Ceremonial of Bishops

Author: Catholic Church

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ISBN: 9780814618189

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The reform of liturgical rites ordered by the Second Vatican Council necessitated a revision of the Caeremoniale Episcoporum, published in 1886. The objective of this ceremonial is to provide a liturgy for bishops that will stand as a model for all other celebrations. The eight divisions of the book cover everything from the Mass through liturgical celebrations in connection with the government of a diocese. This is a valued reference for bishops, masters of ceremonies, diocesan liturgical offices, seminary libraries, etc. Two-color printing to separate text from rubrics.

Caeremoniale Episcoporum

Author: Catholic Church

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The Caeremoniale Episcoporum is the official ceremonial of Bishops for the Catholic Church. It is published in Latin and gives explanation of the proper manner for discharging these sacred ceremonies from confirmation to ordination to consecration of a Bishop. Other ceremonies of Bishops are also discussed in detail.

Liturgical Question Box

Author: Peter J. Elliott

Publisher: Ignatius Press

ISBN: 1681493020

Category: Religion

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Should we hold hands during the "Our Father"? Is liturgical dancing OK? Should the priest say "Good morning" at Mass? And what about those water lillies sprouting in our new font? Msgr. Peter Elliott responds to these and many other liturgical questions in a clear and, at times humorous way. He deals with the questions people have about the way Mass and the Sacraments are meant to be celebrated. Based largely on Msgr. Elliott's replies to problems first raised in a question box format in the mission magazine Christ to the World, this book includes not only broad issues but also many questions relating to the fine details that make up Catholic worship. Liturgical Question Box also gives the author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite the opportunity to explain positions in more detail he took in that book. Because this book is technically accurate and based on experience and pastoral common sense, it is a reliable guide for pastors, seminarians, liturgical committees, servers, etc. -- and for perplexed laity who want to know what should be done in celebrating the Liturgy. Its strong spiritual tone and confident approach should appeal to a wider audience and make it a welcome resource for anyone who wants to promote the mystery, splendor and majesty of Catholic worship today.

The Liturgy Documents

Author: Liturgy Training Publications

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This volume assembles in one place many of the documents needed by pastoral ministers and students of the liturgy. Each document is preceded by an outline of the text; also included is a cumulative index of material found in this volume and in The Liturgy Documents: A Parish Resource, Volume 2.