Life Lines

Author: Wayne Mutza

Publisher: The Guest Cottage, Inc.

ISBN: 9781930596122

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 116

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Firefighters and paramedics respond to calls for assistance without knowing exactly what they will encounter when they arrive. They perform the duties of their profession to the highest standards, day in and day out. It is sometimes difficult for them to talk about what they've encountered because it brings back many painful memories. In Life Lines: Stories from the Firehouse, Milwaukee firefighters and paramedics recount some of the most memorable calls of their careers. Author and former firefighter Wayne Mutza presents these true stories in the rescuers' own words. These stories will make you laugh and make you cry. They will renew your respect for those who have chosen to protect and serve. Book jacket.

Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life

Author: John Van Engen

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 0812290054

Category: Religion

Page: 448

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The Devotio Moderna, or Modern Devout, puzzled their contemporaries. Beginning in the 1380s in market towns along the Ijssel River of the east-central Netherlands and in the county of Holland, they formed households organized as communes and forged lives centered on private devotion. They lived on city streets alongside their neighbors, managed properties and rents in common, and worked in the textile and book trades, all the while refusing to profess vows as members of any religious order or to acquire spouses and personal property as lay citizens. They defended their self-designed style of life as exemplary and sustained it in the face of opposition, their women labeled "beguines" and their men "lollards," both meant as derogatory terms. Yet the movement grew, drawing in women and schoolboys, priests and laymen, and spreading outward toward Münster, Flanders, and Cologne. The Devout were arguably more culturally significant than the Lollards and Beguines, yet they have commanded far less scholarly attention in English. John Van Engen's magisterial book keeps the Modern Devout at its center and thinks through their story anew. Few interpreters have read the Devout so insistently within their own time and space by looking to the social and religious conditions that marked towns and parishes in northern Europe during the fifteenth century and examining the widespread upheavals in cultural and religious life between the 1370s and the 1440s. In Sisters and Brothers of the Common Life, Van Engen grasps the Devout in their humanity, communities, and beliefs, and places them firmly within the urban societies of the Low Countries and the cultures we call late medieval.

Letter to a Young Female Physician: Notes from a Medical Life

Author: Suzanne Koven

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 132400715X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 320

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A poignant and funny exploration of authenticity in work and life by a woman doctor. In 2017, Dr. Suzanne Koven published an essay describing the challenges faced by female physicians, including her own personal struggle with "imposter syndrome"—a long-held secret belief that she was not smart enough or good enough to be a “real” doctor. Accessed by thousands of readers around the world, Koven’s “Letter to a Young Female Physician” has evolved into a deeply felt reflection on her career in medicine. Koven tells candid and illuminating stories about her pregnancy during a grueling residency in the AIDS era; the illnesses of her child and aging parents during which her roles as a doctor, mother, and daughter converged, and sometimes collided; the sexism, pay inequity, and harassment that women in medicine encounter; and the twilight of her career during the COVID-19 pandemic. As she traces the arc of her life, Koven finds inspiration in literature and faces the near-universal challenges of burnout, body image, and balancing work with marriage and parenthood. Shining with warmth, clarity, and wisdom, Letter to a Young Female Physician reveals a woman forging her authentic identity in a modern landscape that is as overwhelming and confusing as it is exhilarating in its possibilities. Koven offers an indelible account, by turns humorous and profound, from a doctor, mother, wife, daughter, teacher, and writer who sheds light on our desire to find meaning, and on a way to be our own imperfect selves in the world.

Sibling Stories

Author: Lynne Stern Feiges,Mary Jane Weiss

Publisher: AAPC Publishing

ISBN: 9781931282543

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 157

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Sibling relationships involving a brother or sister with an autism spectrum dis-order can present enormous emotional challenges for everyone involved. This exceptional collection of deeply moving first-person excerpts from interviews with 20 siblings offers in-depth coverage of the issues of paramount concern to typical siblings like establishing boundaries and resentment. A chapter devoted to coping strategies is enhanced by end-of-chapter professional advice on how to maximize the sibling relationship.

Putting Intellectual Property in its Place

Author: Laura J. Murray,S. Tina Piper,Kirsty Robertson

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 019933627X

Category: Law

Page: 224

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Putting Intellectual Property in its Place examines the relationship between creativity and intellectual property law on the premise that, despite concentrated critical attention devoted to IP law from academic, policy and activist quarters, its role as a determinant of creative activity is overstated. The effects of IP rights or law are usually more unpredictable, non-linear, or illusory than is often presumed. Through a series of case studies focusing on nineteenth century journalism, "fake" art, plant hormone research between the wars, online knitting communities, creativity in small cities, and legal practice, the authors discuss the many ways people comprehend the law through information and opinions gathered from friends, strangers, coworkers, and the media. They also show how people choose to share, create, negotiate, and dispute based on what seems fair, just, or necessary, in the context of how their community functions in that moment, while ignoring or reimagining legal mechanisms. In this book authors Murray, Piper, and Robertson define "the everyday life of IP law", constituting an experiment in non-normative legal scholarship, and in building theory from material and located practice.

