Calvin on the Christian Life

Author: Michael Horton

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 1433539594

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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John Calvin, a man adored by some and maligned by others, stands as a legendary figure in Christian history. In Calvin on the Christian Life, professor Michael Horton offers us fresh insights into the Reformer’s personal piety and practical theology by allowing Calvin to speak in his own words. Drawing not only from his Institutes and biblical commentaries, but also from lesser-known tracts, treatises, and letters, this book will deepen your understanding of Calvin’s theology and ministry by exploring the heart of his spiritual life: confident trust and unwavering joy in the sovereign grace of God. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series.

John Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Life

Author: John H. Leith

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1608994406

Category: Religion

Page: 230

View: 1906

In this thorough investigation of Calvinist doctrine, John Leith defines the Reformer's teaching on Christian life in the context of his theology. He begins with a discussion of what it means to say that the purpose of Christian life is the glory of God. He then discusses Christian life in relation to four aspects of Calvinist thought: justification by faith alone; providence and predestination; history and the transhistorical; church and society.Leith's concluding statement summarizes the importance of this book. "Calvin's doctrine of the Christian life represents a magnificent effort to give expression to what it means to have to do with the living God every moment of one's life. No interpretation of the sola gloria Dei ["only God's glory"] has been more vivid and dynamic than Calvin's. For this reason he speaks to the needs of this generation, which, at least until recently, has been more frequently concerned about the glory of humankind than that of God and which has fallen victim to many false gods and vicious ideologies. Yet if Calvinism is to render its full service to our day, it must be interpreted in the context of the shared faith of the total Christian community. On the basis of Calvin's own principles, no human statement of Christian faith can ever be final and must be continually reformed by the Christian community's apprehension of the word of God as revealed in Jesus Christ."

Essays on Being Reformed

Author: Dirkie Smit


ISBN: 1920338209

Category: Religion

Page: 549

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What does it mean to be Reformed Christians in the world today ? and in Africa and South Africa? What does it mean to commemorate the legacy of John Calvin (1509-1564) after 500 years ? in a modern world characterised by democracy, by popular notions of human dignity and human rights, by worldwide struggles for individual freedoms and for social justice, by a global economy in crisis ? when social historians argue about the lasting contribution of Calvin and his followers precisely with respect to all these modern phenomena? The 28 essays by Dirkie Smit selected for this volume deal with such questions.

Re-Forming the Liturgy

Author: Paul Galbreath

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532650299

Category: Religion

Page: 174

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Christian worship is always undergoing change as it adapts to particular contexts and concerns. This collection of essays explores ways: 1) that liturgical change happened to address particular historical and theological concerns; 2) that worship and preaching are currently undergoing transition; and 3) that aspects of worship are in need of transformation in order to address primary issues of our time with a focus on environmental and ecological concerns. Spacial attention is paid to the role of the Sacraments and to preaching with an emphasis on the need to connect worship with daily life. These essays show readers ways that liturgical renewal worked in the past as well as offer a persuasive case for continual renewal that responds to key issues in our contemporary lives.

Calvin's Doctrine of The Christian Life

Author: Ronald Wallace

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1579100473

Category: Religion

Page: 365

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In his study of a wide range of Calvin's works, Dr. Wallace has found that all Calvin's decisions on widely differing aspects of the Christian life can be understood and seen in their unity as they arise from his doctrine of the person and work of Christ as involving, once-for-all, the sanctification and destiny of the Church. In this context the book shows that humanity lives the Christian life as they seek to fulfill their calling to royal priesthood in Christ in union with his death and resurrection.

Institutes of the Christian Religion

Author: Jean Calvin,John Calvin

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 9780802881663

Category: Religion

Page: 1286

View: 1174

Here in a convenient one-volume edition is John Calvin's magnum opus. Written as an introduction to the Christian life, the Institutes remains the best articulation of Reformation principles and is a marvelous introduction to biblical Christianity.

Bavinck on the Christian Life

Author: John Bolt

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 1433540770

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

View: 2590

The importance of Dutch theologian Herman Bavinck to Reformed theology is difficult to overstate. Bavinck's comprehensive four volume systematic theology, Reformed Dogmatics, is a modern classic that has influenced countless pastors and theologians over the past 100 years. In Bavinck on the Christian Life, scholar John Bolt brings the great Dutch theologian’s life and work to bear on following Jesus in the 21st century. By practically applying Bavinck's systematic works to the Christian life and looking at the life of the man himself, this book shows the direct connection between robust theology, practical holiness, and personal joy. John Owen is widely hailed as one of the greatest theologians of all time. His many works—especially those encouraging Christians in their struggle against sin—continue to speak powerfully to readers today, offering much-needed spiritual guidance for following Christ and resisting temptation day in and day out. Starting with an overview of Owen’s life, ministry, and historical context, Michael Haykin and Matthew Barrett introduce readers to the pillars of Owen’s spiritual life. From exploring his understanding of believers’ fellowship with the triune God to highlighting his teaching on justification, this study invites us to learn about the Christian life from the greatest of the English Puritans. Part of the Theologians on the Christian Life series.

Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life

Author: John Calvin

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 1585581046

Category: Religion

Page: 96

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In this classic devotional, John Calvin urges readers to apply the Christian life in a balanced way to mind, heart, and hand. Rather than focusing on contemplative otherworldliness, the book stresses the importance of a devotedly active Christian life. In style and spirit, this book is much like Augustine's Confessions, Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, or Thomas à Kempis's Imitation of Christ. However, its intense practicality sets it apart, making it easily accessible for any reader seeking to carry out Christian values in everyday life. Chapter themes include obedience, self-denial, the significance of the cross, and how we should live our lives today.

John Calvin's Sermons on the Ten Commandments

Author: John Calvin

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1532680201

Category: Religion

Page: 326

View: 4555

A collection of sixteen sermons by John Calvin that shed light on his understanding and application of the Ten Commandments. Widely known as one of the church’s most significant theologians, John Calvin was also a skilled preacher with the ability to proclaim biblical truth with power and relevance. These sermons develop the essence of his teaching on the moral law in a popular and engaging manner. Pastors preaching through the Ten Commandments, Bible students, and anyone interested in Calvin’s views on the Ten Commandments will take great delight in reading his exposition of the Decalogue, which is called “the true and eternal rule of righteousness [for all] who wish to conform their lives to God’s will.”

A Little Book on the Christian Life (Gift Edition), Olive

Author: John Calvin

Publisher: Reformation Trust Publishing

ISBN: 9781567698510

Category: Religion

Page: 132

View: 9414

For centuries, disciples young and old have turned to this book for guidance in the Christian life. Today, it remains unique in its clear exposition of God's calling for Christians to pursue holiness, endure suffering, and fulfill their callings. This is a book for every Christian to pick up, read, and apply.