Because We Are Bad

Author: Lily Bailey

Publisher: Canbury Press

ISBN: 0993040748

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 256

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WASHINGTON POST TOP 50 NON-FICTION BOOK 'Extremely compelling' - The Guardian 'Searing... funny, eloquent and honest' - Psychologies 'Remarkable... I hope this book finds a wide readership' - Washington Post __________________________________________ As a child, Lily Bailey knew she was bad. By the age of 13, she had killed someone with a thought, spread untold disease, and spied upon her classmates. Only by performing a series of secret routines could she correct her wrongdoing. But it was never enough. She had a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and it came with a bizarre twist. This true story is from a startling new voice in non-fiction. It lights up the workings of the mind like Mark Haddon or Matt Haig. Anyone who wants to know about OCD, and how to fight back, should read this book. Immerse yourself in a new world. Reviews Model and journalist Bailey offers an authentic and stunning account of her struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in this beautifully-rendered memoir. - Publishers Weekly I laughed, I cried. I could not put this book down. Intensely moving with flashes of black humour, Because We Are Bad is the compelling account of one young woman's experience of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. - Rosanna Greenstreet writes for The Guardian Often as chilling as Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar, but also full of so much inner and external turbulence that it reminded me at times of The Bourne Identity and Memento.Because We Are Bad is an intense heart-rending roller coaster of a book... - Will Black, Huffpost UK A harrowingly honest memoir of profound psychological struggle. In her courageous book, the author offers compelling insight into the pain and destructive power of OCD as well as the resilience of a young woman determined to beat the odds. - Kirkus Reviews A fascinating read. It's brilliantly written; I felt inside your head - Ray D'Arcy Show, RTE Radio 1 Because We Are Bad is an emotional, challenging read. Lily takes us deep into the heart of the illness but she is also a deft writer, and even the darkest moments are peppered with wit and wry observations. - James Lloyd, OCD-UK Remarkable. She writes with literary poise and a gift for mordant observation and self-deprecating humor that belie her youth. I hope this book finds a wide readership. - Scott Stossel, Washington Post It's a fascinating read... Buy the book! Buy the book! - Jo Good, BBC Radio London


Author: Chonyi Taylor

Publisher: Shambhala Publications

ISBN: 1559399872

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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All of us are caught up in addictions—big or small. Enough! presents a practical path that releases us from the grip of negative habits and addictions that block a full and meaningful life. We can learn how to undo our habits and addictions, but to do this we have to first find their triggers. With the right techniques, we can disarm them and learn more effective ways for dealing with the pain that so often underlies our problem-causing behaviors. Without the support of effective methods, we are likely to return to our addictions when pain and painful issues arise. Chönyi Taylor helps us break through that cycle, reconnect with ourselves and others, and feel more centered in our spiritual awareness. The meditations in this book are designed to develop familiarity with states of mind that can release us from addictive patterns. Presenting the essence of Buddhism without the jargon and fusing it with Western psychology, Chönyi Taylor engagingly combines practical exercises that were developed through her workshops with meditations and stories and presents invaluable insights about how the mind works. Enough! is intended for anyone who is looking for a powerful and effective way out of addiction, regardless of religious or secular background, and is suitable for self-study or as part of a guided program.

The Contemporary Middle Eastern Scene

Author: Gustav Stein,Gustav Steinbach

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3322971457

Category: Political Science

Page: 192

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The contributions to this volume are based on papers read at an international confer ence held in Hamburg in May 1978. Some of them are reprinted in their original form, others have been slightly modified in order to incorporate more recent findings. Since the overall concern is Middle Eastern development the various contributions deal with a wide range of problems. Studies on the Middle East are more often than not one-sided because of the pre dominating interest in the Arab-Israeli conflict and the economic factors relating to the supply of oil. At the Hamburg Conference, however, the participants concentrated main lyon examining such aspects of the situation as are far too often relegated to the side lines. In order to illustrate what those neglected topics are one should refer to two major examples: 1) the religio-cultural identity of Arabs and Israelis, 2) the tackling of political issues in Arab and Israeli literature.

