Bind, Torture, Kill

Author: Roy Wenzl,Tim Potter,Hurst Laviana,L. Kelly

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061739111

Category: True Crime

Page: 400

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For thirty-one years, a monster terrorized the residents of Wichita, Kansas. A bloodthirsty serial killer, self-named "BTK"—for "bind them, torture them, kill them"—he slaughtered men, women, and children alike, eluding the police for decades while bragging of his grisly exploits to the media. The nation was shocked when the fiend who was finally apprehended turned out to be Dennis Rader—a friendly neighbor . . . a devoted husband . . . a helpful Boy Scout dad . . . the respected president of his church. Written by four award-winning crime reporters who covered the story for more than twenty years, Bind, Torture, Kill is the most intimate and complete account of the BTK nightmare told by the people who were there from the beginning. With newly released documents, evidence, and information—and with the full cooperation, for the very first time, of the Wichita Police Department’s BTK Task Force—the authors have put all the pieces of the grisly puzzle into place, thanks to their unparalleled access to the families of the killer and his victims.


Author: Jean-David Morvan,Sergio Monjes,Francisco del E,Facundo Teyo

Publisher: Glénat BD

ISBN: 2331052352

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

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10 meurtres en 17 ans de méfaits. Dennis Rader est un tueur en série américain surnommé le BTK Killer pour « Bind, Torture and Kill » soit « Attacher, Torturer et Tuer », son modus operandi. Il l'a lui-même reconnu, il aimait torturer des animaux étant petit, une caractéristique que l'on retrouve régulièrement chez les tueurs en série. Rader est responsable de la mort de 10 personnes (dont 2 enfants), ses « projets » comme il les appelait. Il attendait les victimes dans leur maison et les séquestrait avant de les étrangler. S'il ne les violait pas, il a affirmé lors de son procès avoir agi pour répondre à des pulsions sexuelles. Son dernier crime date de 1991, mais il ne fut arrêté qu'en 2005, après avoir recommencé à envoyer des lettres anonymes aux médias et à la police pour se vanter de « son œuvre ». Pourquoi ? Parce qu'il s'ennuyait... Étienne Jallieu obtient à grand peine l’autorisation d’aller l’interviewer dans sa prison : El Dorado Correctional Facility, au Kansas, où il est condamné à 10 peines de perpétuité consécutives. Leur entretien sera glaçant.

The BTK Murders

Author: Carlton Smith

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 1429908815

Category: True Crime

Page: 352

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From 1974 to 1991, someone in the midwestern city of Wichita was leaving behind slain tortured bodies and anonymously proclaiming himself to police and reporters as "BTK" for "Bind, Torture, Kill." Then, for the next 14 years, BTK was silent. But when he began sending letters again, investigators would not miss their chance... Stunningly, police arrested Dennis Rader, the president of his church board and the father of two. As a shocked community watched, evidence began to pile up. Then Rader coldly described how he went about "his projects" as the families of his victims relived the horrific scenes this supposed pillar of the community had unleashed on their loved ones. From the tricks he used to enter his victims' homes to the puzzles he sent the media and the key role his own daughter may have played in his arrest, The BTK Murders is the definitive story of the BTK killer. He was, as one victim's family member called him, "a black hole inside the shell of a human being"—and the worst American serial killer since Ted Bundy.

BTK - Bind, Torture, Kill

Author: James Richmond

Publisher: Independently Published



Page: 128

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Discover the harrowing real-life story of the infamous BTK killer. Uncovering the disturbing true story of an unhinged psychopath and his nightmarish killing spree, this morbidly fascinating biography explores the twisted psychology of the infamous BTK killer, offering an unparalleled glimpse into the life and crimes of Dennis Lynn Rader. Delving into his disturbing childhood tendencies, his strange and unsettling fantasies, and the murders that struck fear into the hearts of Wichita residents, this true crime story paints a raw and gritty picture of Rader's crimes - along with the narcissistic and delusional personality that motivated his evil acts. Exploring how Rader managed to deceive the authorities, evade suspicion, and even become a church and boy scout leader, readers will also uncover the chain of events that led to his eventual capture and ground-breaking trial. As a compelling read for true crime fans, the morbidly curious, and anybody interested in criminal psychology, BTK - Bind, Torture, Kill stands as a chilling reminder that even the most seemingly normal and upstanding people could be harboring dark secrets just below the surface. Are you ready to peer into the life of the BTK killer? Then scroll up and grab your copy now...

