Challenge Accepted!

Author: Parven Kaur

Publisher: Mango Media Inc.

ISBN: 1642506214

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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Help Your Kids Unplug and Challenge Their Creativity with Fun Things To Do! (Ages 6-8) “Parven Kaur is a mom and writer who focuses on Internet safety and digital literacy. Her blog, Kids N Clicks offers sound advice and recommendations on all things related to digital and screen media for parents.” Amy Web of The Thoughtful Parent This activity book in the style of “wreck this journal” for kids encourages children ages 6­–8 to spend less time on their devices, and more time engaged in fun and challenging activities. Fuel your child’s creativity. This hybrid kid’s activity book and creative journal is filled to the brim with challenges and prompts that promote positivity, while also developing your child’s mindfulness and creativity. The book cultivates a growth mindset for kids―encouraging them to think outside the box and be creative, while developing their ability to learn new things. Screen-free entertainment. Your child won’t want to put this book down. From a scavenger hunt of household items, to coloring-in illustrations and puzzles, this adventurous book is crafted to give your child a digital detox. They’ll want to pick-up this book and do more challenging and fun activities, instead of sitting down in front of a screen. Unlike TV and video games, this book benefits your child: • Building their confidence by encouraging them to try new things • Promoting mindfulness, positivity, and self-reflection with creative journal prompts • Growing their self-esteem by keeping them active and engaged in learning with challenges, crafts, and more! If your kids enjoyed books like Growth Mindset Activities for Kids; Learn, Grow, Succeed!; or You Got This, then they’ll love Challenge Accepted!

Challenge Accepted

Author: Gary Kaunonen

Publisher: MSU Press

ISBN: 1628951540

Category: History

Page: N.A

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The copper mines of Michigan's Copper Country, in the Upper Peninsula, were active for 150 years, from 1845 until 1995. Many of the mine workers attempted to unionize, in order to obtain better working conditions, wages, and hours. The Michigan miners were unsuccessful in their struggles with mine owners, which came to a climax in the 1913–14 Copper Country Strike. This nine-month battle between workers represented by the Western Federation of Miners (WFM) and the three major mining companies in the region took a particularly nasty turn on Christmas Eve, 1913, at a party for strikers and their families organized by the WFM. As many as 500 people were in the Italian Benevolent Society hall in Calumet, Michigan, when someone reportedly shouted "fire." There was no fire, but it is estimated that 73–79 people, more than 60 of them children, died in the stampede for the exit. Against this dramatic backdrop, Gary Kaunonen tells the story of Finnish immigrants to Copper Country. By examining the written record and material culture of Finnish immigrant proletarians-analyzing buildings, cultural institutions, and publications of the socialist-unionist media—Kaunonen adds a new depth to our understanding of the time and place, the events and a people.

Challenge Accepted

Author: KB Alan

Publisher: Second Shift Publishing


Category: Fiction

Page: 148

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Since being turned into a werewolf, Adam has been a loner. Practically a hermit. Okay, actually a hermit. When the local wolves and werewolves start experiencing weird behavior, he can’t resist the pull to step up and see if he can help. And runs smack into trouble in the form of the werewolves’ National President. Myra’s term as President is nearly over, but she’s determined to track down the wolf who was attacked, and turned against his will. When she meets Adam, she only wants to help him live a full and happy life. Then she sees him naked. And gets to know him. And decides she wants a lot more for him than to just escape his lonely cabin in the woods. Challenge Accepted can be read by itself. It is not necessary to read the series to enjoy this book. Wolf Appeal Series: Book 1 - Alpha Turned Book 2 - Challenge Accepted Book 3 - Going Deeper

Janet Yellen: Challenge Accepted

Author: Emily Engel,Lauren Fredericks

Publisher: Gatekeeper Press

ISBN: 1662915098

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 31

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In a professional field full of men, it can be hard to find women to look up to as role models. Authors Emily Engel and Lauren Fredericks share the barrier breaking story of Janet Yellen, the first woman to chair the Federal Reserve. Janet’s career path demonstrates that a strong passion can be the impetus for a successful professional journey. Challenge Accepted tells the inspiring tale of Ms. Yellen, from her middle-class upbringing through her ascension to influential roles in the global financial system.

Challenges Accepted

Author: Jim Cecil

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 1645843068

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 196

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Greetings. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Challenges Accepted. During my life, I have been blessed in many ways, but I have also had to overcome an exceptional amount of adversity. These many trials and tribulations happened at different ages and for different reasons. Just a few examples would include losing my parents at a young age, having to work two jobs to survive, and graduating from college at the age of sixty-eight. Also, since 2003, I have suffered from debilitating illnesses, including five heart attacks and being paralyzed from the waist down. One doctor described me as being immortal, and another one told my family that I would be dead within twenty-four hours if an infection in my blood system could not be located. My medical history from one hospital in Charlottesville, Virginia, is over six hundred pages long. However, Challenges Accepted is not just about my misfortunes. What is more important is how I grew stronger with each hardship and was able to recover from tragedies. Please join me as I travel back along my journey of life. It is my hope that you will be inspired by my book and it will help you overcome the hardships that you may encounter in your life. PS: Did I mention that my story is interwoven with humor?