Confessions of a Sociopath

Author: M. E. Thomas

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

ISBN: 0283071907

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

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M. E. Thomas is a high-functioning non-criminal sociopath. She is charismatic, ambitious and successful. You would be charmed by her if you met her, might even be seduced by her. You would not realise that she is studying you to find your flaws, that she is ruthlessly manipulative, has no empathy and does not feel guilt or remorse. But she does like people - she likes to touch them, mould them and ruin them. She could be your friend or your boss. She could be you . . . Now she writes with breathtaking honesty about her life. She also draws on the latest research to explain why at least one in twenty-five of us are sociopaths - and shows why that's not a bad thing. By turns fascinating, shocking and funny, Confessions of a Sociopath is a gripping insight into the mind of a self-confessed predator.

The Myth of the Born Criminal

Author: Jarkko Jalava,Stephanie Griffiths,Michael Maraun

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442622946

Category: History

Page: 288

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By some estimates, there are as many as twelve million psychopaths in the United States alone. Cold-blooded, remorseless, and strangely charismatic, they commit at least half of all serious and violent crimes. Supposedly, most serial killers are psychopaths, as, surprisngly, are large numbers of corporate executives. They seem to be an inescapable, and fascinating, threat in our midst. But is psychopathy a brain disorder, as many scientists now claim? Or is it just a reflection of modern society’s deepest fears? The Myth of the Born Criminal offers the first comprehensive critique of the concept of psychopathy from the eighteenth-century origins of the born-criminal theory to the latest neuroimaging, behavioural genetics, and statistical studies. Jarkko Jalava, Stephanie Griffiths, and Michael Maraun use their expertise in neuropsychology, psychometrics, and criminology to dispel the myth that psychopathy is a biologically-based condition. Deconstructing the emotive language with which both research scientists and reporters describe the psychopaths among us, they explain how the idea of psychopathy offers a comforting neurobiological solution to the mystery of evil. A stunning merger of rigorous science and clear-sighted cultural analysis, The Myth of the Born Criminal is for anyone who wonders just what truth – or fiction – lurks behind the study of psychopathy.

Jane Austen and Altruism

Author: Magdalen Ki

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1000650618

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 306

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Jane Austen and Altruism identifies a compelling theme, namely, the view that Jane Austen propounds a rigorous, boundary-sensitive model of altruism that counters the human propensity to selfishness and promotes the culture of cooperation. In her days, altruism was commonly known as "benevolence", "charity," or "philanthropy", and these concepts overlap with Auguste Comte’s later definition of altruism as "otherism". This volume argues that Austen’s thinking co-opts the evolutionary idea that altruism is seldom truly pure, egoism cannot be eradicated, and boundless group altruism is not sustainable. However, given that she comes from a naval and clergy family, she witnesses the power of wartime patriotism, the Evangelical revival, the Regency culture of politeness, and the sentimental novels. In her novels, she locates human relationships along an altruism continuum that ranges from enlightened selfishness to pathological altruism. Unconditional love is hard to find, but empathy, kin altruism, reciprocal exchange, and group altruism are key to the formation of self-identity, family, community and the nation state.


Author: Leona Deakin

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473561051

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

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I Have a Psychiatric Diagnosis

Author: Edward T. Welch

Publisher: New Growth Press

ISBN: 1645072819

Category: Religion

Page: 64

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A psychiatric diagnosis can be heavy burden—for you or someone you love. These struggles can be life-dominating. But we know this: God is not silent when his people struggle. What does God say? Experienced counselor and best-selling author, Edward T. Welch helps you answer that crucial question by exploring how God's Word speaks in ways that can help you find wisdom, rest, and hope in Jesus, even with a psychiatric diagnosis. What do you do when you recognize yourself or someone you love in descriptions like "OCD," "bipolar disorder," “borderline personality disorder”? The DSM can give you a detailed description, but what next? We listen to God and to his people. I Have a Psychiatric Diagnosis will guide readers in listening to God who has compassion for those who are struggling in these painful ways. Listening to God in the Bible reshapes psychological descriptions and functions as a corrective lens that opens our eyes. As you listen to Scripture and God's people, you will understand the struggles of those with a psychiatric diagnosis better and will be able to receive and offer words of help and hope. Welch includes case studies on panic attacks, PTSD, depression, and narcissism to aid in practical application to your situation. I Have a Psychiatric Diagnosis is part of the Ask the Christian Counselor series. This series walks readers through their deepest and most profound questions. Each question is unpacked by an experienced counselor that gives readers the tools to understand their struggle and how the gospel brings hope and healing to the problem they are facing.

