Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty

Author: Camilla Morton

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0062013858

Category: Design

Page: 112

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Can dormant beauty really be awakened by a Princely touch? The classic story of Sleeping Beauty has had us believing so for years. Now, spun as if by magic from the threads of the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tale comes the enchanting memoir of fashion designer Christian Lacroix—the haute couture icon whose creations have invited millions of women to enjoy the fairy princess fashions of their dreams. Sorcery and style combine in this enchanting new twist on a time-honored tale; re-imagined by international bestselling author Camilla Morton, and illustrated by Monsieur Lacroix himself, the spell cast by Christian Lacroix and the Tale of Sleeping Beauty will reawaken every reader’s childhood fantasies—reassuring you that dreams really do come true…

Folktales and Fairy Tales: Traditions and Texts from around the World, 2nd Edition [4 volumes]

Author: Anne E. Duggan Ph.D.,Donald Haase Ph.D.,Helen J. Callow

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1610692543

Category: Social Science

Page: 1590

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Encyclopedic in its coverage, this one-of-a-kind reference is ideal for students, scholars, and others who need reliable, up-to-date information on folk and fairy tales, past and present. • Provides encyclopedic coverage of folktales and fairy tales from around the globe • Covers not only the history of the fairy tale, but also topics of contemporary importance such as the fairy tale in manga, television, pop music, and music videos • Brings together the study of geography, culture, history, and anthropology • Revises and expands an award-winning work to now include a full volume of selected tales and texts

Cinderella across Cultures

Author: Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 081434156X

Category: Social Science

Page: 440

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The Cinderella story is retold continuously in literature, illustration, music, theatre, ballet, opera, film, and other media, and folklorists have recognized hundreds of distinct forms of Cinderella plots worldwide. The focus of this volume, however, is neither Cinderella as an item of folklore nor its alleged universal meaning. In Cinderella across Cultures, editors Martine Hennard Dutheil de la Rochère, Gillian Lathey, and Monika Wozniak analyze the Cinderella tale as a fascinating, multilayered, and ever-changing story constantly reinvented in different media and traditions. The collection highlights the tale’s reception and adaptation in cultural and national contexts across the globe, including those of Italy, France, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands, Poland, and Russia. Contributors shed new light on classic versions of Cinderella by examining the material contexts that shaped them (such as the development of glass artifacts and print techniques), or by analyzing their reception in popular culture (through cheap print and mass media). The first section, “Contextualizing Cinderella,” investigates the historical and cultural contexts of literary versions of the tale and their diachronic transformations. The second section, “Regendering Cinderella,” tackles innovative and daring literary rewritings of the tale in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, in particular modern feminist and queer takes on the classic plot. Finally, the third section, “Visualising Cinderella,” concerns symbolic transformations of the tale, especially the interaction between text and image and the renewal of the tale’s iconographic tradition. The volume offers an invaluable contribution to the study of this particular tale and also to fairy-tale studies overall. Readers interested in the visual arts, in translation studies, or in popular culture, as well as a wider audience wishing to discover the tale anew will delight in this collection.

Grace Under Pressure

Author: Barbara Newman

Publisher: N.A


Category: Ballet

Page: 480

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In this book, Barbara Newman, a critic and writer on dance for well over 20 years, interviews 18 noted figures from the world of dance including teachers, coaches, choreographers and stagers, in order to paint a picture of the state of ballet today.

The Ladies' Repository

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The Nation

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THE FAIRY TALES OF CHARLES PERRAULT - Illustrated Fairy Tales for Children

Author: Anon E. Mouse

Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 8829503924

Category: Fiction

Page: 173

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Charles Perrault ranks alongside Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimms as a master storyteller. Perhaps he is less well known because he had done in the late 1600,s what the Grimm Bros. did in the mid-1800’s, which overshadowed his earlier achievements. In fact the Grimm Bros. translated a lot of Perrault’s stories into German and rebranded them in their own volumes. Like Dickens and Andersen in their time, during his own age Perrault (1628 – 1703) was one of the best-liked personages and has remained ever since a prime favourite. Everyone likes a man who enjoys life. Perrault was such a man and he was more. He was the cause of enjoyment to countless of his fellow countrymen, and his stories still promise enjoyment to countless more to come. We are fortunate in knowing a great deal about his varied life, deriving our knowledge mainly from D'Alembert's history of the French Academy and from his own memoirs. It was his enjoyment of life which led him to translate folklore and fairy tales, initially from France, but as empires expanded, he embarked upon translating and publishing stories from around the world. "La Belle au Bois Dormant" ("Sleeping Beauty") was the first: and a number in quick succession rapidly followed - "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" (Red Riding-Hood), "Le Maistre Chat, ou le Chat Botté" (Puss in Boots), "Les Fées" (The Fairy), "Cendrillon, ou la Petite Pantoufle de Verre" (Cinderella), "Riquet à la Houppe" (Riquet of the Tuft), and "Le Petit Poucet" (Tom Thumb) all of which appear in this volume. The stories soon crossed the Channel; and were translated by Mr Samber (presumably one Robert Samber) and printed for J. Pote. of New Inn. The first edition won a wide popularity, evidenced by the fact that there was a seventh edition published in 1795 for J. Rivington, a bookseller from New York. Additional stories in this illustrated volume are: “Blue Beard”, “The Ridiculous Wishes” and “Donkey-Skin”. We invite you to download and enjoy these stories, which are as close to the originals as you are ever likely to get. The 10 full page colour illustrations and 36 Pen and Ink illustrations by Irishman Harry Clarke (1889 – 1931) bring an added dimension to these lively stories. Rest assured, once you read these to the younger members of your family, they will keep on coming back to you for more. ============== KEYWORDS/TAGS: Folklore, fairy tales, myths, Legends, French, France, Charles Perrault, illustrated, Children’s stories, storyteller, fables, moral tales, myths, happiness, laughter, Little, Red Riding-Hood, The Fairy, Blue Beard, Sleeping Beauty, Woods, Master Cat, Puss In Boots, Cinderella, Glass Slipper, Riquet, Tuft, Little Thumb, Ridiculous Wishes, Donkey, Skin, Prince, Princess, King, Queen, mother, key, closet, misfortune, aged Countryman, Sauce, Marquis, joy, Crystal slipper, shoe, Jupiter, thunderbolts, black pudding, wriggle, ornament, beauty, gown, colour of the moon, Curiosity, keyhole, La Belle au Bois Dormant, Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, Le Maistre Chat, ou le Chat Botté, Les Fées, Cendrillon, ou la Petite Pantoufle de Verre, Riquet à la Houppe, Le Petit Poucet