The One Command

Author: Asara Lovejoy

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101611324

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 304

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If you believe that you have to struggle, save, work hard, and carefully invest in order to achieve financial security—then this book will change your mind and life forever. In The One Command, Asara Lovejoy introduces a new, simple process for tapping into your powerful mind to attract wealth. The six-step process will allow you to instantly stop your fearful negative thinking in its tracks, and reach the peaceful mental state of theta, from where you can naturally draw wealth and happiness to you. Asara says we all have the power within us to achieve a better life. Let go of the false idea that you can’t consciously control the infinite uncertainties surrounding your life, and discover the deep mental strength that is inherently yours. It’s time that you achieve the rich life you’ve always dreamed of. Surrender old ideas about money. Embrace radical concepts. You have the power to create and attract wealth

People Are No Damn Good

Author: Jimmy R. Watson

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1666796298

Category: Religion

Page: 202

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Over thirty-five years in the classroom and pulpit will give a person some perspective about homo ethicus--the ethical human being. In this intentionally non-academic contribution to the moral pursuit, Jimmy Watson offers personal anecdotes and reflections, sardonic wit, sarcastic humor, and most importantly, a wide array of information and laser-beam insights into his chosen field of study. He invites the reader to think deeply about the complexities and ambiguities of human nature and the discernment of good and evil from both secular and religious perspectives and encourages all of us to become the best damn people we can possibly be.

Beginning: Family Worship in Genesis

Author: Joel R. Beeke,Nick Thompson

Publisher: Reformation Heritage Books

ISBN: 1601788606

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Christians are counter-cultural: our primary goal should not be to raise intelligent, successful, competent, and upright citizens, our primary concern ought to be for the good of our children’s souls - and so for God’s glory. Teaching our children the Scriptures in a compelling, relevant, and holistic manner during daily family worship is one of the chief means we can achieve this. If you need help to do that – this is the series for you! It’s a comprehensive guide for the entire family and particularly children between the ages of 5–12. Using a unique Review/Read/Reflect/Request format, family worship has never been so fulfilling. Table of Contents: PART I: THE BEGINNING OF A WORLD (GENESIS 1–2) 1. In the Beginning, God 2. Our Triune Creator 3. The Light We See 4. The Air We Breathe 5. The Earth Beneath Our Feet 6. The Great Lights Above Us 7. The Animals We Love 8. Reflectors of God’s Glory 9. Kings Over God’s Creation 10. Rest from Our Labors 11. Clay in the Potter’s Hands 12. Priests in God’s House 13. The Choice of Life or Death 14. The First Marriage 15. Naked and Unashamed PART II: THE BEGINNING OF A WAR (GENESIS 3–11) 16. Our Ancient Foe 17. Our Tragic Fall 18. Our Death in Adam 19. It’s Not My Fault! 20. A Promise of War 21. Our Pain in the Present 22. Clothed by Grace 23. Kicked Out of Eden 24. Family Bloodshed 25. God’s Promise Will Stand 26. Death is Not the Final Word 27. A Faith that Longs 28. Only Evil Continually 29. Judgement or Salvation 30. God’s Saving Provision 31. God Shut the Door 32. Floodwaters of Judgment 33. Remembered by God 34. A Sweet-Smelling Sacrifice 35. A New Adam 36. Redemption’s Stage 37. A Bow in the Clouds 38. Noah’s Failure 39. The God of Shem 40. A Troublesome Tower PART III: THE BEGINNING OF A NATION (GENESIS 12–50) 41. Love Toward the Unlovely 42. A Blessed Trunk 43. A Believing Pilgrim 44. Famine in the Land 45. Lift Up Your Eyes 46. God Most High 47. A Faith that Justifies 48. A Covenant is Cut 49. Man-Made Salvation 50. The God Who Sees Me 51. Father of a Great Multitude 52. Blessing Via Curse 53. Unto You and Your Children 54. Help My Unbelief! 55. God with Us 56. The Just Judge of All the Earth 57. Escape for Your Life! 58. Delivered Yet Again 59. Unto Us a Child is Born 60. The Greatest Trial 61. A Ram Provided 62. A Permanent Inheritance 63. God’s Angel Will Go Before You 64. God Provides Once More 65. Finishing in Faith 66. Two Sons, Two Nations 67. Despising the Birthright 68. Like Father, Like Son 69. Deceived into Blessing 70. God’s Staircase 71. Humility Comes Hard 72. A Nation is Born 73. From Laban to Canaan 74. Wrestling with God 75. Brothers Reunited 76. A New Beginning 77. Funerals in the Promised Land 78. A Prince Among Brothers 79. From Royalty to Rags 80. Grace Breaking Through 81. A Dark Providence 82. Dreams from a Dungeon 83. Exalted by God 84. At Their Brother’s Feet 85. To Egypt Again 86. A Silver Cup, A Solemn Test 87. I Am Joseph! 88. Your Son is Alive! 89. Blessed Through Joseph 90. Our Home is Not in Egypt 91. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah 92. Finishing in Hope Appendix: Remember: Bible and Catechetical Memorization During Family Worship

Karma: The Power to Create Your World

Author: Sommer Matriangello

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 0359175015

Category: Religion

Page: 70

View: 1776

Karma is energy. It cannot be seen, heard, tasted or smelled, yet it exists. Your karmic energy is unique to you because it is created by your beliefs. When you have a belief, you look for proof in your daily life that it is true. You are drawn to people who have the same beliefs you do. And people are drawn to you because you have the same beliefs they do. You are always attracting and repelling people, things and situations daily. Your karmic energy determines the kind of people you let into your life, the kind of things you keep around you and the kind of situations you always find yourself in. It also determines the people, things and situations you avoid. This cause and effect is your karmic energy and your karmic energy determines the kind of life you will live and the kind of world you will help create. Once you learn to change your karmic energy, you will have the power to change your life.

