The Blinded Eye

Author: Gregory Crane,Professor Gregory Crane

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780847681297

Category: History

Page: 277

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Thucydides, the patron saint of Realpolitik, continues to be read in many fields outside of classics. Why did his History succeed in setting the pattern for future scholars where Hereodotus's earlier Histories failed? In this fascinating study of the construction of intellectual authority, Gregory Crane argues that Thucydides was successful for two reasons. First, he refined the language of administration: Who was in charge? How much money was spent? How many people were killed? Second, he drew upon the abstract philosophical rhetoric developing in the fifth century, one in which the state and the public, rather than the family and the individual, stand at the center of the world. Ironically, it was through deeply personal alliances that aristocratic Greeks had defined themselves and exerted power. Thucydides's discursive practice was therefore fundamentally incompatible with his ideological goals.

Blinded by Benny

Author: Greg Locke

Publisher: Sword of the Lord Publishers

ISBN: 9780873980944


Page: 50

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Author: K. R. Brumfield

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1434333299


Page: 240

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Nick Turner is a cool, easy-going private investigator. He goes about his business solving other people's problems by gathering information from his various sources. He's a thinker who believes in the preservation of life. Along with his German Shepherd, Zeus, and his four best friends, all of which are former Marines who served together during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam; they formed a lifelong alliance that has lasted the test of time. Now, they come to life in Nick's adventure to find the identity of a beaten woman who has been left in a ditch along a country lane. They also become players in Nick's quest to discover, "Love's Worth."


Author: Fran Sánchez

Publisher: Litres

ISBN: 5043430079

Category: Fiction

Page: 64

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A great catastrophe desolates humanity. A strong blinding light flashes in the blue Mediterranean sky for an instant. Almost every inhabitant ends up blind, only a few manage to escape the event. The novel, divided into several stories, narrates how several characters live and react to this apocalyptic situation in different ways. Imagine yourself blind, everything in the most absolute darkness, lost in the middle of the city, or at home. Not a single public service working, no one there to help you...


Author: Steve Ross

Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781596270916

Category: Religion

Page: 208

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Presents a graphic novel adaptation of the story of the Apostle Paul, using modern metaphors and images to describe how he became one the greatest leaders of the early Christian church.


Author: Teyla Branton

Publisher: White Star Press

ISBN: 193920397X

Category: Fiction

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Sometimes clear sight comes only after you’re blinded A chilling repeat imprint of a murder and a fiery near-death makes Autumn rethink everything she’s learned about her ability and what she has become. When a rash of elderly deaths occurs in Portland, Autumn Rain is called upon to use her ability to read emotions imprinted on physical objects in an attempt to track down the killer. The antiques shop owner and part-time police consultant is more than willing to go undercover with Shannon Martin, the infuriating detective she might be falling for. Crime boss Nicholas Russo is also back in town to claim the favor Autumn owes him. If she doesn’t pay, her life and those of her family will be at risk, but helping Russo might mean the deaths of other innocent people. A chilling repeat imprint of a murder and a fiery near-death has Autumn rethinking everything she’s learned about her ability and what it has made her become. And then things really get crazy.

War Blinded Veterans in a Postwar Setting

Author: United States. Veterans Administration,United States. Veterans Administration. Social Work Service

Publisher: N.A


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