Before I Forget . . .

Author: Herbert W. Herbert W. Hobler

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483610284

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 376

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When I was young, the Civil War and the Revolutionary War was ancient history to me. However, as I now reflect on my life, I suddenly realize how young our country is for I knew somebody who knew people in the Revolutionary War that ended over 225 years ago! GrandmotherGranniemother of my Grandfather Herbert Windsorwas born in 1835 and died in 1927 when I was fivea wonderful old lady I loved. She was 10 in 1845, 60 years after that war ended. I am sure there were numerous veterans then 80-90 years old. And so, I touched the woman who touched some veterans of the Revolutionary War! She also had to know quite a few in the Civil War when she was 20-years-old, a war that ended only 57 years before my birth. Put in this perspective, what has happened to our country in that time is incredible from total population, to trains, planes, telephones, automobiles, medicines, radio, TV, computers, a man on the moon and millions of new citizens from all over the world! None of these people could even have conceived of such marvels nor a life expectancy from about 35 to 40 to 83 plus. My life has seen an explosion in technology that now affects the entire world. I have been privileged to be in on the beginning of some of that technology. * * * * * I have written these memoirs so that the family and possible future generations might share in my experiences of a life of many involvements, many accomplishments, some failures, many contacts with the famous, and a life for which I can be so grateful. As the youngest of four, I often was rebelliousI wanted my own way. I suspect this was partly due to inheriting some of my fathers genes. (Occasionally I had tantrums which were easily handled by mother who would say, Go on and yell, Ill wait. That pretty well cooled my attempt at getting attention.) Still, I was brought up in a loving family, the four of us with our parents were all for each other. Thanks to Dads success in business, we were brought up, even with the Depression, with comfort. Throughout my career, I was known for being quite creative. I think that too came in part from Dad being very positive about doing things his way. I wanted to challenge him on many things and that caused me to think about new ways. I never could have guessed I would marry a girl from my kindergarten class. I was based in California and fearlessly spoke up to my commanding officer (a Major) whose name was the same as a fellow member of Tiger Inn at Princeton. He changed my orders that permitted me to call a girl I had dated at Vassar and while on a weekend date in La Jolla, I visited the parents of Mary Randolph who lived there. I always enjoyed the Randolphs, each of whom had creative talents and an unusual sense of humor. They enjoyed small situations that would pass by most people. Their only child absorbed the best of each. Sixty years later she could still reel off a classic story while having fun doing it. Randy has been an extraordinary companion all these years. She was always very creative with great talents in so many ways. Still, except for our common background in Bronxville, from the start we had different interests. Mine were sports and music and taking risks. Hers were reading, writing and avoidance of conflict. By necessity she was brought up frugally. The fact we stayed together all these 68 years is a great tribute to her hanging in as she raised our kids, cooked their meals on time, dressed them, and drove them to wherever. In our earlier years when we were still trying to adjust to each other, she once said she should have married a 9-5 husband who didnt commute. Her support for my passion for various jobs with late hours and business trips while she was stuck at home made my life possible. How lucky can a man be. She raised four wonderful children, each quite different from the other yet each closely and lovingly attached to each other and to us. NOTE: To minimize confusion when Randy

E-Quals Level 2 Office XP Using the Internet

Author: Tina Lawton

Publisher: Heinemann

ISBN: 0435462520

Category: Internet

Page: 172

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The titles in this series are ideal for students or IT users who wish to develop their IT skills further. Simple clear language aids understanding, exercises help students master the skills they need for assessment and real life scenarios put the knowledge into context.

A Mad Love

Author: Bertha M. Clay

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3752323434

Category: Fiction

Page: 306

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Reproduction of the original: A Mad Love by Bertha M. Clay

The complete English Grammar for all

Author: Annies Anthony

Publisher: Blue Rose Publishers


Category: Education

Page: 400

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This book - 'The Complete English Grammar For All ' is designed to meet the requirements of not only the students but also the teachers and the general public - interested in acquiring competence in the English Language in an easy way. It strictly complies with the new approach to the teaching of English Grammar. Every aspect of grammar - starting from the alphabet, has been dealt with, in an easy way. The grammatical structures, vocabulary, and communication skills will ensure a good command of the language. An attempt has been made throughout this book, to explain the various topics in the simplest way possible. So, this book could serve as a manual for the teachers and the learners as well - enabling them to be familiar with the rules of the English language. Magazine Vol.33

