Bringing Up Bébé

Author: Pamela Druckerman

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0698197216

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 432

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“On questions of how to live, the French never disappoint. . . . Maybe it all starts with childhood. That is the conclusion that readers may draw from Bringing Up Bébé.” —The Wall Street Journal “I’ve been a parent now for more than eight years, and—confession—I’ve never actually made it all the way through a parenting book. But I found Bringing Up Bébé to be irresistible.” —Slate The runaway New York Times bestseller that shows American parents the secrets behind France's amazingly well-behaved children, from the author of There Are No Grown-ups. When American journalist Pamela Druckerman had a baby in Paris, she didn't aspire to become a “French parent.” But she noticed that French children slept through the night by two or three months old. They ate braised leeks. They played by themselves while their parents sipped coffee. And yet French kids were still boisterous, curious, and creative. Why? How? With a notebook stashed in her diaper bag, Druckerman set out to investigate—and wound up sparking a national debate on parenting. Researched over three years and written in her warm, funny voice, Bringing Up Bébé is deeply wise, charmingly told, and destined to become a classic resource for American parents.

Bébé Day by Day

Author: Pamela Druckerman

Publisher: Penguin Press

ISBN: 1594205531

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 162

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An alternative guide to raising children shares wisdom and insights with American parents on the most effective practices being used by their French contemporaries, drawing on the author's considerable research to offer essential insights into a range of modern concerns.

Raising Parents

Author: Louisa Ch'ng

Publisher: Partridge Publishing Singapore

ISBN: 1543760708

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 194

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We all have our own parenting journeys - full of laughter and tears, late night snuggling and early morning trainings, exam prep and fun musicals. Along this journey, we as parents face so many questions! How do we raise our girls to be strong, guilt free women? How to raise visionary, ambitious, respectful boys? How to be a mum and still have a life? This collection of stories tries to capture perspectives from Stay at Home Mums vs. Career Mums, perspectives from the West vs the East, perspectives from Tiger Mums vs the more chilled Mums. Women who have scaled the heights in the academia and the corporate worlds only to face the challenge of putting a baby to sleep and teaching an 8 year-old Singapore maths. Ranging in age from early thirties to mid-fifties and scattered across the globe from Singapore to London to Silicon Valley and to Queenstown; these mums reflect a spectrum of different upbringing - from Malaysian Peranakan roots to British boarding schools; with voices from Chinese, French, American and Russian families. The result is an honest and heartfelt glimpse of parenthood today. *** Special section included on the parenting journeys of dads

East Meets West

Author: Kim Parker MSW LCSW

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 151275093X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 236

View: 7490

Parenting can be the toughest journey a person ever makes. The author transparently addresses the difficult parts of this role while pointing us to some practical ways of thinking and relating with children to lighten the responsibility. This book is as fascinating as Amy Chuas Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother memoir, as relatable as Jen Hatmakers Christian foibles, as uplifting as Iyanla Vanzants inspirational messages, and backed by solid research of the likes of Brene Brown. By deftly combining four of Americas favorite genres into one enjoyable read, the author does not force us to compare and choose one world view over another, but honors all. Kim understands the unique challenges and opportunities that arise when youre parenting in a culture different than the one in which you were raised. Her words are wise and just what you need to figure out what is best for your family! Jill Savage, author of Better Together: Because Youre Not Meant to Mom Alone This is an insightful book, full of sound and practical advice. I highly reccommend it. Dr. Helen Mendes Love, MSW, author of Reflections on the Upsides of Aging Kim gives invaluable insight on the intricacies of parenting in a more globalized and culturally-relevant world, while respecting tradition and heritage. Sam Louie, M.A., LMHC, author of Asian Shame and Addiction: Suffering in Silence Humorous, yet educational, this book is a must read for any parent. Erika Olivares Sumner, Life & Wellness Coach, Mother of Three


