Biophoton Technology in Energy and Vitality Diagnostics. A Multi-disciplinary, Systems biology, and Biotechnology Appraoch

Author: Roeland van Wijk; Yu Yan; Eduard Pieter Andries van Wijk

Publisher: Meluna /

ISBN: 9081884344

Category: Medical

Page: 23

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Welcome to the light of life! Biophoton Technology in Energy and Vitality Diagnostics opens a new window in the fascinating mystery of life and vitality. Man, like all other living organisms, emits ultra-weak light not detectable by the naked eye. This mysterious light with a color between ultraviolet and infrared is investigated with the use of highly sensitive photomultiplier systems. Our metabolism is not only responsible for the light production but also utilizes its energy again for metabolic processes. The metabolic dance of light (energy) and matter within our body is recorded by the light that escapes from our body. In recent times many aspects of this dance are elucidated both from the perspective of the molecules and from the perspective of energy. Inside the photon, this book takes you on a journey to health. Features of Biophoton Technology in Energy and Vitality Diagnostics: * This book helps in shifting your mind-set. It brings together most advanced metabolic approaches in molecular cell biology and most modern methodologies of studying the human photon (energy) emission. * The book includes 'new science' about life in terms of the matter-energy dance in metabolic process threads traversing the biological domain. References for each chapter supply information for a further study of the topic. * Health care professionals interested in vitality will learn the new systems biology approach (from molecule to society) and how vitality is measurable using human photon energy technology. Authors: This book has addressed these issues by bringing together in Meluna Research three leading researchers in the field: Roeland Van Wijk (1942), Yu Yan (1971) and Eduard P.A Van Wijk (1967). They are internationally recognized as innovative scientists in biophoton research with many hundreds of publications in international scientific journals. Roeland Van Wijk published in 2014 Light in Shaping Life - Biophotons in Biology and Medicine, the most comprehensive historical introduction in biophoton research. For additional information please visit us at: Meluna Research is a member company of Qi Nanophotonics: