Merchant Vessels of the United States

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Category: Merchant marine

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From 1894/95-1935/36, pt.6 of each volume is issued separately, with titles, 1894/95-1902/03: Code list of merchant vessels of the United States; 1903/04-1935/36: Seagoing vessels of the United States.

Agency and Causal Explanation in Economics

Author: Peter Róna,László Zsolnai

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 303026114X

Category: Philosophy

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This open access book provides an exploration of the consequences of the ontological differences between natural and social objects (sometimes described as objects of nature and objects of thought) in the workings of causal and agency relationships. One of its important and possibly original conclusions is that causal and agency relationships do not encompass all of the dependent relationships encountered in social life. The idea that social reality is contingent has been known (and largely undisputed) at least since Wittgenstein’s “On Certainty”, but social science, and most notably economics has continued to operate on the basis of causal and agency theories borrowed or adapted from the natural sciences. This volume contains essays that retain and justify the partial or qualified use of this approach and essays that totally reject any use of causal and agency theory built on determined facts (closed systems).The rejection is based on the possibly original claim that, whereas causation in the objects of the natural sciences reside in their properties, human action is a matter of intentionality. It engages with critical realist theory and re-examines the role of free will in theories of human action in general and economic theory in particular.

Neither Slave nor Free

Author: David W. Cohen,Jack P. Greene

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 1421441187

Category: Social Science

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"The ten essays deal with colonial Spanish America, Surinam and Curacao, colonial Brazil, the French Antilles, Saint Domingue, Jamaica, Barbados, the North American slave states, Cuba, and nineteenth-century Brazil . . . . One also gets a strong sense from these papers of the rich variation within each society . . . . An important book."—Journal of Southern History "A distinctive contribution to the enticing but treacherous domain of comparative history. It succeeds because it is written by qualified scholars who address a delimited, manageable subject . . . . The task was to canvass current knowledge and pinpoint areas of needed research regarding two topics: first, the experience of the free colored as a measure of the character of slavery and race relations; second, the fundamental roles of this group in the evolution of the respective societies."—American Historical Review

Runaway Slaves

Author: John Hope Franklin,Loren Schweninger

Publisher: OUP USA

ISBN: 9780195084511

Category: History

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Presents details about plantation life before the Civil War when slaves frequently rebelled against their masters and escaped

Free Frank

Author: Juliet E. K. Walker

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 9780813108407

Category: History

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The story of Free Frank is not only a testament to human courage and resourcefulness but affords new insight into the American frontier. Born a slave in the South Carolina piedmont in 1777, Frank died a free man in 1854 in a town he had founded in western Illinois. His accomplishments, creditable for any frontiersman, were for a black man extraordinary. Goods and services commanded a premium in the life of the frontier. Free Frank's career shows what an exceptional black man, though working against great odds, could accomplish through industry, acumen, and aggressiveness. His story suggests a great deal about business activity and legal practices, as well as racial conditions, on the frontier. Juliet Walker has performed a task of historical detection in recreating the life of Free Frank from family traditions, limited personal papers, public documents, and secondary sources. In doing so, she has added a significant chapter to the history of Afro-Americans. - Back cover.