into a transportation crate, life at the zoo is certainly never boring.

Two in the Bush

Author: Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1447214536

Category: Nature

Page: 150

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Two in the Bush is a record of the six-month journey which took Gerald Durrell, his wife Jacquie, and two cameramen through New Zealand, Australia and Malaya. The object was, first, to see what was being done about the conservation of wild life in these countries, and, secondly, to make a series of television films for the BBC. They were introduced to many rare and remarkable animals – Royal Albatrosses, Tuataras, Duck-Billed Platypuses, Flying Lizards and Long-Nosed Bandicoots, as well as to some equally unusual humans. Anyone who has read The Overloaded Ark, The Bafut Beagles or The Whispering Land will have enjoyed Gerald Durrell’s enthusiastic adventuring and his delight in the absurdity of the situations in which he finds himself. His observation of animal – and human – behaviour is always informative and often hilarious.

Rosy Is My Relative

Author: Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 144721451X

Category: Fiction

Page: 170

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Written with Gerald Durrell's usual sharp eye for observing humour in any situation, Rosy Is My Relative will delight fans both old and new. At the age of thirty, Adrian Rookwhistle's life hasn't quite turned out the way he'd have hoped. Working an unfulfilling job as a clerk in the city and living under the tyranny of his fearsome landlady, he can't help but think that there is more to life. However, all of this suddenly changes when he receives a curious letter from his dying uncle who has bequeathed him £500 and an elephant by the name of Rosy who has a seemingly unquenchable thirst for liquor. At a loss of what to do with his unexpectedly gargantuan – and rarely sober – inheritance, Adrian sets forth on a journey believing to have the answer to his dilemma; he'll give her away to the circus. Together Adrian and Rosy carve a trail of destruction through the peaceful countryside of southern England, meeting a curious cast of misfits along the way. Drunk or sober, Rosy spreads chaos in her wake, until the full weight of the law finally catches up with her . . .


Author: Dr. Nabil M. Abdel-Al

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1524600768

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 536

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This anthology is an amalgam of the authors output in the domains of interpretation, translation, and literary scholarship. It is a serious attempt to highlight the cardinal traits common to said fields. This research is a vested trek into the inner workings of the authors profession; interpretation and translation, as well as his standing engagement with literary genres throughout the ages. The books uniqueness resides in treating a diversity of matters interrelated in various ways, although on the surface it appears to make up a queer admixture of dissimilar elementshence the title, Convergences. Interpretation and translation are twin vocations, and between them, convergence is all encompassing. Both transform a message from a source to a target language. Complementary and mutually supportive as they are, yet there is a train of difference in the execution of these two inseparable professions: the method, nature and techniques involved in each. Interpretation is the instantaneous, the simultaneous, in a word the express mode of communication; and translation is the meditative, the slow or the local medium of correspondence. Concomitantly, literature is the crucible for teleologically permeable convergences and incredible divergences. It has a noble ontological message and brings out humanitys hidden treasures, experiences, thoughts, and choices. Literatures lofty missive is grounded in understanding the scenes, events, and characters it depicts excerpts of which feed into discourses to be interpreted and translated. Clients come up with multiple interpretations depending on circumstances and the context in which texts are couched.

My Family and Other Animals

Author: Gerald Durrell

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141936096

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 277

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My Family and Other Animals is the bewitching account of a rare and magical childhood on the island of Corfu by treasured British conservationist Gerald Durrell. It is also the first book in Durrell's Corfu Trilogy, which inspired ITV's television series The Durrells. Escaping the ills of the British climate, the Durrell family - acne-ridden Margo, gun-toting Leslie, bookworm Lawrence and budding naturalist Gerry, along with their long-suffering mother and Roger the dog - take off for the island of Corfu. But the Durrells find that, reluctantly, they must share their various villas with a menagerie of local fauna - among them scorpions, geckos, toads, bats and butterflies. Recounted with immense humour and charm My Family and Other Animals is a wonderful account of a rare, magical childhood. 'Durrell has an uncanny knack of discovering human as well as animal eccentricities' Sunday Telegraph 'A bewitching book' Sunday Times

Impressions 8, 2/E

Author: Bhattacharya Supriya

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131727775


Page: 252

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Puffin Good Reading Guide for Children

Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 9780143335078


Page: 282

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A comprehensive guide to fiction in English for readers aged four to sixteen, The Puffin Good Reading Guide for Children is divided into three sections to suit every age group. It has entries listing over 1000 books, and is divided into categories with cross-references so that children can read more in genres they like. It includes both classics and the best of contemporary works and books from all over the world. With an introduction by Ruskin Bond, India's best-known children's writer in English, The Puffin Good Reading Guide is an invaluable resource for children who love books, as well as for parents and friends looking for the right book for the young people in their lives.