Author: Stanton Peele,Ilse Thompson

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0738216763

Category: Self-Help

Page: 320

View: 6950

For decades you've been told that addiction is an irreversible disease, a biological force over which you have no control. That defeatist message not only is without scientific foundation, but actually prevents your overcoming addiction. Now, world-renowned addiction expert Stanton Peele demystifies addiction and offers a groundbreaking program that puts at your disposal what does work in treatment and recovery. For four decades, Dr. Peele has challenged our understanding of addiction and recovery. He has developed approaches that break the cycle of addiction and empower us to take control of our lives--including understanding that we are able to direct our own brains to change. In Recover!Dr. Peele's PERFECT Program takes you through the key concepts of mindfulness--that is, your ability to detach from your addictive experience and to see that it is not who you are--combined with the Buddhist idea of loving kindness, or self-acceptance. It's an easily grasped, yet multifaceted program that allows your true self to overcome your addictive urges. Instead of focusing on what's wrong with you, the PERFECT Program will help you discover, embrace, and build your recovery on what's already right about you. Combining the best evidence-based treatments with the mindful use of meditation, Recover!presents a life-transforming philosophy for freeing yourself from addiction forever.

Pursuits of Happiness

Author: Stanley Cavell

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674739062

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 300

View: 1968

Looks at seven classic romantic comedies of the thirties and forties, and compares what each film expresses about marriage, interdependence, equality, and sexual roles

I Won't Grow Up!

Author: Anthony Balducci

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476662088

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 214

View: 2440

A film archetype as old as film itself, the man-child has been an enduring comedy subject. Classics as diverse as Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) and The Apartment (1960) have used the immature male to drive plots and press the importance of growing up. But he was not born fully formed--it took the shifting social norms of decades to mold the atrocious behavior of the puerile buffoon we know today. The man-child has come under scrutiny in recent years. Prominent writers, including David Denby and A.O. Scott, have criticized the modern comedian behaving in shamelessly childish ways. This book provides a comprehensive examination of the character of the man-child, from Andre Deed, who debuted on screen in 1901, to Seth Rogen. The author discusses changing cultural attitudes about maturity, what it means to be an adult, what it means to be a child and how those things are becoming increasingly confused.

How Pop Culture Shapes the Stages of a Woman's Life

Author: Melissa Ames,Sarah Burcon

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137566183

Category: Social Science

Page: 291

View: 4386

Contemporary popular culture has created a slew of stereotypical roles for girls and women to (willingly or not) play throughout their lives: The Princess, the Nymphette, the Diva, the Single Girl, the Bridezilla, the Tiger Mother, the M.I.L.F, the Cougar, and more. In this book Ames and Burcon investigate the role of cultural texts in gender socialization at specific pre-scripted stages of a woman's life (from girls to the "golden girls") and how that instruction compounds over time. By studying various texts (toys, magazines, blogs, tweets, television shows, Hollywood films, novels, and self-help books) they argue that popular culture exists as a type of funhouse mirror constantly distorting the real world conditions that exist for women, magnifying the gendered expectations they face. Despite the many problematic, conflicting messages women receive throughout their lives, this book also showcases the ways such messages are resisted, allowing women to move past the blurry reality they broadcast and toward, hopefully, gender equality.

Family Travel

Author: Laura Manske

Publisher: Travelers' Tales

ISBN: 9781885211330

Category: Travel

Page: 380

View: 8895

A collection of writings celebrating the joys of family travel includes contributions by Paul Reiser, Mary Morris, Michael Crichton, Tim Parks, Calvin Trillin, and Leila Philip

The Good Mother Myth

Author: Avital Norman Nathman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1580055036

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 224

View: 8700

In an era of mommy blogs, Pinterest, and Facebook, The Good Mother Myth dismantles the social media-fed notion of what it means to be a "good mother." This collection of essays takes a realistic look at motherhood and provides a platform for real voices and raw stories, each adding to the narrative of motherhood we don't tend to see in the headlines or on the news. From tales of mind-bending, panic-inducing overwhelm to a reflection on using weed instead of wine to deal with the terrible twos, the honesty of the essays creates a community of mothers who refuse to feel like they're in competition with others, or with the notion of the ideal mom—they're just trying to find a way to make it work. With a foreword by Christy Turlington Burns and a contributor list that includes Jessica Valenti, Sharon Lerner, Soraya Chemaly, Amber Dusick and many more, this remarkable collection seeks to debunk the myth and offer some honesty about what it means to be a mother.