Between Two Worlds

Author: Americo Paredes

Publisher: Arte Publico Press

ISBN: 9781611920680

Category: Literary Criticism

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A collection of works by the Chicano folklorist and novelist written in the 1930's and 1940's

Between Two Worlds

Author: Nicholas Sagovsky

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521247542

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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Tyrrell and Arnold take their place in a peculiarly English theological tradition. Appreciation of this tradition is of the first importance in understanding the background to contemporary Anglicanism and contemporary Catholicism. More than that, it offers a way of bridging the gulf between the world that to Tyrrell and Arnold was dead or dying and the world of the late twentieth century with all the questions that they began to perceive - two prophetic individuals unable to live with the Church of their day and unable to find the Church of the future.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Elizabeth Marquardt

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 0307352706

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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An astonishing one quarter of adults between the ages of eighteen and thirty-five have grown up in divorced families. Now, as this generation comes of age, Between Two Worlds will speak to them like no other book. Marquardt’s data is undeniably compelling, but at the heart of her book are stories—of reunions with one parent that were always partings from the other, of struggles to adapt to a parent’s moods, of the burden of having to figure out the important questions in life alone. Authoritative, beautifully written, and filled with brave, sad, unflinchingly honest voices, Between Two Worlds is a book of transforming power for the adult children of divorce, whose real experiences have for too long gone unrecognized. Based on a pioneering new study, Between Two Worlds is a book of transforming power for anyone who grew up with divorced parents.

Leading Between Two Worlds

Author: Rosario Marin

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781416546078

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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"The American Dream is the fundamental story of this country, and my life is a grateful reflection of its reality." When Rosario was fourteen years old she moved from Mexico to California with no grasp of the English language and few resources. She has since become a trailblazer in every sense: from becoming the first in her family to graduate from college to having her signature appear on the U.S. dollar bill as the treasurer of the United States, and the first Latina in California to run for the U.S. Senate. Leading Between Two Worlds is the story of this incredible journey. Rosario exposes her most personal secrets and impressive achievements as she divulges what she has sacrificed and what she has gained in politics. She takes us through a deeply felt betrayal, her struggle through depression, the creation of her family, her devotion to advocating for the rights of people with disabilities, and her joyous return to Mexico. Rosario's story is the story of every immigrant who -- in the face of unbelievable adversity -- seeks to make it in the United States. Her journey is one of tragedy and triumph, one from which readers will draw inspiration.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Zainab Salbi,Laurie Becklund

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440627169

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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Zainab Salbi was eleven years old when her father was chosen to be Saddam Hussein's personal pilot and her family's life was grafted onto his. Her mother, the beautiful Alia, taught her daughter the skills she needed to survive. A plastic smile. Saying yes. Burying in boxes in her mind the horrors she glimpsed around her. "Learn to erase your memories," she instructed. "He can read eyes." In this richly visual memoir, Salbi describes tyranny as she saw it - through the eyes of a privileged child, a rebellious teenager, a violated wife, and ultimately a public figure fighting to overcome the skill that once kept her alive: silence. Between Two Worlds is a riveting quest for truth that deepens our understanding of the universal themes of power, fear, sexual subjugation, and the question one generation asks the one before it: How could you have let this happen to us?

Between Two Worlds

Author: Richard Edward Feinberg

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9780887381232

Category: Business & Economics

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The global debt and adjustment crisis has challenged the World Bank to become the leading agency in North-South finance and development. The many dimensions of this challenge--which must be comprehensively addressed by the Bank's new president--are the subject of this important volume in the Overseas Development Council's U.S.-Third World Policy Perspectives series. The Bank's ability to design and implement a comprehensive response to global economic needs is threatened by competing objectives and uncertain priorities. Can the Bank design programs attractive to private investors that also serve the very poor? Can it emphasize efficiency while transferring technologies that maximize labor absorption? Can it aggressively condition loans on policy reforms without attracting the criticism that has accompanied IMF programs? Can it meet the needs of the 1990s with the internal organization and staff of the early 1980s? The contributors to this volume assess the role that the World Bank can play in the period ahead. They argue for new financial and policy initiatives and for new conceptual approaches to development, as well as for a restructuring of the Bank as it takes on new systematic responsibilities in the new decade.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Siegbert Salomon Prawer

