Catching a Serial Killer

Author: Stephen Fulcher

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473551560

Category: True Crime

Page: 320

View: 3182

The true story behind the ITV series, A Confession 'The gripping allure of long-form podcasts, such as Serial' Observer On the evening of Saturday, 19 March 2011, D.S. Stephen Fulcher receives a life-changing call that thrusts him into a race against the clock to save missing 22-year-old Sian O’Callaghan, who was last seen at a nightclub in Swindon. Steve knows from experience that he has a small window of time to find Sian alive, but his hopes are quickly dashed when his investigation leads him to Christopher Halliwell, a cabbie with sick obsessions. Following the investigation as it develops hour-by-hour, Steve’s gripping inside story of the cat-and-mouse situation that ensues shows how he hunted down Halliwell – his number-one suspect – which led him to the discovery of Sian’s body and another victim, Becky Godden-Edwards, who had been missing since 2002. The murders shocked the nation and Halliwell become one of the most hated men in Britain. Since then, he has been linked to several murders and disappearances, and has been called 'sick in the head' by an ex-cellmate for his unrelenting hatred of women. Catching a Serial Killer is a thrilling, devastating and absorbing look at a real-life murder case and potentially one of the UK’s most prolific serial killers.

The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations

Author: Robert D. Keppel,William J. Birnes

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 0080515398

Category: Psychology

Page: 232

View: 4582

Serial killers like Seattle's Ted Bundy, Maryland's Beltway Sniper, Atlanta's Wayne Williams, or England's Peter Sutcliffe usually outsmart the task forces on their trail for long periods of time. Keppel and Birnes take readers inside the operations of serial killer task forces to learn why. What is the underlying psychology of a serial killer and why this defeats task force investigations? This is the first book of its kind that combines state-of-the-art psychological assessment experience with the expertise of a homicide investigator who has tracked some of this country's most notorious serial killers. The author also brings to the book hands-on best practices gleaned from the experience of other task forces. Readers, both professionals and students, will benefit from the comprehensive and critical case reviews, the analysis of what went wrong, what went right, and the after-action recommendations of evaluators in the US, UK, and Canada. The book covers: * The nature of the psychology of a serial killer * How crime assessment profiling reveals that psychology * Why psychological profiles fail * How serial killer task forces defeat themselves * How the media can, and usually does, undermine the task force operation * The big secret of all serial killer investigations: police already have the killer's name * The best practices for catching a serial killer * Comprehensive case reviews of some of the US's and UK's most baffling serial killer cases * A list of best practices for serial killer task force investigators * Recommendations for how to manage comprehensive files and computer records * Practical advice on how to manage the media: what to say and not to say * Insight into what a serial killer might be thinking and doing to stay away from police * Recommendations for setting up and administering long-term investigations * Practical tips on how to maintain a task force's psychological edge and avoid defeatism

Tracking Serial Killers

Author: Christine Honders

Publisher: Greenhaven Publishing LLC

ISBN: 1534560904

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 104

View: 2383

Tracking serial killers is a difficult job, but the men and women who do it help put brutal murderers in jail. As readers explore gripping main text, detailed photographs, and informative fact boxes and sidebars, they discover how the methods used to track serial killers have changed throughout history. They also discover the importance of science and technology in this line of work. Readers interested in pursuing a career in this kind of crime scene investigation are presented with valuable information to help them begin preparing now for such a challenging career path.

To Catch a Killer

Author: J. B. Davis

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595271006

Category: Fiction

Page: 242

View: 7329

On Labor Day weekend the charred remains of a handy man are discovered in the wreckage of Martha and Phil Rickman's yacht. A second body, that of a missing young woman, is pulled from the river very near where the boat had been moored. At first both deaths appear to have been accidental misadventures. Upon closer inspection, however, it is discovered that each is a not too cleverly disguised homicide. Police detectives trace a flimsy network of dead end leads. But it is John Robie, the Richman's dog with a penchant for kleptomania who provides the evidence that will eventually bring the killer to justice. To Catch a Killer is a fast paced, lighthearted who-dunnit that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Catch me a Killer

Author: Micki Pistorius

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 0143526820

Category: True Crime

Page: 209

View: 8040

A profiler who wants to understand the mind of the serial killer must have been prepared by life experiences before he or she can dare to venture into the abyss. A person who has led a protected life will not survive...