Bind, Torture, Kill

Author: Naomi Martin

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781530413751


Page: 66

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Dennis Rader, also known as the BTK Killer for his propensity for binding, torturing, and then killing his victims, terrorized the Wichita, Kansas, area from 1974 until 1991. He has ten known victims who he murdered either via strangulation or by stabbing them to death. His victims were primarily females and some were children. He gained notoriety for sending boastful and cryptic letters to the police and various media outlets describing the details of his crimes, along with poetry he had written and trophies he had taken from his victims. After a hiatus during the 1990s, Rader resumed his correspondence with police and the media in 2004 before being arrested in 2005. After pleading guilty on 27 June 2005, Rader was sentenced on 18 August 2005 ten consecutive life sentences. He would be eligible for parole after serving 175 years in prison.

Clues from Killers

Author: Dirk Cameron Gibson

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780275983604

Category: Crime scenes

Page: 276

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Serial killers communicate in a number of ways with the public, and here Gibson profiles ten notorious serial murderers and their crime scene messages, phone calls to police, media contacts, and other communications methods to discover what that can tell us about the killers themselves.


Author: Stéphane Bourgoin

Publisher: AZ éditions

ISBN: 2382102098

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 130

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En 1974, un tueur sème la terreur dans la paisible ville de Wichita au Kansas. Il sévit pendant trente ans où il assassine hommes, femmes et enfants par strangulation, pendaison, revolver ou à l'arme blanche. Il frappe à toute heure de la journée dans des quartiers résidentiels et il positionne ses victimes avec des mises en scène macabres. Friand de publicité, il se plaint lorsque les médias ne parlent plus de lui par des courriers, colis, poèmes ou envois qu'il adresse aux enquêteurs, journaux et chaînes de télévision qu'il signe des initiales B. T. K. (Bind, Torture and Kill pour ligoter, torturer et tuer) ou du pseudonyme « Bill Thomas Killman » . Après des années de silence, BTK se manifeste à nouveau en 2004 lorsque le quotidien local sort un dossier sur les trente années du premier crime du mystérieux assassin avec le massacre des quatre membres de la famille Otero. Piégé par les policiers, Dennis Rader est identifié et arrêté. Mari attentionné et bon père de famille, il se préparait à repasser à l'acte après treize années d'abstinence. Pour retracer cette enquête hors normes, Stéphane Bourgoin a eu accès aux interrogatoires de Dennis Rader, à ses courriers et aux selfies où BTK « revit » ses crimes, revêtu d'une perruque avec les vêtements et objets volés à ses victimes, afin d'alimenter ses fantasmes pendant les périodes de temps où il ne tue pas.

My Boss was the BTK Killer

Author: Mary Capps,Jim Dobkins

Publisher: UCS PRESS

ISBN: 0943247284

Category: Political Science

Page: 222

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Recovered from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, Mary Capps finally got to tell her side of the story in this riveting book. Dennis Rader put her through hell during the six-and-one-half years she worked under his supervision in the Compliance Department for the City of Park City, Kansas. She worked with him right up to the week he was arrested and exposed as the Bind Torture Kill serial killer.

BTK Killer - the Story of Dennis Rader (Biography)

Author: Biographiq

Publisher: Biographiq

ISBN: 9781599861999

Category: Serial murder investigation

Page: 0

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BTK Killer - The Story of Dennis Rader is a biography of Dennis Rader, the notorious serial killer better known as the BTK killer who murdered ten people in and around the area of Wichita, Kansas over a span of 16 years. With murders committed between 1974-1991, the self-proclaimed BTK killer (which stood for "bind, torture, kill") eluded and taunted authorities with knowing letters, boasting about the crimes. BTK Killer - The Story of Dennis Rader is highly recommended for those interested in the shocking account of real-life serial killer Dennis Rader and the evidence which led to his riveting capture.