Publisher: Berghahn Books

ISBN: 9781845450748

Category: Performing Arts

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Jews have been well represented in the cinema industry from the beginning of the film era: behind the screen, as producers, distributors, directors, script-writers, composers, set designers; and on the screen, as Jewish actors and as named Jewish characters in the film's plot. Some of these characters are fictional; others, ranging from Rabbi Loew of Prague to Ferdinand Lassalle and Alfred Dreyfus, have a historic original. This book examines how a variety of German and Austrian films treat aspects of Jewish life, at home and in the synagogue, and Jewish interaction with fellow Jews in different cultural environments; conflicts and accommodations between Jews and non-Jews at various times, ranging from the medieval to the contemporary. The author, one of the best known scholars in film history, theory and criticism, offers the reader a rich panorama of the many Jews involved in all spheres of the cinema and who, as the author reminds us repeatedly, together with their non-Jewish contemporaries, created a great industry and new forms of art.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Lois Weis

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351613294

Category: Education

Page: 244

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First published in 1985, this book explores the ‘lived culture’ of urban black students in a community college located in a large northeastern city in the United States. The author immersed herself in the institution she was studying for a full academic year, exploring both the direct experiences of education, and the way these experiences were worked over and through the praxis of cultural discourse. She examines in detail the messages of the school, including the ‘hidden curriculum’ and faculty perspectives, as well as the way these messages are transformed at a cultural level. The resulting work provides a major contribution to a number of debates on education and cultural and economic reproduction, as well as a leap forward in our understanding of the role schooling plays in the re-creation of race and class antagonisms. This work will be of great interest to anyone working with minorities, particularly in the context of education.

Between Two Worlds

Author: Malcolm Gaskill

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0465080863

Category: History

Page: 512

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In the 1600s, over 350,000 intrepid English men, women, and children migrated to America, leaving behind their homeland for an uncertain future. Whether they settled in Jamestown, Salem, or Barbados, these migrants -- entrepreneurs, soldiers, and pilgrims alike -- faced one incontrovertible truth: England was a very, very long way away. In Between Two Worlds, celebrated historian Malcolm Gaskill tells the sweeping story of the English experience in America during the first century of colonization. Following a large and varied cast of visionaries and heretics, merchants and warriors, and slaves and rebels, Gaskill brilliantly illuminates the often traumatic challenges the settlers faced. The first waves sought to recreate the English way of life, even to recover a society that was vanishing at home. But they were thwarted at every turn by the perils of a strange continent, unaided by monarchs who first ignored then exploited them. As these colonists strove to leave their mark on the New World, they were forced -- by hardship and hunger, by illness and infighting, and by bloody and desperate battles with Indians -- to innovate and adapt or perish. As later generations acclimated to the wilderness, they recognized that they had evolved into something distinct: no longer just the English in America, they were perhaps not even English at all. These men and women were among the first white Americans, and certainly the most prolific. And as Gaskill shows, in learning to live in an unforgiving world, they had begun a long and fateful journey toward rebellion and, finally, independence

Education Between Two Worlds

Author: Alexander Meiklejohn

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351312197

Category: Education

Page: 337

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Written in the midst of World War II, this book makes a strong argument for the crucial importance of education as the solution to the dilemmas with which our Anglo-Saxon culture was nurtured, with particular emphasis on the work of John Dewey and Jean-Jacques Rousseau."The schools with which this argument is concerned are those of the Anglo-Saxon democracies of the last three centuries. In the life of England and America as we now know them, three hundred years of cultural change have moved on to a culminating and desperate crisis. That culture, in its religious and moral aspects, we have called Protestantism. On the economic and political side it has appeared as Capitalism. And these two together have established and maintained a way of life which we describe as Democratic. This book is devoted to an attempt to understand the education which is given by Anglo-Saxon democracies, to study the learning and teaching which have been done by a Protestant-capitalist civilization." ufrom the Preface.As the original foreword by Reginald Archambault indicates, "Fundamentally this is a book about education written by an educator who was anything but conservative and never merely theoretical. He is interested not only in educational theory but also in educational policy, and indeed, in pedagogy. The volume is invaluable, then, for the student of education, for it sheds critical light on the classic conceptions of education for the poor, and provides a heuristic statement of direction for the future." Stringfellow Barr, writing for the New Republic, indicates that this is "A wise and courageous book. I do not know how anybody concerned with education can ignore it." Mark van Doren in the Nation said, "As many readers as are interested in human happiness should go through this bookafor it is concerned with as important a theme as any I can imagine."