Berlitz Pocket Guide Switzerland (Travel Guide eBook)

Author: Berlitz

Publisher: Rough Guides UK

ISBN: 1785730274

Category: Travel

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Berlitz Pocket Guide Switzerland From the beautiful Lucerne, to the sleek Zurich, Switzerland has much to tempt the visitor. Berlitz Pocket Guide Switzerland is a concise, full-colour travel guide that combines lively text with vivid photography to highlight the best that the country has to offer. Inside Switzerland Pocket Guide: � Where To Go details all the key sights in the country, while handy maps on the cover flaps help you find your way around, and are cross-referenced to the text. � Top 10 Attractions gives a run-down of the best sights to take in on your trip. � Perfect Tour provides an itinerary of the country. � What To Do is a snapshot of ways to spend your spare time, from chartering a boat around the country's many lakes, to walking in the Alps, or working your way around stylish bars. � Essential information on Switzerland's culture, including a brief history of the country. � Eating Out covers the country's best cuisine. � Curated listings of the best hotels and restaurants. � A-Z of all the practical information you'll need. About Berlitz: Berlitz draws on years of travel and language expertise to bring you a wide range of travel and language products, including travel guides, maps, phrase books, language-learning courses, dictionaries and kids' language products.

Dr Bakewell and the Three Chocolatiers

Author: L. T. Talbot


ISBN: 0244984441


Page: 266

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The third instalment of the Dr Bakewell series, 'Dr Bakewell and The Three Chocolatiers', travels back in time to see Dr Bakewell as a young boy, charting his life from childhood, through adulthood, to the eventual birth of Honeycomb Hall. Eight year old George Bakewell has a happy, carefree life living with his family in the little village of Sherberton. They live a very ordinary, quiet life - until one fateful day when Sherberton and its residents are unexpectedly rocked to the core and the lives of the Bakewell family take a very unexpected turn and young George's life is thrown into chaos. By the age of 21, he decides that he wants to spend the rest of his life as a confectioner but one element of the profession eludes him - the art of chocolatiering. But the best chocolatiers are in Switzerland so he has a heart-wrenching decision to make - should he stay in England and support his family business or move to Switzerland and follow his dreams?

Ethereal Ocean

Author: Anne Keene

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595475507

Category: Fiction

Page: 428

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From their first meeting in the University of San Diego's bookstore, Kerrie Lange and James Fergusson knew they were destined to spend their lives together. They had a love as deep and unfathomable as the ocean they loved. What Kerrie and James did not know was that someone held a secret that would end any possibility for marriage and a long-term relationship. Desperate to make a new life without James, Kerrie marries Brian Porter and has two children, Krissy and Johnny. Fifteen years later, Kerrie is diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease and learns she has only months to live. She abandons her life with her family in search of James, her soul mate, the only person she feels will truly understand her suffering. To experience true love once more before she dies, Kerrie and James rebel against society's notions of right and wrong. An emotional love story that crosses moral and ethical boundaries, Ethereal Ocean demonstrates how much one couple is willing to risk to experience a final and everlasting love.

Day Trips® from Columbus

Author: Sandra Gurvis

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 0762756411

Category: Travel

Page: 240

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Rediscover the simple pleasures of a day trip with Day Trips from Columbus. For local travelers seeking new adventures in their own backyards, as well as vacationers, it offers hundreds of exciting things to do, see, and discover within a two-hour drive. Complete with full trip-planning information, including itineraries with their own route maps, as well as information on where to eat, where to shop, and where to stop along the way, this guide helps make the most of a brief getaway. * Marvel at the Longaberger Home Office in Newark, Ohio—the only corporate headquarters set inside a seven-story basket. * Ride the rails in a genuine diesel locomotive with vintage passenger coaches from the Buckeye Central Scenic Railroad. * Peruse an amazing collection of antique paintings, ceramics, and enamels at the Taft Museum of Art. * Explore the verdant, leafy coolness and gushing gorges of Hocking Hills State Park. * Brave the Millennium Force, the world's tallest and fastest roller coaster, at Cedar Point Amusement Park.

