Being John Lennon

Author: Ray Connolly

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1474606830

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 464

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John Lennon was a rock star, a school clown, a writer, a wit, an iconoclast, a sometime peace activist and finally an eccentric millionaire. He was also a Beatle - his plain-speaking and impudent rejection of authority catching, and eloquently articulating, the group's moment in history. Chronicling a famously troubled life, Being John Lennon analyses the contradictions in the singer-songwriter's creative and destructive personality. Drawing on many interviews and conversations with Lennon, his first wife Cynthia and second Yoko Ono, as well as his girlfriend May Pang and song-writing partner Paul McCartney, Ray Connolly unsparingly reassesses the chameleon nature of the perpetually dissatisfied star who just couldn't stop reinventing himself.

Being John Lennon

Author: Martin Dimery

Publisher: SAF Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 9780946719433

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 230

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By day Martin Dimery is a teacher at Britain’s famous Millfield School. By night he dons a wig, straps on a Rickenbaker and becomes John Lennon. As a Beatles tribute show, Sgt Pepper’s Only Dart Board Band play in pubs to a handful of dedicated followers, at festivals to thousands of revelers, and weddings to the downright drunk and disorderly. With liberal dashes of tragedy and comedy, this diary is a romp through the bizarre and hilarious world of tribute bands as Dimery juggles teaching, his family and running a circus of Pepper impersonators on their own magical mystery tour.

The Last Days of John Lennon

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473579856

Category: True Crime

Page: 355

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___________ 'Incredibly tense and thriller-like . . . I totally recommend it' LEE CHILD 'The dialogue is punchy, cinematic . . . we get inside the mind of Patterson's villain, the delusional Chapman, through periodic chapters from his point of view as he works up the courage to pull the trigger on Lennon' GQ 'Pure Patterson: fast-paced, no-frills' SUNDAY TIMES ___________ The greatest true-crime story in music history. A GLOBAL SUPERSTAR In the summer of 1980, ten years after the break-up of the Beatles, John Lennon signed with a new label, ready to record new music for the first time in years. Everyone was awestruck when Lennon dashed off '(Just Like) Starting Over'. Lennon was back in peak form, with his best songwriting since 'Imagine'. A DANGEROUSLY OBSESSED FAN In the years after Lennon left the Beatles, becoming a solo artist and making a life with Yoko Ono in New York City, Mark David Chapman had become fixated on murdering his former hero. He was convinced that Lennon had squandered his talent and betrayed his fans. In December 1980, Chapman boarded a flight from Hawaii to New York with a handgun stowed in his luggage. He was never going home again. A MURDER THAT STUNNED THE WORLD Enriched by exclusive interviews with Lennon's friends and associates, including Paul McCartney, The Last Days of John Lennon is a true-crime drama about two men who changed history. One whose indelible songs enliven our world to this day, and the other who ended the music with five pulls of a trigger.

The N-Word in Music

Author: Todd M. Mealy

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476687064

Category: Music

Page: 268

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The minstrelsy play, song, and dance "Jump, Jim Crow" did more than enable blackface performers to spread racist stereotypes about Black Americans. This widespread antebellum-era cultural phenomenon was instrumental in normalizing the N-word across several aspects of American life. Material culture, sporting culture, consumer products, house-pets, carnival games and even geographic landmarks obtained the racial slur as a formal and informal appellation. Music, it is argued, was the catalyst for normalizing and disseminating those two ugly syllables throughout society, well beyond the environs of plantation and urban slavery. This weighty and engaging look at the English language's most explosive slur, described by scholars as the "atomic bomb" of bigoted words, traces the N-word's journey through various music genres and across generations. The author uses private letters, newspaper accounts, exclusive interviews and, most importantly, music lyrics from artists in the fields of minstrelsy, folk, country, ragtime, blues, jazz, rock 'n' roll and hip hop. The result is a reflective account of how the music industry has channeled linguistic and cultural movements across eras, resulting in changes to the slur's meaning and spelling.

Being John Lennon

Author: Ray Connolly

Publisher: Pegasus Books

ISBN: 9781643134864

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 480

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What was it like to be John Lennon? What was it like to be the castoff child, the clown at school, and the middle-class suburban boy who pretended to be a working-class hero? How did it feel to have one of the most recognizable singing voices in the world, but to dislike it so much he always wanted to disguise it? Being John Lennon is not about the whitewashed Prince of Peace of Imagine legend—because that was only a small part of him. The John Lennon depicted in these pages is a much more kaleidoscopic figure, sometimes almost a collision of different characters. He was, of course, funny, often very funny. But above everything, he had attitude—his impudent style somehow personifying the aspirations of his generation to question authority. He could, and would, say the unsayable. Though there were more glamorous rock stars in rock history, even within the Beatles, it was John Lennon’s attitude which caught, and then defined, his era in the most memorable way.

The John Lennon Encyclopedia

Author: Bill Harry

Publisher: Virgin Books Limited


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 1020

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The John Lennon Encyclopedia is the most comprehensive book about John Lennon ever produced. By best-selling author and Beatles expert Bill Harry, this A-Z guide will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about one of the twentieth century's most talented and enigmatic figures. From his difficult childhood to his early days with the Beatles, and from his groundbreaking solo projects to his work with Yoko Ono, this book reveals in intimate detail the man behind the myth, helping to explain Lenon's enduring status as a popular icon. It contains every track Lennon ever wrote or worked on, every gig he every played, and full biographies of everyone who was involved in his life story. This is the most comprehensive guide ever published to the guiding genius of the world's greatest band. It comes in at almost one thousand pages, and half-a-million words, this is the ultimate celebration of all things Lennon.

The Lennon Tapes

Author: John Lennon,Yōko Ono,Andy Peebles

Publisher: N.A


Category: Musicians

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Strawberry Fields Forever

Author: Vic Garbarini,Brian Cullman,Barbara Graustark

Publisher: Bantam Books

ISBN: 9780553201215

Category: Music

Page: 179

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A reminiscence of the late rock star sketches the events of his life, the rise of the Beatles, and the circumstances surrounding his tragic death