Climbing the Mountain

Author: Kirk Douglas

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0743214382

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 272

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With the simple power and astonishing candor that made his 1988 autobiography, The Ragman's Son, a number one international bestseller, Kirk Douglas now shares his quest for spirituality and Jewish identity -- and his heroic fight to overcome crippling injuries and a devastating stroke. On February 13, 1991, at the age of seventy-four, Kirk Douglas, star of such major motion-picture classics as Champion, Spartacus, and Paths of Glory, was in a helicopter crash, in which two people died and he himself sustained severe back injuries. As he lay in the hospital recovering, he kept wondering: Why had two younger men died while he, who had already lived his life fully, survived? The question drove this son of a Russian-Jewish ragman to a search for his roots and on a long journey of self-discovery -- a quest not only for the meaning of life and his own relationship with God, but for his own identity as a Jew. Through the study of the Bible, Kirk Douglas found a new spirituality and purpose. His newfound faith deeply enriched his relationship with his own children and taught him -- a man who had always been famously demanding and impatient -- to listen to others and, above all, to hear his own inner voice. Told with warmth, wit, much humor, and deep passion, Climbing the Mountain is inspirational in the very best sense of the word.

Life Is Like Climbing a Mountain

Author: James E. Bruce Sr. Ph. D.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1438917104

Category: Psychology

Page: 160

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The objective of this book is to inform, educate, inspire, and motivate individuals and groups toward understanding oneself and others through a literal or virtual mountain climbing experience. The aim is to introduce the reader to a literary journey that involves the process and the act of mountain climbing. This book brings forth the recognition that, just as literal mountains may be comprised of rocks, trees, ice, snow, and dirt, either singularly or in any combination, so, too, are we, as individuals, comprised of differing traits, strengths, values, mores, and beliefs that offer both specific strengths and weaknesses that alternate given the environment that surround us, the situation presented to us and what we feel within us. A volcanic mountain, it should be noted, is more representative to one's inner self. Similar to that of this 'living rock', changes occur subtly, deep within us, sometimes immediate and many times occurring unnoticed by us over long periods of time. Like the sudden sight of smoke or vibrations felt from underground, it is only during the external expression of change do we realize that we, and those around us, are merely experiencing the change that has long since occurred. The inherent volatility of this 'living rock' parallels the vulnerability, potential explosiveness, and yet the total dependencies that exist in the individual human experience, as well as within our local and world communities. These physical mountains are used as a metaphor to offer insight into understanding the dynamics and challenges that are involved in the process of climbing a virtual mountain. The mountain climbing process might become more meaningful to an explorer who climbs avirtual mountain that may ultimately take the form of realizing a goal, dream, or aspiration. This book explores the spiritual aspect of the physical mountain, particularly how the physical mountain has been a reference place for some people whose successful climb offer testimony to a life-changing experience. This mountain climbing model is useful towards attaining individual, personal or collective goals, set in areas such as education, business, wealth building, job or career development, marriage, political aspirations, geographical relocating, re-establishing oneself, raising children, leading or managing sports teams, hiring and managing a work force, or even military strategy. This "climbing a mountain model" can be used for creating a strategic map towards achieving other personal goals, such as writing a book, building a house from the ground up, or regaining physical or mental health. Similarly, for organizations, this "climbing a mountain model" can be used as a guide when setting an organization's growth plans in motion. The principles are the same. Finally, this book provides a strategic working roadmap that will transform the reader to an explorer, to a believer, and finally, to an achiever. The achiever in retrospect will be inspired to recall and then recite the most powerful words: I said I can, I know that I would, and I made it happen.

Climbing the Mountain

Author: Elizabeth Saimi

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1503516075

Category: Poetry

Page: 44

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We all have them; it's how we overcome that matters. I find that humor is sometimes the best medicine. I hope this book makes you smile. Sometimes a little difference in perspective can be all it takes to have your burdens lightened. You're not alone. I thank our Lord for my inspirations, and to all who read these pages, may you be blessed. Walk tall, my friends.

Climbing the Mountain

Author: Paul Stoller,Mitchel Stoller

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 1782550682

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 168

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“You have cancer.” Three words that will change your life forever. The diagnosis is often followed by surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and many other stress-inducing treatments. Your future will seem like an insurmountable mountain. John, a 50-year-old corporate lawyer, found himself facing this exact situation when he was diagnosed with a low grade follicular lymphoma. But John was determined to win his fight. Doing research on how to cope with cancer, he found a way to cope with it and is now in long-term remission. Using his story, the authors provide a guide to climbing that mountain. They show how using preparation (research), practice (exercise and activity), and a variety of social supports to live well within the parameters that cancer imposes can help you deal with the disease. They consider how to cope with the stresses and strains of diagnosis, first treatment, short-term remission, second treatment, long-term remission and palliative care. In particular, the authors stress the important relationship between exercise, activity, and well-being.

