Confessions of a Learner Parent

Author: Sam Avery

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409175642

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

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'I always wanted kids - but then again, I always wanted a loft conversion. Both are pretty easy to put off as they're very expensive and tend to wreck your house.' Stand-up comedian Sam Avery (aka the Learner Parent) started his award-winning blog when his twin boys were born. A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a lot less sleep later, he shares all the lows, highs and hilarious in-betweens of his experiences of first-time parenthood in this, his highly anticipated first book. Sam's honest, messy and laugh-out-loud account of trying for a baby (which transpired to be babIES) and figuring out what to do with them once they arrived - right up to the toddler years of talking, walking and tantrum-ing - will have you crying with laughter between your own nappy changes and nursery runs.

Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist

Author: Amanda Jenkins

Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 1414385757

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 226

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Amanda is a raging perfectionist. She begins each day with a long list. “Keep the house picked up; limit myself to two Diet Cokes; spend special time with each of the kids; work out; pray; avoid sugar; read a chapter in a book about something very important; read my Bible; call my mom.” She determines each day’s worth, and ultimately her own, by keeping track of her stats—pounds gained or lost, stuff accomplished. That is, until God spoke into her life, waking her up to the true costs of her addiction to perfection. Confessions of a Raging Perfectionist is more than Amanda’s confession; it’s a journey of letting go of the subtle but destructive idols of her overactive inner voice and replacing them with God’s truth. Amanda hopes her journey can inspire others to let God dig in to their own lives, uncovering the subtle lies we unconsciously live by.

Confessions of a Public School Teacher

Author: Michael Marra

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1649572050

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 110

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Confessions of a Public School Teacher: A 35-Year Veteran's Assessment on How Public Education Can Make the Grade By: Michael Marra A veteran teacher of 35 years, Michael Marra believes deeply in education’s power to change lives. His enthusiasm for helping children realize their full potential lies at the core of his lessons. His efforts to make history and economics classes relevant to students’ lives, both inside and outside the classroom, permeate his lively teaching style. Marra’s philosophy on how best to improve our public schools does not sit well with teacher unions. He believes strongly that tenure, seniority and near-endless due process protect poor performing teachers and need swift, meaningful revision. On this, Marra is unwavering, and he presents refreshing suggestions for unlocking what he believes have become the greatest shackles on American schools. Readers will be well informed to make their own assessment on these critical issues. Part memoir, part argument and part how-to guide for aspiring educators, Confessions of a Public School Teacher is a must-read for anyone who believes true learning and development to be worthwhile pursuits. Marra’s quest to leave the classroom a bit better than he found it is both his greatest support of those we cherish dearly—our children—and an invitation for the reader to join the conversation.

Confessions of a Preacher's Daughter

Author: Tameka Lovett

Publisher: College Boy Publishing

ISBN: 1944110445

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 279

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Confessions of a Preacher's Daughter, is a memoir that delves into the internal struggles in the life of a young lady growing up as a preacher's daughter. After years of emotional and physical recklessness, she searches deep within to figure out the question, "Why me?"A preacher's kid shouldn't have this many struggles, and the family unit should be one filled with love and longevity. Journey with Tameka through years of her life as she shares intimate feelings and experiences brought on by others and some she caused herself. Let her story be a testimony and an inspiration to help heal, bless, and prosper you in the current season of your life.

The Confessions Of Rapists

Author: Ankit Mistry

Publisher: Booksquirrel Publication


Category: Fiction

Page: 190

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Once in life, have willingness to meet a rapist. You must wonder why you should! Don’t you feel there is no need for a human to reach that level of insanity? Why do people attempt rape? Have you ever questioned? Rapists don’t come from any other planet, they are born among us. The rape is a product of ignorance, the society and the system is equally responsible for such crime that is full of insanity and brutality of a human behavior. Rapes have been constantly ignored by naming it as an incident. In fact the rape can never be an incident. It is a malfunctioning of a human behavior which was ignored at first place.