Ann Miller

Author: Peter Shelley

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 1476640920

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 225

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Ann Miller (1923-2004) was an American actress, dancer, singer and author. Best known as a tap dancer, Miller practiced all forms of dance, and some of her solo routines are considered as good as any recorded in film musical history. Despite a reputation as a kook who believed she was psychic, and the potentially flat image of a "glamour girl," Miller's wit, charm and genuine ability to act gave her and her characters depth. This biography presents Ann Miller's career in the context of her fascinating life. Her career began with child acting and included three Hollywood studio contracts, two retirements for marriage, and appearances in film, stage, variety shows, sitcoms and more. She made a comeback in the stage musical Sugar Babies, earning a Best Leading Actress in a Musical Tony Award nomination. She was even appointed an international spokesperson for MGM in the ailing years of the studio.

Swiss Watching

Author: Diccon Bewes

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473699711

Category: Travel

Page: 352

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'A great subject for a cultural anthropologist and Bewes is a perfect guide' Financial Times, Book of the Year A brand new edition of the international bestseller, with new sections on the Swiss elections, the Swiss citizenship test and how Brexit has affected Switzerland. One country, four languages, 26 cantons, and 7.5 million people (but only 80% of them Swiss): there's nowhere else in Europe like it. Switzerland may be almost 400 km from the nearest drop of seawater, but it is an island at the centre of Europe. Welcome to the landlocked island. Swiss Watching is a fascinating journey around Europe's most individual and misunderstood country. From seeking Heidi and finding the best chocolate to reliving a bloody past and exploring an uncertain future, Diccon Bewes proves that there's more to Switzerland than banks and skis, francs and cheese. This book dispels the myths and unravels the true meaning of Swissness.

An Inquiry into the Existence of Guardian Angels

Author: Pierre Jovanovic

Publisher: M. Evans

ISBN: 1461729882

Category: Religion

Page: 376

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A journalist's extensive investigation in the areas of near-death experiences, supernatural interventions and guardian angels.

Cognitive Illusions

Author: Rüdiger F Pohl

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 113584495X

Category: Psychology

Page: 450

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Cognitive Illusions investigates a wide range of fascinating psychological effects in the way we think, judge and remember in our everyday lives. At the beginning of each chapter, leading researchers in the field introduce the background to phenomena such as illusions of control, overconfidence and hindsight bias. This is followed by an explanation of the experimental context in which these illusions can be investigated and a theoretical discussion drawing conclusions about the wider implications of these fallacy and bias effects. Written with researchers and instructors in mind, this tightly edited, reader-friendly text provides both an overview of research in the area and many lively pedagogic features such as chapter summaries, further reading lists and suggestions for classroom demonstrations.


Author: Helen Brown

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1848945094

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 304

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For all those people who say they aren't cat people, but deep down know they are. 'Possibly the next Marley & Me' Red 'A reminder of the gratitude humans owe to our companion animals' Daily Mail Helen Brown wasn't a cat person, but her nine-year-old son Sam was. So when Sam heard someone mention that her cat had just had a litter, he pleaded to go and see them. Helen was powerless to resist and the deal was done - to be delivered when the kitten was big enough to leave her mother. Tragically, just a week later, Sam was killed in a road accident. Not long after this, a little black kitten was delivered to the family's doorstep. Totally numbed by Sam's death, Helen had completely forgotten about the new arrival, which belonged in another universe when Sam was still alive. Helen was ready to send her back, but Sam's younger brother, Rob, identified with the kitten who'd also lost her brothers. Stroking her, it was the first time Helen had seen him smile since Sam's death. There was no choice, the kitten - dubbed Cleo - had to stay. Cleo's immense character slowly taught the family to laugh again, giving them hope of getting back to normal. Over the next 24 years she went on to become the high priestess of Helen's household - vetoing her new men, terrifying visiting dogs and playing an integral role in their lives to become both a guardian and beloved friend. Optioned for film.