Climb the Mountain

Author: Pearl P. Glasgow

Publisher: Plain Vision Publishing

ISBN: 0984823417

Category: Religion

Page: 158

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It explores the possibility of a new beginning even after one experiences what they consider to be failure. It starts off by looking at the number 8 as the number of new beginnings - ..".the eighth day was the dawn of a new beginning for Adam in the garden. That was the beginning of God releasing His creation over to Adam to take care of it and cultivate it, taking Adam's life to a new standard of living. There are seven days in a week but the eighth day is a completely new beginning to a new week of new possibilities and new opportunities." The author encourages the reader: ..".If for any reason you felt that you have failed in the past, now is the time to begin again... with a view to climbing those mountains in your life... The mountain peaks of achievement and advancement are never crowded. Not many people aspire to climb because it is hard work! But what most people fail to realize is the significance of just being on the mountain. The climb is usually difficult but the benefits are overwhelming. You must have the vision to dream big; the strength and courage to reach what others describe as impossible, and the determination and will to transform your life into a miracle."

To Climb a Mountain

Author: Jean Forbes-King

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1460291344

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 276

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In the 1900s, the dream of owning their own land draws thousands of immigrants to the Canadian West. One of them is Billy King, an adventurous youngster who emigrates from England with his family to a rough-and-tumble Saskatchewan town and then over the Rocky Mountains to a very different way of life in Victoria, BC, where he must learn the ways of the sea. With the onset of war in Europe, his life in Canada is uprooted, but not enough to discourage him from realizing his dream of becoming a forest ranger in Alberta's Rocky Mountains. The life-and-death challenges of this unforgiving environment and the people who live there--ranchers, miners, mountain men, and a remarkable native elder--redefine his world. But a devastating personal loss changes his life forever. Written by Bill's widow, To Climb a Mountain is a remarkable true story of a young man who came of age as Canada itself was maturing into a strong nation.

Climbing the Mountains

Author: N.A

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Climbing the Spiritual Mountain

Author: Alan Davey,Elizabeth Davey

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630874744

Category: Religion

Page: 182

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This is a guide for spiritual mountain climbers. In the Scriptures, connecting with Abba often leads to a mountain. Modern spiritual writers have long recognized this scriptural metaphor and explored the nature of this journey of ascent. Drawing on the text of the Bible, works of literature, and the writings of mystics both old and new, Climbing the Spiritual Mountain speaks of the desires and intentions, discipline, and effort involved in developing our intimacy with Christ. In Jesus' dealings with people in the Gospels, he draws them up the spiritual mountain through dialogue and questions. Like Socrates of old, his teaching method probes our thinking, knowledge, and motives. In the process, he stimulates our longing and desire to reach the summit. There are challenges, hurdles, and difficult choices to make as we climb the spiritual mountain. But the reward--approaching the beautiful One who is our Abba--far outshines any sacrifice we may make on the climb.

Finding Joy on the Mountain Climb

Author: Lori Arnold-Grine, PhD

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452597936

Category: Religion

Page: 122

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Living with chronic illness can make life seem like a steep mountain climb. How do you find the strength to climb on and face each day with pain and suffering? Finding Joy on the Mountain Climb is a story of encouragement and hope, enriched with scripture and prayer. Written during a chronic illness battle, Arnold-Grine shares how a deep personal relationship with God helped her take One Step at a Time. She also includes 40 days of inspirational devotions from her health blog to help find purpose, peace and comfort in the battle. Discover how God will carry you through a struggle and equip you for the climb in her testimony: Every day with chronic illness I must take up my cross and follow where God leads me up this mountain. My hand is in His - the only way I want to travel this difficult journey. It has brought me to a deeper relationship with God, and through it I wish to share my story of hope and offer encouragement to others. The focus is not on the mountain climb, but on the Lord getting me to the "summit" to praise Him and finding joy in the journey by leaning heavily on Him. Inspired by Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God," I take one step at a time with Him. It is within the battle that we find ourselves committed to what matters most. As I lean not on my own understanding, God offers peace and light to pave my pathway. He gives strength for the journey and carries me. Give me Jesus for the journey, and as I walk closely with Him, may He bless others through me. It is my prayer that this story encourages others to praise God on the mountain climb.

Climb Every Mountain

Author: Trudy Cathy White

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 194867713X

Category: Religion

Page: 192

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If God had intended our days on earth to be easy, they would be. If God had intended our days on earth to be easy, they would be.