Foucault and a Politics of Confession in Education

Author: Andreas Fejes,Katherine Nicoll

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317650131

Category: Education

Page: 240

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In liberal, democratic and capitalist societies today, we are increasingly invited to disclose our innermost thoughts to others. We are asked to turn our gaze inwards, scrutinizing ourselves, our behaviours and beliefs, while talking and writing about ourselves in these terms. This form of disclosure of the self resonates with older forms of church confession, and is now widely seen in practices of education in new ways in nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, workplaces and the wider policy arena. This book brings together international scholars and researchers inspired by the work of Michel Foucault, to explore in detail what happens when these practices of confession become part of our lives and ways of being in education. The authors argue that they are not neutral, but political and powerful in their effects in shaping and governing people; they examine confession as discursive and contemporary practice so as to provoke critical thought. International in scope and pioneering in the detail of its scrutiny of such practices, this book extends contemporary understanding of the exercise of power and politics of confessional practices in education and learning, and offers an alternative way of thinking of them. The book will be of value to educational practitioners, scholars, researchers and students, interested in the politics of their own practices.

More Confessions of a Trauma Junkie

Author: Sherry Jones Mayo

Publisher: Loving Healing Press

ISBN: 1615991417

Category: Medical

Page: 132

View: 9652

Disclosing experiences from both sides of the gurney, Mayo and other EMS, ER, paramilitary, and firefighter responders reflect upon how they endure and survive personal and professional tragedy while trying not to care too much, and what happens when they fail in that attempt.

Relational Psychoanalysis at the Heart of Teaching and Learning

Author: Lissa D’Amour

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351599259

Category: Education

Page: 302

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This book introduces the insights of contemporary relational psychoanalysis to educational thought and uses them as the foundation for a comprehensive model for understanding and informing teaching and learning practice. The model integrates what we know about conscious thought, motivation, and the physical body and translates these understandings in ways that are meaningful and relevant to the circumstances of practicing teachers, school leaders, and teachers of teachers. It will be of great interest to them and to those educational scholars whose attentions turn to the exigencies of the current era. Echoing calls for inclusivity, the book stands against admonishing anyone on the right way to be a person. Instead it emphasises understanding and, in understanding, practicing well. Readers will gain a deeper appreciation of the nature of sense-making and awareness and of the practical implications of cognition as embodied, life forms as non-linear dynamic systems, and relationships as core to human development and classroom life. It was Einstein who, in a letter to Freud, once asked for an educational solution to the menace of war. Today’s urgencies – of nations divided, diminishing planetary resources, and certain ecological disasters – press for wisdom beyond our collective habit. Thankfully the once-elusive mysteries of life, mind, learning, and learning systems now yield in ways to help shape answers to Einstein’s question. Relational psychoanalysts, psychotherapists, educational theorists, teachers, and those who work with them will be intrigued by the convergences and heartened at the possibilities.

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions

Author: Fred E. Inbau,John E. Reid,Joseph P. Buckley,Brian C. Jayne

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers

ISBN: 076379936X

Category: Law

Page: 469

View: 5096

Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, Fifth Edition presents the Reid Technique of interviewing and interrogation and is the standard used in the field. This updated Fifth Edition presents interviewing and interrogation techniques, based on actual criminal cases, which have been used successfully by thousands of criminal investigators. This practical text is built around simple psychological principles and examines interrogation as a nine-step process that is easily understood by the reader. New and Key Features of the updated Fifth Edition: -The text contains updated photographs throughout to illustrate behavior symptoms; the proper room setting and positioning; as well as the placement of electronic recording equipment. -Every chapter of the text includes updated information. -Chapter 9 (Behavior Symptom Analysis) contains new research that has been conducted on the efficacy of behavior symptom analysis, as well as building for the reader the behavioral model of the truthful individual versus the subject who is withholding or fabricating relevant information. -Chapters 7 through 12 discuss in detail how to build the investigative interview, including the proper use of both investigative and behavior provoking questions, as well as guidelines for evaluating the credibility of allegations, and the proper use of follow-up and bait questions. -Chapter 15 (Distinguishing between True and False Confessions) has been updated to include new cases throughout and contains two new sections; "The Issue of False Confessions in the Courtroom – The Testimony of Expert Witnesses" and “The Issue of False Confessions in the Courtroom – Court Decisions”. -Chapter 17 discusses all of the legal issues related to interrogation and confession law, including Miranda, the meaning of custody, the use of threats and/or promises, the use of deception, and confession voluntariness. The chapter contains update legal references including 2011 court decisions.