Author: Team

Publisher: Guide Vision Limited



Page: 68

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Phuket lifestyle & living

Lushootseed Dictionary

Author: Dawn Bates,Thom Hess,Hilbert, Vi

Publisher: University of Washington Press

ISBN: 9780295973234

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 412

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The introduction to the Lushootseed-English section catalogs Lushootseed word-building structures, and entries exemplify each prefix, suffix, and root. The English-Lushootseed section features encyclopedic entries on many culturally significant topics such as Native canoe classifications and animal names. Scientific classifications are included for botanical terms, and cultural information makes the volume interesting for the nonlinguist. An extensive introduction explains the structure of entries and provides clear definitions of grammatical terms. A detailed description of the sounds of Lushootseed will be invaluable for learners of the language. The traditional dictionary format is readable and economical, resulting in a volume of manageable size.

Mississippi Solo

Author: Eddy L Harris

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1529377854

Category: Travel

Page: 389

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INTRODUCED BY ADAM WEYMOUTH, award-winning author of The Kings of Yukon 'A wonderful book -- and a highly original contribution to the literature of travel' PAUL THEROUX 'The Mississippi. Mighty, muddy, dangerous, rebellious and yet a strong, fathering kind of river. The river captured my imagination when I was young and has never let go.' Mississippi Solo tells the story of one man's voyage by canoe down the Mississippi River from its source in Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico - a longtime dream, and a journey of over 2,000 miles through the heart of America. Paddling into the Southern states - going from 'where there ain't no black folks to where they still don't like us much' - Eddy is confronted by the legacy of slavery and modern racism, including an incident with a pair of shotgun-toting bigots. There are also the dangers of passing barges, wild dogs roaming the wooded shore, and navigating a waterway that grows vaster, and more hazardous, every day. But Eddy also encounters immense human kindness, friendship and hospitality, as well as coming to know the majestic power - and the awesome dangers - of the river itself. Mississippi Solo is an unforgettable American adventure.

Roxana's Revolution

Author: Farin Powell

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1475980620

Category: Fiction

Page: 457

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"An ambitious novel of an Iranian woman's personal and professional struggles during a time of war and unrest...Powell does a good job of capturing the intense emotions of a very dramatic time...a captivating plot with a well-developed protagonist." -Kirkus Reviews "I thoroughly enjoyed reading Roxana's Revolution, a gripping story of individuals caught in events both inexplicable and out of control. We see the characters pulled between desire for something better for their beloved homeland and the growing knowledge that even worse is waiting for them, their friends, and their families. Eventually reality overwhelms, as it always does, even the most fervent hopes. -John Limbert When the media frenzy over the hostage crisis of 1979 worsens and anti-Iranian sentiment surges all over the United States, Roxana, a Wall Street attorney has no choice but to return to Iran. During a stop in Paris, she meets Steve Radcliff, an American reporter with a tenacious attraction to her. Back in Tehran, where circumstances are nothing less than volatile, Roxana learns that revolutions while exciting and historic on pages of a book are painful to endure. As one crisis after other spins out of control, the government imposes wearing of a mandatory veil. This harsh revolutionary rule and Saddam Hussein's invasion of Iran diminish Roxana's hope to have a normal life. She rejects Steve's marriage proposal and refuses to leave Iran with him. But a near- death experience and loss of her freedom in a border- sealed Iran propel her to enter a marriage doomed from its inception. In this novel, an Iranian woman's life comes full circle as she takes a journey through Europe, and back to the United States. A dire situation takes Roxana back to Paris where a life-altering surprise is waiting for her.

Paper Secrets

Author: Mary Jo Stanley

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1452092842

Category: Fiction

Page: 270

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Paper Secrets is the first book of a family saga involving the Black and Coleman families having mixed feeling for each other. Vivian Black and Louise Coleman were best friends during their childhood years in the 1930's until circumstances led to a ten-year separation. When they meet again in college, Louise is extremely rich and Vivian is attending college on an academic scholarship. They both fall in love with the same handsome, wealthy upperclassmen John Williams from Richmond, VA and the former friends find themselves at odds over for his affection. Louise is used to having her way and doesn't take no for an answer. She is determined to have him and will not let a little thing like his love for Vivian get in the way. Paper Secrets, a story with many misunderstandings, trials, and even lost loved ones for both families caused by the discovery of various pieces of paper. While some family members are anxious to have the secrets revealed, others want them hidden or forgotten forever. Lawsuits and threats of public humiliation are the least of their worries with the secrets looming over their heads.