How to Build a West Coast Chopper Kit Bike

Author: Mike Seate

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781610609784

Category: Transportation

Page: 150

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This book presents a step-by-step guide to building a West Coast Chopper's C.F.L. kit. Kit choppers are hot commodities. While few people can afford to buy a custom-built chopper from one of the high-end builders like Jesse James-bikes that often sell for $100,000 or more-many can afford to buy such bikes in kit form. Because of this, all the high-end builders sell their creations in kit form. For example, while Jesse James might build perhaps a dozen custom bikes per year, he sells hundreds of chopper kits. The same is true of any number of other builders like Matt Hotch, Cyril Huze, and Paul Yaffe. Authored by Mike Seate and featuring the photography of Joe Appel, this book is a step-by-step how-to guide for anyone building a kit chopper.

American Chopper

Author: Mike Flaherty,Larry Erickson

Publisher: Meredith Books

ISBN: 9780696221651

Category: Art

Page: 182

View: 8428

Discusses the television series American Chopper and its stars, father Paul Teutel Sr. and his sons Paulie and Mikey, and their store, Orange County Choppers.

Chopper Unchopped

Author: Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read,Mark Brandon Read

Publisher: Pan

ISBN: 1743341032

Category: True Crime

Page: 3744

View: 9977

All eleven volumes of Chopper's original memoirs ... unchopped Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read is Australia's most famous standover man and one of its most prolific authors. Now, for the very first time, all eleven volumes of Chopper's memoirs are together in this special collector's edition. From his criminal youth to his time in prison to his life as a reformed man, the entire journey is here. This omnibus edition contains the following complete and unabridged books: From the Inside: Chopper 1 Hits and Memories: Chopper 2 How to Shoot Friends and Influence People: Chopper 3 For the Term of His Unnatural Life: Chopper 4 Pulp Faction: Chopper 5 No Tears for a Tough Guy: Chopper 6 The Singing Defective: Chopper 7 The Sicilian Defence: Chopper 8 The Final Cut: Chopper 9 The Popcorn Gangster: Chopper 10.5 Last Man Standing: Chopper 11 Chopper is an icon in popular Australian culture and in the criminal underworld. Find out why in Chopper's own words.

Chopper Ops

Author: Mack Maloney

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 1612321488

Category: Fiction

Page: 272

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The most technically-advanced, armed cargo plane ever created has vanished and a specialized team of elite helicopter pilots has been sent into Saudi Arabia to retrieve it. They are the Chopper Ops, and they have only one chance to succeed.

Chopper Blue

Author: Jean Robinson Westcott

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595289029

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 110

View: 8400

As Oklahoma contends with a drought that summer, Rad Sergeant, Peter Logan, Max Frost, Tyler Sergeant and Joshua Myers are searching the mountains behind the Sergeant's ranch for a herd of wild horses. Tyler has another love that summer, and when he is not helping in the search for the wild horses, he is fulfilling his dream of becoming a helicopter pilot. The boy's discovery of the wild horses creates an investigation that leads them into Missouri where they learn the true story behind the horses and a young man's disappearance from the valley a year earlier. The drought ends with a destructive flood that finds Tyler and his friend Jacob attempting to rescue Jacob's little sister Tori from the floodwaters in the helicopter named Chopper Blue.

Chopper Pilot

Author: Kevin D. Randle

Publisher: Speaking Volumes

ISBN: 1628151846

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

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The Chopper Case

Author: Lewis Kornfeld

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1450002099

Category: Fiction

Page: 177

View: 1431

All hell breaks loose... Little Bang, Texas, when two citizens are found shot to death in their luxury cars, each with one hand missing — chopped off! One victim is the wife of TexNext Industries CEO Gideon Moore; the other is Moore’s chief financial officer Frank Winckelmann. As reported by Gazette city editor John Wiltsey, the tragedies first appear to implicate Moore, a businessman who is already in serious professional and marital trouble. But The Chopper Case, as it is known locally, soon becomes the epicenter of further fatalities and mysteries which involve a surprising number of logical suspects — beautiful divorcees, mistresses, athletes, executives, rogue cops, private eyes, high tech engineers. If the closing chapters of Lewis Kornfeld’s ingenious fast-paced novel lead you to believe its multiple manhunts and torrid love affairs just fade away without certifiable denouements...well, you might be right. But then again, you might be terribly wrong! • Longtime president of Radio Shack and father of the first personal computer to be widely retailed nationally (the TRS-80 in 1977), Lewis Kornfeld turned to authoring after retiring as vice chairman of the then parent corporation, Tandy Corp. His first book, To Catch a Mouse, Make a Noise Like a Cheese, a best-selling primer on advertising and marketing, was published by Prentice-Hall, later by the University of Texas Press and The Summit Group. He has B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Denver, and an honorary (LHD) degree from Boston University. A native of Boston MA, and a WWII Marine Corps officer, he lives in Fort Worth TX. His e-mail address is [email protected]

How to Shoot Friends and Influence People: Chopper 3

Author: Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read,Mark Brandon Read

Publisher: Momentum

ISBN: 1743340028

Category: True Crime

Page: 288

View: 7285

'Crims and screws agree on one thing: that the people who run prisons wouldn't know if a tram was up them unless you rang the bell.' How to Shoot Friends and Influence People, Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read's third book, was written behind bars as Chopper faced life in prison for a shooting he claimed he didn't commit. For this book, Chopper obtained confidential and extensive prison files relating to him under the Freedom of Information Act. These included psychological assessments, plus prison classification and discipline records. They provide a fascinating insight into how this maverick criminal dealt with the prison system over two decades. Featuring the infamous story of Tanya and Eddy, Chopper's coming-of-age yarn from his 18th birthday, plus reflections on the end of his long-term relationship and what it's like to be the most famous author-in-residence at Risdon Prison, this third volume of his memoirs contains more tales of the criminal underworld told in Chopper's unique style.

The Sicilian Defence: Chopper 8

Author: Mark Brandon "Chopper" Read,Mark Brandon Read

Publisher: Momentum

ISBN: 1743340079

Category: True Crime

Page: 288

View: 1272

'Gangsters come and gangsters go but lawyers last forever.' The Sicilian Defence, Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read's eighth book, continues the story of Australia's bestselling former convict. Chopper's intimate knowledge of Australia's most dangerous criminals and their crimes presents readers with a dark, disturbing look at the country's underbelly. The Sicilian Defence takes readers through the nature and history of crime, justice and punishment in Australia, written in Chopper's own unique style. Featuring 'The Apple Cucumber', 'Bye Bye American Lie' and 'The Pain in Spain', The Sicilian Defence is another fantastic series of tales from one of Australia's funniest and toughest writers.