The Sociopath's Guide to Getting Ahead

Author: P. T. Elliott

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1510725393

Category: Humor

Page: 196

View: 7943

A scathingly satirical parody of business and career self-help books. Can you be manipulative or irresponsible? Do you occasionally experience a lack of guilt or empathy? Can you be impulsive and feel a need for excitement? Well, these traits are the hallmarks of the sociopath inside you, and it’s time to embrace it! The time to unleash your inner sociopath has never been more right—just look at today’s world leaders and most popular personalities. And it’s time to get yours. Shoot up the promotional ladder and become the predator at the top of the corporate food chain with The Sociopath’s Guide to Getting Ahead. Find the perfect job for the sociopath in you, fabricate your resume to perfection, and manufacture the perfect first impression to ace those interviews. Prey on the biases and manipulate the psychology of your coworkers to break them down. Engineer conflict, manipulate the flow of attention, and seize power for yourself. Play the office party to perfection. Learn how to fake naturalness, make the right allies, and take down your enemies. And take it all the way to the bank. A scathing, tongue-in-cheek take on Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, the self-help industry, and our world today, featuring cameos by Dostoyevsky, Plato, Robert Greene, Malcolm Gladwell and many others, The Sociopath’s Guide to Getting Ahead is the practical satire we need. “P. T. Elliott utilizes deft humor to help us seize upon the greater cause of exposing these dangerous people and removing them from positions of power. This is a cathartic and essential piece of writing.” —Richard Kelly, writer/director of Donnie Darko and Southland Tales “Hilarious, pitch-black satire. An exquisitely researched, deliciously subversive antidote to every worthless self-help book ever published, The Sociopath’s Guide to Getting Ahead will channel YOUR inner Donald J. Trump to WIN, WIN, WIN!” — John A. Wooden, creator of WHITEHOUSE.ORG “Who’s winning? Not you, suckers—at least not unless you’re following the rules set forth in P.T. Elliott’s hilarious user’s guide to the world we’ve been dumb and selfish enough to create. Who says timely, depressing, and despicable can’t be funny?” —Eric Konigsberg, author of Blood Relation

Three False Convictions, Many Lessons

Author: David C Anderson,Nigel P Scott

Publisher: Waterside Press

ISBN: 1909976350

Category: Psychology

Page: 280

View: 3383

A new perspective on the roles of psychopathology, confirmation bias, false confessions, the media and internet (amongst other causes) of unjust accusations. Putting lack of empathy at the fore in terms of police, prosecutors and others, it considers a wide range of other psychopathological aspects of miscarriages of justice. By looking at three high profile cases, those of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito (Italy), Stefan Kiszko (UK) and Darlie Routier (USA)—the authors show that motive forces are a mind-set in which psychopathy (what they term ‘constitutional negative empathy’) may be present and the need to reinforce existing supposition or lose face plays a large part.

The Gorilla Man Strangler Case

Author: Alvin A. J. Esau

Publisher: FriesenPress

ISBN: 1039146317

Category: True Crime

Page: 492

View: 2435

The hitchhiker seemed harmless. He was dressed in a blue suit and a colorful sweater, accessorized with a grey cap and tan shoes. He carried nothing. It was the morning of June 8, 1927, when the Chandler family picked up the well-dressed man in Minnesota and dropped him at the Canadian border. They had unwittingly transported notorious serial killer, “The Gorilla Man,” who had strangled more than twenty women from one end of the United States to the other. He would later murder Emily Patterson and 14-year-old Lola Cowan in Winnipeg. His identity was unknown. Written by Alvin A. J. Esau, The Gorilla Man Strangler Case: Serial Killer Earle Nelson is a detailed historical account of the Canadian manhunt, capture, and identification of Earle Leonard Nelson, an escapee from a California mental institution. Drawing on archival sources, it’s the first reliable biography of Nelson, who was hung in Manitoba on January 13, 1928. This case study also deals with various political and professional issues that arose in the pretrial, trial, and post-trial periods and spotlights the clash between Nelson’s court-appointed defence attorney James Stitt, and psychiatrist Dr. Alvin Mathers, along with the chilling role of Canada’s so called official hangman “Arthur Ellis” – all information that has never been published before. Esau also raises various enduring issues about the social construction of serial killers, debates about capital punishment, psychopathy, the scope of the insanity defence, the effect of pretrial publicity, and the trial as public entertainment.


Author: Jess C Scott

Publisher: jessINK


Category: Fiction

Page: 202

View: 7753

Follow THE WILDE TWINS in a twisted tale of love and loyalty. . . SOULMATES (Wilde Twins, Book #3) As young adults, Tania and Trevor attempt a fresh start in terms of paying their debts to society. When the siblings both find themselves in unfulfilling marriages, they become increasingly drawn to each other for comfort and solace. The profound evil from their past is back to haunt them with a chilling reminder: You can get away with this, again... Can Tania and Trevor trust each other with fighting their inner demons, or will they embrace their dark side to the bittersweet end? Soulmates is the third and final installment in the Wilde Twins series. Includes a sneak peek of Jess C Scott's next thriller, Survival. *** WILDE TWINS Books: Book 1 - Playmates Book 2 - Bedmates Book 3 - Soulmates Trilogy Box Sex (Books 1-3)--AVAILABLE NOW! *** Praise for Jess C Scott and her award-winning fiction: -Reviewer Top Pick at Night Owl Reviews (2011) -Readers' Favorite Five Star Award (2014) "Simultaneously truthful and eerie." -- Matt Posner, author of School of the Ages "Through the voices of these damaged twins, Jess C Scott takes readers to a ride that is at once poignant and chilling. With this thriller trilogy you may find yourself on a roller-coaster you will not want to leave." -- Marie-Jo Fortis, author of Chainsaw Jane "Intense and magnetic. . .there is a symbiotic relationship between Trevor and Tania that is almost hypnotic, as each tells his or her side of the story. Warning: This work is not for the faint of heart." -- Joe Perrone Jr., author of the Matt Davis Mystery Series