Behind the Rock and Beyond

Author: Leon Isackson,Jon Hayton


ISBN: 1456604597

Category: Biography & Autobiography

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Teen Time, Bandstand, Dig Richards, Johnny O'Keefe, Sing, Sing, Sing, Col Joye & The Joy Boys, The Delltones, Sydney Stadium, Saigon ... some of the names to be found in Behind The Rock, the refreshing frank reminiscences of Australian rock musicians, Jon Hayton and Leon Isackson. Based on personal diaries, Behind The Rock is a humorous and honest account of life in the Australian rock'n'roll scene from its birth in 1956 to the mid-sixties (and Beyond). With the changing fortunes of the band, the R'Jays, the authors take us behind-the-scenes of Festival Records, 'live' television, stadium concerts and dances, band tours in Australia, New Zealand and war-torn Vietnam and the world of adolescent sex, fans and 'band vultures', bungling managers, and hard-living and heart-broken rock stars. A no-holds-barred, eyewitness story, Behind The Rock is a vital document for understanding the history of 'Oz Rock'.

The West Beyond the West

Author: Jean Barman

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442691840

Category: History

Page: 449

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British Columbia is regularly described in superlatives both positive and negative - most spectacular scenery, strangest politics, greatest environmental sensitivity, richest Aboriginal cultures, most aggressive resource exploitation, closest ties to Asia. Jean Barman's The West beyond the West presents the history of the province in all its diversity and apparent contradictions. This critically acclaimed work is the premiere book on British Columbian history, with a narrative beginning at the point of contact between Native peoples and Europeans and continuing into the twenty-first century. Barman tells the story by focusing not only on the history made by leaders in government but also on the roles of women, immigrants, and Aboriginal peoples in the development of the province. She incorporates new perspectives and expands discussions on important topics such as the province's relationship to Canada as a nation, its involvement in the two world wars, the perspectives of non-mainstream British Columbians, and its participation in recreation and sports including Olympics. First published in 1991 and revised in 1996, this third edition of The West beyond the West has been supplemented by statistical tables incorporating the 2001 census, two more extensive illustration sections portraying British Columbia's history in images, and other new material bringing the book up to date. Barman's deft scholarship is readily apparent and the book demands to be on the shelf of anyone with an interest in British Columbian or Canadian history.

To Soar Beyond the Stars

Author: Robert A. Sanford

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1669822451

Category: Self-Help

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Have you ever had a life-changing, unexplainable spiritual experience? Something that left you puzzled, mystified or in awe? To Soar Beyond the Stars offers insight into the mystery of these experiences, showing how life can be viewed in a bold new way and revealing how to find courage during life’s darkest moments. In author Robert A. Sanford’s inspirational book, the main character is a seagull named One Wing who must learn to cope with life after breaking one of his wings. During the healing process, he questions many aspects of his life. On his journey of self-discovery, he unravels the riddle of the Law of Attraction, why it works and how to use it. As One Wing becomes more and more enlightened about his truest identity, he learns ways of reinventing himself to fulfill his highest aspirations. Readers will be mesmerized by One Wing’s adventures, which begin when he awakens one night to the sight of a mystical gull of light. The strange visitor tells One Wing that the two of them are one and the same. Puzzled by this, One Wing sets out to discover answers to the very questions we all ask: Why am I here? Where am I going?


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Beyond the Earth

Author: N.A

Publisher: Remedia Publications

ISBN: 9781596397132

Category: Astronomy

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"Fascinating reading activities about meteors, asteroids, comets, black holes, satellites, space pioneers, galaxies, and more!"--Cover.

The Wider Worlds of Jim Henson

Author: Jennifer C. Garlen,Anissa M. Graham

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786469862

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 276

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Jim Henson was the creative force behind a huge catalog of television series, films, specials, and other productions, even excepting the Muppets. This collection of essays delves into the rest of Henson's body of work, including projects developed during his lifetime and those that represent his legacy. Covered here are Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, The Jim Henson Hour, Dinosaurs, Farscape, and more. The breadth and depth of Henson's influence on both audiences and later productions remains palpable on screens large and small, as this collection attests.

Reports of Cases Determined in the Appeal and Chancery Divisions and Selected Cases in the King's Bench and at Chambers of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick: by Ward Chipman ... commencing Michaelmas term 1825. Ed. by J.C. Allen ... continued to Hilary term, 1835, by A.O. Earle and T.C. Allen. 1905.-[v. 2] 1835-39, by G.F.S. Berton and ed. by A.A. Stocton. 2. ed. 1882.-[v. 3-5] 1839-48, by D.S. Kerr. 3 v. 1843-48.-[v. 6-11] 1848-66, by J.C. Allen. 6 v. 1850-79.-[v. 12-13] 1867-71, by James Hanney. 2 v. 1870-75.- [v. 14-16] 1872-76, by William Pugsley. 3 v. 1875-77.- [v. 17]-21, 1877-82, by William Pugsley and G.W. Burbridge. 5 v. 1879-82.- v. 22. 1882-83, by William Pugsley and A.I. Trueman. 1883.- v. 23-32. 1883-94, by A.I. Trueman. 1885-97.-v. 33-35. 1895-1902, by J.L. Carleton. 1897-1902.- v. 36-37. 1902-06, by G.W. Allen. 1904-06.-v. 38. 1906-08, by T.C. Allen. 1908.- v. 39-41. 1908-13, by W.H. Harrison. 1910-[1914].- v. 42-46. 1913-19, by W.H. Harrison and D.K. Hazen [1915-20].- v. 47. 1919-20, by Ernest Doiron, D.K. Hazen and W.H. Harrison [1921].- v. 48-54. 1920-29, by Ernest Doiron and D.K. Hazen [1922-30

Author: New Brunswick. Supreme Court,Ward Chipman,John Campbell Allen,Allen Otty Earle,Thomas Carleton Allen,George F. S. Berton,David Shank Kerr,George B. Seely,James Hannay,William Pugsley,George Wheelock Burbidge,Arthur I. Trueman,John L. Carleton,George W. Allen,William Henry Harrison,Ernest Doiron,Douglas King Hazen

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The Gentleman's Magazine

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The "Gentleman's magazine" section is a digest of selections from the weekly press; the "(Trader's) monthly intelligencer" section consists of news (foreign and domestic), vital statistics, a register of the month's new publications, and a calendar of forthcoming trade fairs.

Beyond the Pale

Author: Elana Dykewomon

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1480434221

Category: Fiction

Page: 406

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Winner of the Lambda Literary Award: “A page-turner that brings to life turn-of-the-century New York’s Lower East Side.” —Library Journal Born in a Russian-Jewish settlement, Gutke Gurvich is a midwife who immigrates to New York’s Lower East Side with her partner, a woman passing as a man. Their story crosses with that of Chava Meyer, a girl who was attended by Gutke at her birth and was later orphaned during the Kishinev pogrom of 1903. Chava has come to America with the family of her cousin Rose, and the two girls begin working at fourteen. As they live through the oppression and tragedies of their time, Chava and Rose grow to become lovers—and search for a community they can truly call their own. Set in Russia and New York during the early twentieth century and touching on the hallmarks of the Progressive Era—the Women’s Trade Union League, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, anarchist and socialist movements, women’s suffrage, anti-Semitism—Elana Dykewomon’s Beyond the Pale is a richly detailed and moving story, offering a glimpse into a world that is often overlooked. “A wonderful novel.” —Sarah Waters