Can't Be Satisfied

Author: Robert Gordon

Publisher: Canongate Books

ISBN: 0857868705

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 432

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Can't Be Satisfied is that rare thing in musical biographies: a book that maps out not just a single, extraordinary life but the cultural forces that shaped it' Sean O'Hagan, Observer Muddy Waters was the greatest blues musician ever, and the most influential. He invented electric blues, inspired the Rolling Stones and created the template for the rock 'n' roll band and its wild lifestyle. Robert Gordon's definitive biography vividly chronicles the extraordinary life and personality of the musical legend who changed the course of modern popular music.

Langston Hughes

Author: Maurice Orlando Wallace

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish

ISBN: 9780761425915

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 144

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"A biography of writer Langston Hughes that describes his era, his major works--especially his most famous and influential prose and poetry, his life, and and the legacy of his writing"--Provided by publisher.

Downhome Blues Lyrics

Author: Jeff Todd Titon

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252061301

Category: Music

Page: 174

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Collects lyrics from blues recordings made by Black Americans and sold in Black communities following the war

When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends

Author: Victoria Secunda

Publisher: Delta

ISBN: 0307431304

Category: Psychology

Page: 432

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“A book of great value for every daughter and every mother; useful for sons, too.”—Benjamin Spock, M.D. From the Introduction: The goal of this book is to help readers achieve that separation so that they can either find a way to be friends with their mothers, or at least recognize and accept that their mothers did the best they could—even if it wasn't “good enough”—and to stop blaming them. Among the issues to be covered: • To understand how a daughter's attachment to her mother—more so than her relationship with her father—colors all her other relationships, and to analyze why it is more difficult for daughters than sons to separate from their mothers, as well as why daughters are more subject than sons to a mother's manipulation • To recognize the difference between a healthy and a destructive mother-daughter connection, and to define clearly the “bad mommy,” in order to help readers who have trouble acknowledging their childhood losses to begin to comprehend them • To conjugate what I call the “Bad Mommy Taboo”—why our culture is more eager to protect the sanctity of maternity than it is to protect emotionally abused daughters • To describe the evolution of the "unpleasable" mother—in all likelihood, she was bereft of maternal love as a child—and to recognize the huge, and often poignant, stake she has in keeping her grown daughter dependent and off-balance • To illustrate the consequent controlling behavior—in some cases, cloaked in fragility or good intentions—of such mothers, which falls into general patterns, including: the Doormat, the Critic, the Smotherer, the Avenger, the Deserter • To understand that the daughter has a similar stake in either being a slave to or hating her mother—the two sides of her depen dency and immaturity • To illustrate the responsive behavior—and survival mechanisms —of daughters, which is determined in part by such variables as birth rank, family history, and temperament, and which also falls into patterns, including: the Angel, the Superachiever, the Cipher, the Troublemaker, the Defector • To show how to redefine the mother-daughter relationship, so that each can learn to see and accept the other as she is today, appreciating each other's good qualities and not being snared by the bad • Finally, to demonstrate that a redefined relationship with one's mother—adult to adult—frees you from the past, whether that re definition ultimately results in real friendship, affectionate truce, or divorce.

Healing the Mind

Author: Neal Grossman

Publisher: Susquehanna University Press

ISBN: 9781575910666

Category: Philosophy

Page: 253

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"This book presents Spinoza as a spiritual psychotherapist. Spiritual, because the goal of Spinoza's philosophical system is union with God; psychotherapist, because the path to this goal lies through an understanding and ultimate transcendence of our afflictive emotions.".

Why a Gay Person Can't Be Made Un-Gay: The Truth About Reparative Therapies

Author: Martin Kantor MD

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440830754

Category: Psychology

Page: 252

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Despite an abysmal "success rate," practitioners still use reparative therapy in an attempt to turn gays and lesbians straight. This text exposes the pitfalls that should be considered before gays embark on this journey that typically leads nowhere. • Presents thorough descriptions of the various reparative therapies, contrasts these techniques with traditional therapy, and exposes the faulty theoretical bases of this form of treatment • Details the author psychiatrist's unsuccessful 5-year-long therapeutic attempt to change his own homosexuality • Provides essential information that gays and their parents need to know before embarking on what the author feels is a futile course of changing sexual orientation. The content will enlighten politicians and reparative therapists themselves as well • Supplies an essential, informed counterpoint to the existing literature on reparative therapy

Masters of Instrumental Blues Guitar

Author: Donald Garwood

Publisher: Oak Publications

ISBN: 1783234733

Category: Music

Page: 78

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From the preface: In order to study American folk guitar styles in depth, one is forced to turn to the country blues because nowhere else do recorded sources of instrumental folk guitar abound so profusely. It is in the blues that Negro musicians have explored and developed the finger style instrumental approach. Some of the exceptional blues masterpieces are assembled in this book along with the instruction necessary to play them.

The Invention and Reinvention of Big Bill Broonzy

Author: Kevin D. Greene

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469646501

Category: Social Science

Page: 242

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Over the course of his long career, legendary bluesman William "Big Bill" Broonzy (1893–1958) helped shape the trajectory of the genre, from its roots in the rural Mississippi River Delta, through its rise as a popular genre in the North, to its eventual international acclaim. Along the way, Broonzy adopted an evolving personal and professional identity, tailoring his self-presentation to the demands of the place and time. His remarkable professional fluidity mirrored the range of expectations from his audiences, whose ideas about race, national belonging, identity, and the blues were refracted through Broonzy as if through a prism. Kevin D. Greene argues that Broonzy's popular success testifies to his ability to navigate the cultural expectations of his different audiences. However, this constant reinvention came at a personal and professional cost. Using Broonzy's multifaceted career, Greene situates blues performance at the center of understanding African American self-presentation and racial identity in the first half of the twentieth century. Through Broonzy's life and times, Greene assesses major themes and events in African American history, including the Great Migration, urbanization, and black expatriate encounters with European culture consumers. Drawing on a range of historical source materials as well as oral histories and personal archives held by Broonzy's son, Greene perceptively interrogates how notions of race, gender, and audience reception continue to shape concepts of folk culture and musical authenticity.

I Connecting

Author: Kristina Kaine

Publisher: Kristina Kaine

ISBN: 097798253X

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 208

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The History of R & B and Soul Music

Author: Stuart A. Kallen

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1420508997

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 128

View: 590

Rhythm and Blues, along with soul music has historically been written and produced by black Americans to reflect the African American experience in the United States. This book covers a range of styles within RandB, including boogie-woogie, Doo-Wop, jump blues, and 12-bar blues, Motown soul, 70s funk, urban contemporary, and hip hop soul.