Freedom: The End of the Human Condition

Author: Jeremy Griffith

Publisher: WTM Publishing and Communications

ISBN: 1741290252

Category: Science

Page: 798

View: 7673

FREEDOM has its own very informative website: visit The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can't go on the way it is going. Indeed, the great fear is we're entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self-destruction and self-discovery―the race to find the psychologically relieving understanding of our 'good and evil'-afflicted human condition. Well, astonishing as it is, this book by biologist Jeremy Griffith presents the 11th hour breakthrough biological explanation of the human condition necessary for the psychological rehabilitation and transformation of our species! The culmination of 40 years of studying and writing about our species' psychosis, FREEDOM delivers nothing less than the holy grail of insight we have needed to free ourselves from the human condition. It is, in short, as Professor Harry Prosen, a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, asserts in his Introduction, 'The book that saves the world'. Griffith has been able to venture right to the bottom of the dark depths of what it is to be human and return with the fully accountable, true explanation of our seemingly imperfect lives. At long last we have the redeeming and thus transforming understanding of human behaviour! And with that explanation found all the other great outstanding scientific mysteries about our existence are now also able to be truthfully explained―of the meaning of our existence, of the origin of our unconditionally selfless moral instincts, and of why we humans became conscious when other animals haven't. Yes, the full story of life on Earth can finally be told―and all of these incredible breakthroughs and insights are presented here in this 'greatest of all books'.

Loving from a Pure Heart

Author: Wendy J. Mahil,Lmft Nancy Keller

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1622304683

Category: Religion

Page: 220

View: 4309

Loving from a Pure Heart is a Christ-centered curriculum for those who struggle with the pain of dysfunctional relationships. It explores the faces of dysfunctional relationships, covering topics like distorted senses of reality, distorted senses of responsibility, control issues, chronic loneliness, and woundedness. It looks at roots of dysfunction, exploring topics like love hunger, addictions, abuse, legalism, and shame bound families. It provides tools for overcoming dysfunction by understanding the call of God to love as He loves and heart issues that hinder that. It talks about the art of building mutual relationships, loving in difficult circumstances, and understanding the love of God and living in light of that love. If you desire healthier, more meaningful relationships this book would be beneficial and can be used in private study, in counseling settings, or support group settings. Wendy J. Mahill is a member of the AACC, a lay counselor at Riverlakes Community Church in Bakersfield, California, and director of Passionate Heart Ministry. She's written three other books: Growing a Passionate Heart designed to help Survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Growing a Courageous Heart designed to help women struggling with eating disorders, and Embracing a Feeling Heart designed to help people understand the role emotions play in their lives. For more information visit: Nancy Keller has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice since 2001. She resides in Bakersfield, California and has a passion to help people become emotionally healthy, She works with people suffering from childhood sexual victimization, depression, anxiety, loss, relationship issues, and those whose spouses struggle with sexual addiction. She leads a L.I.F.E. Group for women whose husbands with sexual addictions and/or infidelity. Nancy trains and equips leaders of Passionate Heart Ministry and enjoys sharing her own personal journey overcoming the effects of sexual abuse.

The Nature of Philosophical Problems

Author: John Kekes

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 0191021369

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 3422

We must all make choices about how we want to live. We evaluate our possibilities by relying on historical, moral, personal, political, religious, and scientific modes of evaluations, but the values and reasons that follow from them conflict. Philosophical problems are forced on us when we try to cope with such conflicts. There are reasons for and against all proposed ways of coping with the conflicts, but none of them has been generally accepted by reasonable thinkers. The constructive aim of The Nature of Philosophical Problems is to propose a way of understanding the nature of such philosophical problems, explain why they occur, why they are perennial, and propose a pluralist approach as the most reasonable way of coping with them. This approach is practical, context-dependent, and particular. It follows from it that the recurrence of philosophical problems is not a defect, but a welcome consequence of the richness of our modes of understanding that enlarges the range of possibilities by which we might choose to live. The critical aim of the book is to give reasons against both the absolutist attempt to find an overriding value or principle for resolving philosophical problems and of the relativist claim that reasons unavoidably come to an end and how we want to live is ultimately a matter of personal preference, not of reasons.