Always, Rachel

Author: Rachel Carson,Dorothy E. Freeman

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1504073886

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 593

View: 4913

These letters between the pioneering environmentalist and her beloved friend reveal “a vibrant, caring woman behind the scientist” (Los Angeles Times). “Rachel Carson, author of The Silent Spring, has been celebrated as the pioneer of the modern environmental movement. Although she wrote no autobiography, she did leave letters, and those she exchanged—sometimes daily—with Dorothy Freeman, some 750 of which are collected here, are perhaps more satisfying than an account of her own life. In 1953, Carson became Freeman's summer neighbor on Southport Island, ME. The two discovered a shared love for the natural world—their descriptions of the arrival of spring or the song of a hermit thrush are lyrical—but their friendship quickly blossomed, as each realized she had found in the other a kindred spirit. To read this collection is like eavesdropping on an extended conversation that mixes the mundane events of the two women's family lives with details of Carson’s research and writing and, later, her breast cancer. . . . Few who read these letters will forget these remarkable women and their even more remarkable bond.” —Publishers Weekly “Darting, fresh, sensuous, pleasingly elliptical at times, these letters also serve to tether the increasingly deified Carson firmly to earth—just where she’d want to be.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review) “It is not often that a collection of letters reveals character, emotional depth, personality, indeed intellect and talent, as well as a full biography might; these letters do all that.” —The New York Times Book Review “Provides insight into the creative process and a look into the daily lives of two intelligent, perceptive women whose family responsibilities were, at times, almost crushing.” —Library Journal “Dotted with vivid observations of the natural world and perceptive commentary on friendship, family, fame, and life itself, Always, Rachel will appeal to readers interested in biography and women’s studies as well as those drawn to nature writing and the history of the environmental movement.” —Booklist Online

A Social History of British Performance Cultures 1900-1939

Author: Maggie B. Gale

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351397192

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 244

View: 7890

This book provides a new social history of British performance cultures in the early decades of the twentieth century, where performance across stage and screen was generated by dynamic and transformational industries. Exploring an era book-ended by wars and troubled by social unrest and political uncertainty, A Social History of British Performance Cultures 1900–1939 makes use of the popular material cultures produced by and for the industries – autobiographies, fan magazines and trade journals, as well as archival holdings, popular sketches, plays and performances. Maggie B. Gale looks at how the performance industries operated, circulated their products and self-regulated their professional activities, in a period where enfranchisement, democratization, technological development and legislation shaped the experience of citizenship. Through close examination of material evidence and a theoretical underpinning, this book shows how performance industries reflected and challenged this experience, and explored the ways in which we construct our ‘performance’ as participants in the public realm. Suited not only to scholars and students of British theatre and theatre history, but to general readers as well, A Social History of British Performance Cultures 1900–1939 offers an original intervention into the construction of British theatre and performance histories, offering new readings of the relationship between the material cultures of performance, the social, professional and civic contexts from which they arise, and on which they reflect.

Authors, Users, and Pirates

Author: James Meese

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262037440

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 2786

An examination of subjectivity in copyright law, analyzing authors, users, and pirates through a relational framework. In current debates over copyright law, the author, the user, and the pirate are almost always invoked. Some in the creative industries call for more legal protection for authors; activists and academics promote user rights and user-generated content; and online pirates openly challenge the strict enforcement of copyright law. In this book, James Meese offers a new way to think about these three central subjects of copyright law, proposing a relational framework that encompasses all three. Meese views authors, users, and pirates as interconnected subjects, analyzing them as a relational triad. He argues that addressing the relationships among the three subjects will shed light on how the key conceptual underpinnings of copyright law are justified in practice. Meese presents a series of historical and contemporary examples, from nineteenth-century cases of book abridgement to recent controversies over the reuse of Instagram photos. He not only considers the author, user, and pirate in terms of copyright law, but also explores the experiential element of subjectivity—how people understand and construct their own subjectivity in relation to these three subject positions. Meese maps the emergence of the author, user, and pirate over the first two centuries of copyright's existence; describes how regulation and technological limitations turned people from creators to consumers; considers relational authorship; explores practices in sampling, music licensing, and contemporary art; examines provisions in copyright law for user-generated content; and reimagines the pirate as an innovator.

Anointed Women Called to Preach the Gospel

Author: Beverly C. Brown

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490848282

Category: Religion

Page: 114

View: 5304

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” -- Revelation 12:11 (KJV) The life-changing powerful and inspiring testimonies from the lives of three women who have overcome extreme challenges and tragedy will strengthen your soul and renew your spirit to strive onward. Evangelist Beverly Brown captures the essence of God through these true stories and declares victory over the enemy, to encourage you to walk in God’s divine purpose.

Life Insurance

Author: Joseph M. Belth

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253203465

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 216

View: 8197

"It is almost impossible not to learn from this book.... " —Journal of American Society of CLU "... clear and helpful guide to American law... Dworkin's calm and sensible approach should be heeded gratefully..." —Times Literary Supplement A new and completely updated edition of Joseph Belth's classic work on life insurance. The major message is that the consumer can save thousands of dollars by shopping carefully for life insurance.