British Fascism, 1918-39

Author: Thomas Linehan

Publisher: Manchester University Press

ISBN: 9780719050244

Category: History

Page: 326

View: 7402

This clear, balanced survey provides an accessible guide to the essential features of British fascism in the inter-war period with a special attention to fascism and culture. The book explores the various definitions of fascism and analyzes the origins of British fascism, fascist parties, groups and membership, and British fascist anti-Semitism.

A Select Bibliography of British and Irish University Theses about Maritime History, 1792-1990

Author: David M. Williams,Andrew P. White

Publisher: Liverpool University Press

ISBN: 1786949342

Category: History

Page: 207

View: 6175

This book provides a bibliography of a wide scope of British and Irish post-graduate theses of maritime economic and social history. Its intent is to make these informative, under-utilised texts more accessible for scholars, in response to the deep expansion of subject as a historical discipline. It aims to keep these texts, often unpublished, from lapsing into obscurity. The author takes a broad approach to the subject area, including strands more particular to science than the humanities, and history as recent as the year of publication, intending the resource to be as comprehensive as possible, and of maximum use to present and future scholars. The material is primarily gathered and cross-referenced from Roger R. Bilboul’s Restrospective Index to Theses of Great Britain and Ireland 1716-1950, the ASLIB Index, and the Institute of Historical Research of the University of London. Each entry comprises Surname, Thesis Title (truncated for length where necessary), Degree Awarded, Awarding Institution, and Date. The database comprises 2500 entries, subdivided into twenty-five sections concerning:- the shipping business and all commercial/mercantile aspects of operation; exploration, cartography, and navigation; shipping and shipbuilding technologies; docks and harbours; maritime labour; maritime medical issues; naval history, piracy, privateering; international relations; maritime law; pollution and the maritime environment; fishing; sea-port communities; culture, literature, and art; maritime economics; marine architecture; coastal planning; tourism; and off-shore oil. The sections are further subdivided by location, and a geographical index is included for ease of reference. The author assures that the majority of theses are readily accessible.

British Naturalists in Qing China

Author: Fa-ti Fan

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674011434

Category: History

Page: 280

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This book is the first comprehensive study on this topic. In a series of vivid chapters, Fa-ti Fan examines the research of British naturalists in China in relation to the history of natural history, of empire, and of Sino–Western relations.

British Women Writers and the Writing of History, 1670-1820

Author: Devoney Looser

Publisher: JHU Press

ISBN: 9780801879050

Category: History

Page: 298

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Chosen by Choice Magazine as an Outstanding Academic Title Until recently, history writing has been understood as a male enclave from which women were restricted, particularly prior to the nineteenth century. The first book to look at British women writers and their contributions to historiography during the long eighteenth century, British Women Writers and the Writing of History, 1670-1820, asks why, rather than writing history that included their own sex, some women of this period chose to write the same kind of history as men—one that marginalized or excluded women altogether. But as Devoney Looser demonstrates, although British women's historically informed writings were not necessarily feminist or even female-focused, they were intimately involved in debates over and conversations about the genre of history. Looser investigates the careers of Lucy Hutchinson, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Charlotte Lennox, Catharine Macaulay, Hester Lynch Piozzi, and Jane Austen and shows how each of their contributions to historical discourse differed greatly as a result of political, historical, religious, class, and generic affiliations. Adding their contributions to accounts of early modern writing refutes the assumption that historiography was an exclusive men's club and that fiction was the only prose genre open to women.

British Mercantile Houses in Buenos Aires, 1810-1880

Author: Vera Blinn Reber

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 9780674082458

Category: History

Page: 230

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British mercantile houses--privately financed commercial enterprises dealing in the import and export of goods--integrated Argentine production into the world economy between 1810 and 1880. Reber evaluates business operations and decision making and analyzes the relationship between business practices and Argentine economy and politics.

Encyclopedia of British and Irish Political Organizations

Author: Peter Barberis,John McHugh,Mike Tyldesley

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 9780826458148

Category: Great Britain

Page: 582

View: 9308

This major, authoritative reference work embraces the spectrum of organized political activity in the British Isles. It includes over 2,500 organizations in 1,700 separate entries. Arrangement is in 20 main subject sections, covering the three main p

Culture Wars in British Literature

Author: Tracy J. Prince

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 0786493070

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 232

View: 353

The past century’s culture wars that Britain has been consumed by, but that few North Americans seem aware of, have resulted in revised notions of Britishness and British literature. Yet literary anthologies remain anchored to an archaic Anglo-English interpretation of British literature. Conflicts have been played out over specific national vs. British identity (some residents prefer to describe themselves as being from Scotland, England, Wales, or Northern Ireland instead of Britain), in debates over immigration, race, ethnicity, class, and gender, and in arguments over British literature. These debates are strikingly detailed in such chapters as: “The Difficulty Defining ‘Black British’,” “British Jewish Writers” and “Xenophobia and the Booker Prize.” Connections are also drawn between civil rights movements in the U.S. and UK. This generalist cultural study is a lively read and a fascinating glimpse into Britain’s changing identity as reflected in 20th and 21st century British literature.

Muslim Endowments and Society in British India

Author: Gregory C. Kozlowski

Publisher: CUP Archive

ISBN: 9780521259866

Category: Social Science

Page: 236

View: 2111

Dr Kozlowski's important study pioneers a fresh approach to the study of a critical Muslim institution: the endowments or awqaf which almost everywhere in the Islamic world provide support for mosques, schools and shrines. The wealthier Muslims who establish endowments inevitably have an eye on social, political and economic conditions and have traditionally used awqaf as part of an effort to preserve their wealth and influence, especially in periods of change and uncertainty. The book focuses on the use of endowments by Muslims suffering the dislocations caused by the imposition of British rule in India and examines in detail the social and political implications of the controversy over endowments that took place in the imperial courts and councils. The author's observations and insights can be applied to many periods and places in the Muslim world and his novel approach will attract all those interested in the study of Islam.