To Catch A Killer

Author: Nele Neuhaus

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 1509821317

Category: Fiction

Page: 352

View: 9484

To Catch a Killer by Nele Neuhaus is a tightly plotted crime thriller with surprise twists at every turn and a story that reads as though its ripped from the headlines . . . Detective Pia Kirchhoff is about to leave on her long-delayed honeymoon when she hears that a woman has been shot while out walking her dog. Then more long-range shootings swiftly follow, and it becomes clear that a highly trained serial killer is on the loose. The victims seem to have just one thing in common: they were all good people with apparently no enemies. So why are they dead? As fear of the sniper grows among local residents, all leave is cancelled for the Frankfurt police department as they are put on red alert. The pressure is on Kirchhoff and her colleague, Oliver von Bodenstein, to find the killer before he can tick another name off his hit list.

Unsolved Serial Killings

Author: RJ Parker

Publisher: N.A


Category: True Crime

Page: 80

View: 1324

Law enforcements, both local and federal, estimate that there are between 35 and 50 serial killers on the loose and active in the United States alone. Some even put the number closer in the hundreds. In any case, officials anticipate these numbers to continue rising. Knowing that there is someone stalking the streets that you live on, looking for victims, is very scary.


Author: Charles Flower

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468971417

Category: Drama

Page: N.A

View: 4309

A career minor leaguer who bombed out of the majors finds success pitching in Japan after using HGH, bu the pressure of being a star leads Derek to attack women despite a loving wife who he can't perform with. Abused as a child by both a domineering mother as well a camp counselor he' s rendered impotent with the opposite sex, but had to resort to selling himself to other men at times to support himself and his family. He forsakes the sports reporter, Gene, in Ohio who helped publicize Derek to the scouts and retaliates by putting a curse on him after Derek returns home to star for the New York Yankees in the American league pennant race as he continues to stalk and kill prostitutes despite the intervention of federal authorities and Interpol after cover ups by local law enforcement in Japan and across the United States because of Derek's fame only to have him chased to Cuba after he chokes in the playoffs and kills another in Puerto Rico. A sting operation goes bad involving a Cuban expatriate, also a killer, given immunity where Derek is allowed to live out his life in peace. exiled with his wife, artificially conceived child and mother in law in peace the baseball crazed Castro administration.

Serial Offenders: Theory and Practice

Author: Kevin Borgeson,Kristen Kuehnle

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 0763777307

Category: Law

Page: 316

View: 3234

Identifying crimes and classifying them as serial murders is the first step towards determining who the offender is and what his or her motives and actions were. Serial Offenders: Theory and Practice explores the act of criminal profiling and the effective methods of case analysis and linkage. Intriguing case studies are used to thoroughly examine the behavioral aspects of serial homicide and the investigative issues that criminal justice professionals face. Readers will learn how to build hypotheses, construct timelines, and develop suspect lists. Successful interview and interrogation skills and methods are also covered.

Killing Dr. Watson

Author: Matt Ferraz

Publisher: Andrews UK Limited

ISBN: 1780928939

Category: Fiction

Page: 196

View: 7315

Years after its final episode was broadcasted by the BBC, The Baker Street Sleuth continues to be the most famous Sherlock Holmes TV series of all time, with constant re-runs and thousands of fans. Jerry Bellamy is one of them, and his passion for the series is the only thing that makes his life bearable. With a lousy job, no friends and a difficult relationship with his family, Jerry finds comfort in the adventures of the detective played by the great Sir Bartholomew Neville. But after finding out that a mysterious killer is eliminating the actors who played Dr. Watson in the different seasons of The Baker Street Sleuth, Jerry and Neville team up to form an unlikely partnership to stop these murders from happening. A mysterious redhead, secret agents and street kids with sharp pocket-knives complete this unusual crime novel where finding out who the killer is might not be the end of the mystery.